Mike Rudin



Mike is a charming guy! As an only child, he was pretty spoiled and always got what he wanted, but it didn’t make him self-centrered. On the contrary, Mike is a very caring guy, who will do any and everything for those he loves. That’s why he spent all his savings on buying the townhouse for Alice. When they renovated it, he thought it was a bit silly to not add an extra bedroom, you know, for when they have kids, but Alice had a very clear idea about what the place should look like. Maybe they should start looking for a new house that they can fix up? One with more potential for expansion :nod:


Age: Young Adult (32)

Traits: Genius, charismatic, flirty, family-oriented, childish

Job: Law Enforcement: Crime scene technician

Zodiac: Libra


Father: Zach Rudin (TS2)

Mother: Karen Rudin (TS2)

Other family: MaryLindsay (aunts), Maria, NicholasJoseph (cousins)

Best Friends: Eric Woods, Nicholas Rudin

Partner: Alice (girlfriend)

Romance history:

When they were teens, Mike dated Alicia, but boy was that not a match made in heaven :no: ! He met Alice when he went to a party at his cousin Nick‘s dorm – and he instantly fell in love with her. Even though she was dating someone else at the time, he kept pursuing her, and eventually won her over. They been together a few years now, and Mike’s sure he’s found the one! :heartpump:

Pets: Nero

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