Miles Harrison


Just like his father, Miles’ passion is art! He is very creative and artistic, and dreams of one day having his paintings exhibited at his father’s gallery.  Although he sometimes finds it hard to make friends, he is appreciated by those he has – he is a very caring person, who always wants to make sure the people around him are okay.

Age: Teen (18)

Traits: Artistic, good, loner, socially awkward

Job: Student at high school

Zodiac: Leo


Father: Evan Harrison

Mother: Tracy Harrison (RIP)

Siblings: Malcolm, Marcie

Other family: Seth & Silas (cousins), Mia (aunt), Prof. Charles (uncle)

Partner: single

Romance history:
Miles had a girlfriend once, back where he used to live. In Bimlico he met Ofelia. A girl unlike any other girl he’d ever met! He decided to go for it, and kissed her at the high school’s Christmas party. The relationship lasted pretty long, over two years! Miles thought that he and Ofelia would go to university and make that experience together, but when Ofelia planned to travel abroad, she broke up with Miles to be “free of any commitment” :cry: Poor, poor Miles :hugs:

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