Molly Hayes

Molly is the opposite of her sister. She is very girly, and love to dress up! Well, unless she’s going for a ride. Just like her mother, she loves horses! And kitties!!!! and dogs!!!! She can spend hours in front of the mirror every morning – looking good in school is so much more important than doing good in school.. Duhh!


Age: Teen (16)

Traits: Excitable, neat, snob, animal lover

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Libra


Father: Amar Hayes

Mother: Melanie Hayes

Siblings: Daria

Other family: Lots of uncles and aunts and cousins! Most important are her peers: Ofelia and Selma (and Camille is her second cousin.)

Best Friends: Camille Morin, Joseph Rudin, Holly Clark (from Honeycomb Valley)

Partner: Silas (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Molly used to be sooooooooooo in love with Seth Day!! *SQUEEEEE* He’s so CUTE!!! But then she opened her eyes up to his identical twin, Silas :heat: He’s just as hot!!! At the teen costume party, Molly and Silas really hit it off, and even shared a kiss :heartpump: :heartpump:

Molly’s first kiss, however, was at Camp Windiwell (the place for many first kisses), where she had a very brief, but very sweet, flirt with Jeffrey from Honeycomb Valley (read more about that here).

Pets: BabarButter

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