Naima Copur Livingston



Naima studies culinary arts, because she wants to start her own restaurant some day. She loves to make other people happy by cooking for them. She also loves Shannon, her one and only, her soulmate, her prrrecious. :chuckle:

When she by pure coincidence passed by the animal shelter one day, she couldn’t resist bringing home the cat Marley – SOOOO CUTE!!!

Since she had an accident where she got struck by lightning twice, she sometimes feels a little strange and has a little freak-out episodes. Especially if it starts raining (she really doesn’t like water). But the accident also gave her her new motto: Live like there’s no tomorrow! That’s why she immediately after Shannon saved her life for the second time asked her to marry her, and she felt like the luckiest simgirl in the whole simworld when Shannon shouted “yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” ( :thinking: … or maybe that’s just how Naima rememebrs it….). Since that day, she has been spending all her free time planning for their future together. She found them a nice house (although a liiiittle expensive), and she already has the names picked out for their future children.

She spent an awful long time preparing for their wedding, which was held in June, year 3 (read about it here). Okay, okay, it might have gone a liiiittle over budget, but CARPE DIEM, right?! Now, all that’s left for her to have the PERFECT life is to try and finish her culinary degree (which she may have neglected for the past year, due to wedding preparations), so she can open up her own restaurant (the bank will loan her the money, right?). And then: BABIES!


Age: Young adult (24)

Traits: Natural cook, neurotic, hydrophobic, hopeless romantic, over-emotional

Job: Student: Associate degree in  culinary arts – academic probation

Zodiac: Virgo


Father: Simon Copur (adopted) (TS2)

Mother: Ivy Copur (adopted) (TS2)

Siblings: Willa Copur

Best Friends: Adam Robinson

Partner: Shannon (MARRIED :pinkcheer: )

Romance history:

When Naima first started dating Shannon, she knew she had met her soulmate! She is thrilled to finally be married to her.

Pets: Marley

2 comments on “Naima Copur Livingston
  1. Sandy says:

    :grouphug2: Aww, poor thing! Neurotic, hydrophobic, over-emtional! I love that you gave her these traits after her accident! That sounds so logical! :sigh: How was her Sims 2 personality?

    • Sara says:

      I feel a little sad for Naima to have given her this combination of traits. But I see her as a bit of a looney after her accident :chuckle: In Sims 2, she was actually a little boring, but very friendly. But after she got stuck in that lightning storm, she was very interesting :lol:

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