Nicholas Rudin



Despite currently struggling a bit with his career in the film industry, Nicholas (aka Nick) is always happy and cheerful! He has a ton of friends, and is always invited to parties. He probably does the best keg stand in Bimlico :cool: And he always makes other sims laugh. Okay, his girlfriend doesn’t always seem to appreciate his humor (and she never responds to his woohooty calls!), but that’s okay :lol:

Nick really looks up to his cousin Mike. He grew up with his uncle and aunt, so he sees Mike as more like his brother than his cousin. He wants to be successful like him… some day! For now, he just wants to have fun and not do too much work  :cheers:  


Age: Young adult (26)

Traits: Excitable, lucky, good sense of humor, party animal, childish

Job: Nick is trying to find a job within the film director branch

Zodiac: Leo


Father: David Rudin (TS2)

Mother: Lola Rudin (TS2)

Other family: Mary, Lindsay (aunts), Maria, Mike RJoseph (cousins)

Best Friends: Adam Robinson, Mike R

Partner: Ava (girlfriend)

Romance history:

Nick used to date Sophia, but she dumped him the first year they spent in uni. Nick was a little sad, but only for a little while. Now he has a new girlfriend, Ava, (ooops, Sophia’s cousin) – she’s so cool and smart!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Awww, he must make such a cute couple with Ava!!! Excitable and childish with clumsy! That’s just adorable!! (Party animal and Bookworm will be fun to watch! :D)

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