NPCs – Dailies & Simselves

I love my friends over at The Sims Daily. So much that I gave some of them jobs around Bimlico, where they get to work loooooong hours :P


– Alex (bartender: The Scottish Pub. Check out all her gorgeous sims!)

– Ashley (register: Wedding Shop)

– Dee (bartender (of course!!): Lemon-Lite Bistro. Deelightfully delicious!)

– Jenba (register: book store. Check out Jen’s blog!!)

– Kimmi (register: Polka Dot Café. Go visit Honeycomb Valley!)

– Lemon (register: Lemon-Lite Bistro. Mother of the Periwinkles and provider of homes for Lemontown :kiss: )

– Maria Muse (register: Grocery Store)

– Sandy (register: Community farm. You all know Sandy’s sites, right?)

– Sonia (register: Laundry Café. Sonia freakin’ loves waffles!)

– Tedhi (register: The Daily Cup. AKA TackI Bear :hugs: )

– Webby (register: Travelling Agency/Tourist Information. Need a new home?)

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