The NPCs in Bimlico consist of sims that I made, and sims I downloaded from other simmers :)

… And then there’s the Dailies!


– Hank Allocco (register: The Bike Shop – made by pixelpixies, downloaded here. I changed his name to Hank, because I already have a Henry :) )

– Ember Adams (register: Food stand at City Hall – made by kurisusims, downloaded here.)

– Marly Belrose (register: Book register at the Book Barge – made by sectumsimpra, downloaded here)

– Benjamin Button (Tattoo artist. Benjamin isn’t really an NPC, he has his own house downtown and owns Cute as a Button – made by Tito)

– Sophie Duvall (register: Boutique – made by sectumsimpra, downloaded here.)

– Theo Feldt (register: Newspaper Kiosk at Main Street)

– Maximilian Hall (bartender: Metro Bar – made by Kate)

– Logan Miller (register: Pet Store – made by kurisusims, downloaded here.)

– Kamilla Morris (register: Wine Shop – made by sectumsimpra, downloaded here.)

– Drew Nowak (bartender: Polka Dot Café – made by Hellfrozeover, downloaded here.)

– Lavender Periwinkle (register: The Cookie Jar – made by LemonJelly, downloaded here.)

– Violet Periwinkle (bartender: Beer Garden – made by LemonJelly, downloaded here.)

– Emily St James (barista: The Ping-Pong Coffee House – made by Tito, downloaded here)

– Sven Valentine (register: Chinese Garden – made bykurisusims, downloaded here.)

– Tiberius Willard (register: Comic Book Store – made by Tito)

Alyssa Williams (bartender: Bowling Alley – made by Laura)

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