Alyssa Williams



Moved to Bimlico from Coffee City

Bio written by Laura

Alyssa Williams was one of those children that were more dangerous with a piece of chalk, some paint and crayons than with a gun. She has loved art the most since she was very young, and often would express it by painting and drawing in walls, floors, and anything that came within her reach. With years, she didn’t lose her hobby of painting in walls, and became a graffiti artist. It was there that she came up with her artistic name, Alyssa Williams. She was actually born Bethany Clark. She always disliked her first name, and at school she wouldn’t answer when called by it.

She married when she was 18 with her by then boyfriend, and the marriage lasted about three months. After the divorce, she didn’t want to keep his surname nor to go back to her old one, and she took the chance and changed legally both name and surname. Alyssa didn’t feel like she could go back to her parents’ home after running away with a boy they didn’t like, and so she went to live with her sister.

Later, she started studying art in college. The structured and boring classes were not really for her, and she wasn’t a good student. Her sister started to being fed up of her; Alyssa didn’t help at home, didn’t put any effort in getting her degree, only cared about being the amateur bartender at her friends’ parties… So, and seeing Alyssa was 21 already, she threw her out.

It was then that she found Bimlico’s job offers. She found the bartender one was perfect for her, and she was lucky enough to get the job! And she doesn’t even have to worry about getting a place for herself now, because there’s just one hour of free time a day! How cool is that? Well, she’ll have to learn how to sleep while standing up and with her eyes open…

You probably won’t know any of this by seeing her at the bar, though. You will know that she’s artistic, usually quiet, and pretty much straightforward when has to talk. She will say what she thinks, with may come across as inappropiate, but she’ll stand up for what she considers fair and will listen to both sides of a fight… Most times.


Age: Young Adult (21)

Traits: Artistic, avant garde, inappropriate, rebellious, unlucky

Job: bartender at the Bowling Alley

Zodiac: Libra

9 comments on “Alyssa Williams
  1. Laurabcn says:

    My BABY!!! :kiss: Aw, look at her, with her own page! Do a good job, Alyssa! Make your momma proud!

    Ahem, yes. :P I don’t know if it’s because I’m on a small device, but the bio I wrote looks even longer! My apologies, to everyone! :pardon:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Alyssa is so cool! Doesn’t she just fit in perfectly here? She’s miiiiiiiiiine :mwaha:

      Yes, she does have the longest bio here, but that just makes her even more LAURA :lol:

      • Laurabcn says:

        I’m glad you like her, sweetie! :hugs:

        What are you lady implying, that I am a chatterbox?! :shock: Well, let me tell you that I’m not! It’s absurd to even suggest otherwise! :chuckle: :P

        Darling, if I could always just send you the bios and sims and have you take the pictures and set up the pages! :lol: My blog would be much more advanced, but then that would be evil on my side! :D :P I’ll have to get myself some computer whiz minions. :hmm:

  2. Sandy says:

    Aww, Laura, seriously girl, you’re a genius to create Sims and bios! I LOVED reading about Alyssa’s life! I’m sure she’ll be the perfect bartender and that you’ll be a proud mama! :D
    Yahoo for you, Sara, to have adopted Alyssa!!! :yahoo:

    :kiss: to you both!

  3. Laurabcn says:

    Aww, thanks, Sandy! :kiss: :giverose: I’m sure I’ll spam enough updates, shouting “That’s my girl!” when I see her in the background. Like an over-emotional mom in a ballet recital. :chuckle:

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