Ofelia Parker


Ofelia is completely obsessed with Eastern Asian which is evident in all aspects of her life! She spends a lot of time practicing her martial arts, her room is decorated in a Far East theme (she even has a training dummy!), whenever someone is willing to listen, she’ll tell them about her dream of traveling to Shang Simla. And she tries to eat everything with chopsticks!!

Even though she can seem a bit obsessive to some sims, she’s generally very well-liked. Just like the rest of the Parkers she has a good sense of humor, and she is never one to say no to a fun adventure. She’s very competitive, just like her mom, and she has a very bad habit of gloating when she wins (which she usually does… if you ask her :giggle: ).

Her best friends are her cousin, Selma, and Amy. They’re a bit older than her, and have now started university, so they don’t do everything together any more :(


Age: Teen (19)

Traits: Artistic, disciplined, good sense of humor, inappropriate

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Father: Matthew Parker

Mother: Jenna Parker

Siblings: Clara (half-sibling), Sophia, Lucia

Other family: Lots of Hayes aunts and uncles, sooo so many cousins! Most important of those are her peers: Daria, Molly, Selma

Best Friends: Selma Hayes, Amy Reeves

Partner: single

Romance history:

Ofelia used to be “not. interested.” in boys, but that suddenly changed!

Something was in the air at Camp Windiwell, where Ofelia had a flirt with Seth Day! It started quite suddenly with an unexpected kiss (Ofi’s first kiss!), but then experienced its ups and downs. You should go and read more about all that!!

Things were awkward between Ofelia and Seth after their summer romance. At the high school Christmas party, Ofelia hit it off with the new boy in town, Miles! She likes him, so she asked him to go steady. He said yes. Of course. 

When Ofelia planned to go to Shang Simla for an indefinite time, she broke up with poor Miles, because she didn’t want to be tied down to a boyfriend at home :(

4 comments on “Ofelia Parker
  1. Sandy says:

    I could NOT leave without giving a big :hugs: to my darling Ofelia! (I had told you I couldn’t go to sleep without commenting everything! ;))
    I so can’t wait to see her at the Camp Windiwell! :heartpump: That will be so much fun!!! :pinkcheer: :pinkcheer: :pinkcheer:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Ofelia may claim to be not. interested., I heard differently somewhere. ;) LOVE this girl! With all her little quirks! :chuckle:

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