Olivia Stanton



Olivia (or Ollie) always dreamt of having a large family! She loves taking care of other people, and make them feel good. She inherited some of her mother’s cooking talents, but she doesn’t want to pursue this career. She’s happy to stay at home, and make sure the house is presentable. Ryan will be the mayor of Bimlico one day, you know!

Olivia’s best friend was her grandmother Lauren and these two had a special bond. When she was a teen, she moved in with her grandmother to help her out around the house. She was so sad when Lauren died a few years ago, but at least she got to meet Ryan and approved of him.

Ollie is really annoyed that her ex-fiancee moved in with his girlfriend next door! How inconsiderate!! They claim that they bought their house at the same time as Olivia and Ryan bought theirs, but Olivia doesn’t trust that Willa sim! At least Olivia and Ryan will get married before them!!!


Age: Young adult (31)

Traits: Natural cook, hopeless romantic, family-oriented, friendly, good

Job: Stay-at-home mom

Zodiac: Libra


Father: Seth Robinson

Mother: Chris Robinson

Siblings: Alice, Adam

Children: Carl & Chase

Other family: Erica, Shannon (cousins)

Best Friends: Maria Hayes, Erica Livingston

Partner: Ryan (married)

Romance history:

Olivia started dating Eric Woods when they were teenagers, and she was so in love! She was positive that he was her soulmate, and at university, he made her dreams come true and asked her to marry him as soon as they graduated! It was a short engagement, however, as Eric one day announced that he was in love with someone else :cry: It took Olivia a little while to get over it (okay, maybe she’s still not really over it!), but it helped that the handsome politics student, Ryan, was showing interest in her. After their first date, Olivia knew that she’d found someone special, and this time, she won’t let him go!


Bonus Pictures


Olivia in Sims 2!


:sigh: Aaaw, just engaged!

7 comments on “Olivia Stanton
  1. Sandy says:

    So, here’s the famous Eric’s ex, huh! :popcorn: Aww, how sweet she is!!!! She LOOKS romantic! :grouphug2: I’m sure things will be all right with Willa! I don’t picture her as a troublemaker. Maybe at having a bit fun of Ollie’s sweet life with Mister Perfect, but I’m sure everything will be all right! :nod:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Sandy! I love Olivia – she’s just so sweet! I don’t think neither Olivia nor Willa are troublemakers! Olivia’s so focused on perfection, and living next door to your ex-fiancee does not fall under that category :giggle: We’ll see what happens! Maybe they’ll even turn out to become friends!

  2. Kate says:

    She’s beautiful! :kiss: Oh, and her eyes… And FRECKLES! :P O live freckles! Haha, and THIS dress! :cheers:

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    There’s so many of your simmies I have not yet commented on! :punish: Shame on me! But Olivia is adorable! She’s very pretty and seems so sweet! I can understand why she’s still a bit angry at Eric!

    • Sara says:

      :lol: Kim, there are SO many simmies, and I don’t expect you to leave a comment for all of them ;)

      Olivia is a very sweet sim indeed :nod: She always nice and always looking out for her friends. But her relationship with Eric and Willa is still a biiit awkward :chuckle:

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