Penny Laurent



Penny loves adventures and has an opinion about everything! Right after finishing university, she joined an organisation fighting to protect the environment, and this is where she met Marcel. They had a lot of adventures together, but after years of numerous protests against pollution, Penny also felt like she was ready to calm down a little and start a family, so the couple got married and moved back to Bimlico to be closer to Penny’s family. However, starting a family proved to be difficult and Penny finally realised that she was unable to get pregnant. She and Marcel then adopted the sisters, Park and Moon.


Age: Young adult (39)

Traits: Nurturing, brave, good sense of humor, eco-firendly, vegetarian

Job: Education: Elementary school teacher

Zodiac: Leo


Father: Alex Reed (TS2)

Mother: Nancy Monif (TS2)

Siblings: James Reed

Children: Park, Moon (adopted)

Other family: Hannah (aunt), Mike L (cousin), Justine (niece)

Best Friends: Marcel

Partner: Marcel (married)

Romance history:

Penny dated a few guys in university, but she didn’t like that they were more interested in the quality of beer than the quality of the environment – boo! In Marcel, she found her soulmate :heart:

Pets: Lottie


(Penny is based on Hellfrozeover’s gorgeous Priya Shah)

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