Portia Marlin

Like the rest of the family, Portia also has the artistic genes! She loves to be silly, and make up silly stories! She was the one to choose Pongo’s name – she loves 101 Dalmatians.


Age: Child (7)

Traits: Artistic, eccentric, inappropriate

Job: Student in Bimlico school

Zodiac: Aries


Father: Fred Marlin

Mother: Maya Fox

Siblings: Porter

Other family: Oscar (uncle), Julia, Ava (aunts), Etienne, Camille, Lucas, Justine (cousins)

Best Friends: 

Pets: Pongo

Previous pictures

Portia as a toddler:


3 comments on “Portia Marlin
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Look at that cute little face! She’s adorable! :heart:

    I have to say I love your idea of mentioning extended family in the bios! I’m going to borrow that idea!

  2. Sandy says:

    “Being a silly toddler”!! :rofl: Awww, poor little thing!!! :kiss:

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