Ray Brown


Ray is a character who has followed me since my TS1 days! So of course he had to come live in Bimlico too.

He used to be in the criminal career (while his best friend was a police officer :roll: ), but got on the right track when he had to man up and raise his teenage daughter on his own. His passion is wine, so I made him his own wine shop, but at the time, I didn’t know elder can’t work registers :facepalm: So now Ray makes his own nectar, which is sold at the shop downtown.


Age: Elder (74)

Traits: Nurturing, born salesman, good sense of humour, frugal, technophobe

Job: Nectar maker

Zodiac: Aquarius


Children: Allison Garcia (TS2)

Other family: Madeleine (grand-daughter), Lucas (great-grandson)

Best Friends: Hannah

Partner: Hannah (married)

Romance history:

Ray got married at a young age, and he wasn’t quite ready for the family life. In fact, he was a real idiot who cheated on his wife – she left him when she found out. She wasn’t an angel herself, and didn’t do a very good job at raising their daughter, so when she got remarried (to Matthew Parker), she left their rebellious daughter in Ray’s care. That was the turning point in his life as he wanted to set a good example. He changed so much that even the next-door neighbour, the stuck-up doctor Hannah, warmed up to him :heart:

Pets: Betty

4 comments on “Ray Brown
  1. Sandy says:

    Aw, Ray, old buddy!!! :grouphug2: I wanted to let you a message yesterday, but you know how life is… I’ve followed a little boy in a bike shop, and I had the hardest time to leave from there, because it was so darn cute! Can you believe it? Anyway! :cheers: Happy to see you again! :hugs:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    :toofunny: I love Sandy’s comment almost as much as I love Ray! :sigh: it’s so wonderful your simmies already have this whole history. It reminds me of my TS2 simmies who I had to abandon because I’m so bad at CAS. Ray sure has had a whole life!

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