Ron Adams



If Ron was a pet, he would have the trait ‘clueless’. He enjoys having fun, and so spends most of his time looking for a party (and preferably one where he and Alicia can perform with their band, so they can earn some money), and none of his time doing practical things (like cleaning, cooking, paying the bills….). He dreams to one day be swimming in cash! He wants a huge mansion with a butler and a pool – a party mansion! :headbang:

He thinks he’s doing a pretty good job being a father to his daughter, Blake – whom he named after the Sim drum legend Blake Blanco (who was a dude). Well, he just lets her do what she wants, but it working out fine so far. Suuure, he forgot to give her money for food a few times, but that’s what neighbours are for, right? 


Age: Young adult (31)

Traits: Absent-minded, slob, party animal, great kisser, daredevil

Job: In a band with Alicia

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Father: Eddie Adams (TS2)

Mother: Ronette Sibara (TS2)

Children: Blake

Other family: Tyla (aunt)

Best Friends: Alicia

Partner: Alicia (girlfriend)

Romance history:

When they were teens, Ron and Maria were a couple. But it didn’t really work out when they got to university, and Ron met Alicia.

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