Ryan Stanton



Ryan is an ambitious young sim, whose biggest wish is to become the mayor of Bimlico! He is sure that this will happen some day, and he won’t let anything or anyone stand in his way.


Age: Young adult (32)

Traits: Perceptive, lucky, charismatic, schmoozer, ambitious

Job: Politics: Local representative

Zodiac: Gemini


Best Friends: Madeleine Fox-Brown

Partner: Olivia (married)

Children: Carl & Chase

Romance history:

Ryan has always been popular with the ladies! He is very good with words, which came in handy when chatting up girls :giggle: He became interested in Olivia when he found out she was the daughter of Chris Robinson – he loves her famous cook books! Olivia turned out to be the perfect girl for him, and he is very excited to start a family with her.

4 comments on “Ryan Stanton
  1. Sandy says:

    Oh, wait, wait, wait!! :confetti2: They’re engaged! It means… they might be the first couple to get married in Bimlico? :cheesy: :cork:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    He looks all serious! But sweet too! I can’t wait for this wedding!!

    • Sara says:

      Ryan is certainly a serious dude! He wants to be the mayor of Bimlico someday :nod:
      (I am a little intimidated by this wedding, actually :lol: But it will be fun! I will seek inspiration from you. Oh, and Carla, she does amazing weddings!)

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