Samantha Hayes


Samantha is the first character I ever created in the Sims. She was my main Sim in Sims 1, and when I switched to Sims 2, she came with me, only this time as a child. I wanted to see her grow up, so I created her parents, Mark and Maria, as well. So of course, I HAD to recreate her once again when I made the switch to Sims 3. I couldn’t deny her seeing her children and her grandchildren grow up, could I?

Sam adores her (large!) family. She will do anything for any of her children, and she can’t believe she’s so lucky to have six grandchildren :clap: (She wants more).

Age: Adult (62)

Traits: Artistic, family-oriented, light sleeper, friendly, great kisser


Zodiac: Aries

Father: Mark Hayes (RIP)

Mother: Maria Hayes (RIP)

Siblings: Jenna, Joshua, Jack, William, Amar

Children: Maya (adopted), OscarJuliaAva

Other family: PorterPortiaLucasEtienneCamilleJustine (grandchildren) + many Hayes-nieces and nephews

Best Friends: Seth Robinson

Partner: Nate (married)

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