Selma Hayes


Selma is so excited about going to university next school year with her best friend, Amy! She really wants to move out and get a place of her own. Not that she doesn’t enjoy being at home – she actually really likes looking after her little sister, and she thinks she might want to be a teacher one day. Although her family is a little peculiar, Selma has gotten used to it, and has even become really good friends with her dad’s husband, Andrew.


Age: Teen (20)

Traits: Excitable, nurturing, flirty, dramatic, neat

Job: Student At Bimlico University

Zodiac: Gemini


Father: William Hayes

Mother: Tyla Hayes

Siblings: Celia (half-sister/cousin :facepalm: )

Other family: She has a lot of aunts and uncles (like Jack who’s also her step-dad). And even more cousins! But Ofelia is the one she is closest to.

Best Friends: Amy Reeves, Ofelia Parker

Partner: Ryder (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Selma would really like to have a boyfriend, but there aren’t many boys her age in Bimlico :( Then she met Malcolm, but he turned out to be an idiot. But then she met Ryder, and finally had her first kiss :joy:

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