Seth Day

Seth is an energetic teen who is always up to something!! He keeps his parents and teachers on their toes, and ofter dares his identical twin brother to swap places with him in school. They have to be careful with their mischief though, since both their parents work at the high school. Seth can’t wait to get older so he can learn how to drive a car.


Age: Teen (17)

Traits: Athletic, flirty, party-animal, dare-devil

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Pisces


Father: Charles Day

Mother: Mia Day

Siblings: Silas (twin)

Other family: Evan (uncle), Malcolm, Miles, Marcie (cousins)

Best Friends: Billy MorganSilas

Partner: :thinking: Daria (girlfriend)

Romance history:

Seth really wants a girlfriend, but so far, he’s out of luck with the girls! Hmmm…. maybe if he got a scooter that would help?….. :clap:

As became very clear at Camp Windiwell one year, Seth hasn’t got a clue about how to act around girls! His burning wish for a girlfriend manifested in desperate flirting with practically all the girls at camp!! Only one of them fell for it – Bimlico’s own Ofelia Parker! :facepalm: The charming Seth seized the opportunity to grab Ofelia and kiss her, and to his (and my!!!!!) surprise, she kissed him back! Of course, Seth saw this as a sign that he was doing the right thing, so he kept flirting… just not with Ofi! You should go read more about that!

Seth is a little confused now. He kissed a girl :yahoo: …but Ofelia has a boyfriend now, and Seth isn’t really that interested in her anyway. Not. at. all. :no: The girl he used to want to kiss the most, Camille, has now hooked up with Seth’s best friend…… :kaboom:  Maybe this whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing isn’t what Seth needs after all :no:

Seth has gone back to his number one priority: Getting a scooter. :girldance:

….buuut then he kissed Daria!! (See for yourself here!) What is going on?!?  :scratch:

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4 comments on “Seth Day
  1. Sandy says:

    :grouphug2: Aww, the twins must be some of my favorite Sims of yours (but huuuuh, I’m afraid I’ll say that a lot… :blush: ) I love that expression on Silas’ first picture! :toofunny:

    • Sara says:

      They are definitely favourites of mine too! But you know I love twins. It is easy to get these two mixed up :P :P – I love that flirty look on SETH too! :giggle:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohhhh, it’s the twins, my favourites too! Well, for now.
    SETH!!!!! (Another name I love by the way). I can’t wait to see Seth visit for summer!! :heart:

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