Shannon Copur Livingston



Shannon is completely obsessed with sports and dreams of become a superstar athlete. For now, she enjoys her new job as a toddler sports coach. Even though she is rather unflirty, her charisma seems to attract other sims. She sometimes lives in her own world, and  doesn’t always understand what’s happening around her…

When Shannon was still at Sims 2 university, she starting dating the new girl in her dorm, Naima, and everything was going pretty well. One night there was a terrible thunderstorm and as Naima came back from class, the lightning struck her, but, fortunately, Shannon was there to parlay with the Grim Reaper, and saved Naima’s life. (As you do :roll: ). She was then struck by lightning a second time, and again Shannon saved her life. The completely singed Naima threw herself in Shannon’s arms and asked her to marry her! Shannon was a little baffled, but said “sure” anyway…. Apparently, getting engaged means that you  have to move in together (even though you can’t really afford it), so Shannon suddenly found herself living in a nice house :thinking:   And now, they’re married! Shannon was a little confused about the luxurious wedding party they threw – how were they able to afford that? :hmm:


Age: Young adult (26)

Traits: Absent-minded, athletic, charismatic, unflirty, good

Job: Professional sports: Toddler sports coach

Zodiac: Capricorn


Father: Alan Livingston

Mother: Rachel Livingston

Siblings: Erica Livingston

Other family: Vincent, Quentin (nephews), Olivia, Alice, Adam (cousins)

Best Friends: Ava Fox

Partner: Naima (married)

Romance history:

Shannon is unflirty, so she didn’t really have a girlfriend until Naima.

2 comments on “Shannon Copur Livingston
  1. Sandy says:

    :rubeyes: OMG, what a story!!! :popcorn: You know that in french, we talk about “coup de foudre” (lit: “flash of thunderstorm lightening”) to design “love at first sight”? It’s VERY appropriate in this love story! :heart:

    • Sara says:

      How interesting! I think Naima was definitely hit by coup de foudre, but I’m not so sure about Shannon…. :pardon:

      But it’s a funny story, right? After being saved from Death by Shannon twice, Naima actually rolled the wish to marry Shannon :lol:

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