Silas Day


Silas is just as mischievous as his brother! But somehow, he’s always perceived as the “less challenging” twin. He really tries not to take advantage of that, but sometimes it’s just too tempting to just blame it on Seth. He doesn’t care anyway. :pardon: Where Seth likes electronics and cars, Silas’ passion is books and writing – and comic books in particular; an interest he shares with his best friends, Etienne and Daria.


Age: Teen (17)

Traits: Artistic, athletic, charismatic, friendly

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Pisces


Father: Charles Day

Mother: Mia Day

Siblings: Seth (twin)

Other family: Evan (uncle), Malcolm, Miles, Marcie (cousins)

Best Friends: Etienne Morin, Daria Hayes

Partner: Molly (girlfriend)

Romance history:
Silas used to have a little crush on Ofelia, but that is gone. Completely gone. Like it never happened. When he went to Camp Windiwell, he met Kyra from Honeycomb Valley, and had a true summer flirt with her (read about that here). First kiss out of the way, Silas is now ready for more flirts :heyhey: He kind of likes Molly, who kissed him at the teen costume party! Then in the summer of ’10, Molly changed her hair, and Silas was sold, and promptly asked her to be his girlfriend :nod:

6 comments on “Silas Day
  1. Sandy says:

    :grouphug2: You know, I begin to get dizzy because I keep bouncing from a page to another, I have like 10 pages open of Simbico, and I end up by not knowing what I’m doing! :chuckle:
    So, here’s a random hug for Silas. :grouphug2:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    :sigh: Silas… :heart: I still have a bit of a crush on him. Yes, I know he’s way too young for me, but if I was still 14… :kiss:

    • Sara says:

      :lol: Haha, Kimmi, you are so cute! Well, you get a visit from Seth, who is 100% identical to Silas, in looks at least – you can age him up and get SimKimmi a boyfriend :chuckle:

  3. Lea says:

    Hey,Silas,I’m pisces too!! :hi5:
    Now I know why Lison is(or was :giggle: ) sooo in love with him!! :heybaby: <–I always get a laugh attack on that smiley!! :toofunny:

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