Sophia Parker


Sophia is super girly, and loves everything pink and sparkly! She loves flowers, and hearts, and music, and dancing, and singing! She dreams of becoming a famous actress, and she practices her award-accepting speech almost daily. She imagines that her sim fans will send her presents and chocolates and little kittens! :yahoo:  She is a little scared to be finishing her university life next Summer, though… Then she will actually have to go out and make all those things happen! Well, she’s sure it’ll be everything she ever wanted.


Age: Young adult (25)

Traits: Light sleeper, loves the heat, dramatic, party animal, perfectionist

Job: Graduate: Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (drama) – Sophia is having problems finding a job in acting, so she’s working as a receptionist at the Spa to pay rent!

Zodiac: Libra


Father: Matthew Parker

Mother: Jenna Parker

Siblings: Clara (half-sibling), Lucia, Ofelia

Other family: Several aunts and uncles, and cousins, like Ava!

Best Friends: Lucia

Partner: Sven (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Sophia was dating Nick in high school and during her first year of university, but she felt that they grew apart (aaaand she grew more popular with the uni dudes), so she broke it off. She’s been dating a few guys since then, but nothing serious. She just likes to have fun! Although it did hurt a little bit when Nick started dating her cousin, Ava…..

After a short romance with Milo, Sophia fell or Sven the juice guy.

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