Bachelor students

Year 1:

Amy Reeves – Student in Sports Science (Associate degree)

Selma Hayes – Student in Education

Year 2:

Poppy Flynn (made by kurisusims) – Student in Communication

  • YA (22): excitable, clumsy, great kisser, mooch, eco-friendly

Lilian Franco (made by kurisusims) – Student in Education

  • YA (21): loner, photographer’s eye, hopeless romantic, nurturing, artistic

Malcolm Harrison (part of the Harrison family) – Student in Business

  • YA (21): ambitious, good sense of humor, coward, commitment issues, virtuoso

Naima Copur – Student in Culinary Arts (Associate degree) – Academic probation

Year 3:

Lucia Parker – Student in Medicine


Master’s students

Year 1:

Ryder Bloom (made by cathie) – Student in Technology

  • YA (23): hot-headed, excitable, photographer’s eye, handy, cat person

Year 2:

Ava Fox – Student in Politics

Adam Robinson – Student in Medicine

Marly Belrose (made by sectumsimpra) – Student in Communication

  • YA (24): Loner, perfectionist, bookworm, loves the cold, cat person

Milo James (made by sectumsimpra) – Student in Business

  • YA (24): Flirty, great kisser, party animal, nurturing, friendly


LilianMalcolm MarlyMiloPoppyRyder

4 comments on “Students
  1. Lea says:

    I can’t download her!!! :cry: :mad:

  2. Sara says:

    Oh no, try this link directly to mission-simpossible’s MediaFire:

  3. I love what you did with Lilian. She looks so pretty here and she can really rock the short hair styles. I was the original requester for her and you made her even more lovely than before. :heart:

    • Sara says:

      Hi Melanie, thanks for stopping by :wave: How cool that you were the original requester for Lilian! I’m enjoying having her around in my game, she’s pretty cool ;)

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