The Day Family

The Day family are well-known in Bimlico. Charles and Mia run the high school, and the charming Day-twins are known for their mischief!

Their home


Bonus Pictures

The Day family was definitely one of my favourite families in Sims 2!

Here’s Seth in the family’s old apartment – he’s doing his homework! :rubeyes:

On the wall are pictures of the twins as toddlers :tearyeyes:


I love this picture of the twins as children!


(Urgh, I didn’t do such a good job at recreating Mia. She was much prettier in Sims 2)

Birthday party!


:sigh: That’s Molly Hayes looking admiringly at Seth.

And Etienne Morin is next to his BFF, Silas.

(behind Molly, you even see Lisa Wang!)

Here, the twins had just become teens, and already were showing some attitude!


4 comments on “The Day Family
  1. Sophie says:

    I love how you converted this lovely Sims 2 family to a Sims 3 one. :sigh: The twins are indeed handsome. I’m looking forward to read about their teen adventures. The teens are always fun and the twin teens doubles the fun! :D

  2. Karinilla says:

    The boys are very cute. <3
    But I don´t think you did a bad job with recreating Mia. Tbh whenever I see pics of sims of sims 2 I get scared. I miss the objects of sims 2 sometimes but I like the sims in sims 3 much better.

    • Sara says:

      Thanks, Karina! Mia had 10 different hairstyles until I finally chose this one. It’s often the hair that makes the difference :) I like the Sims 3 sims better too, but because of the traits. That’s what makes them so interesting and different from each other :sigh:

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