Tyla Hayes


All Tyla ever wanted was to lead a normal life and become successful within her line of work. Instead, she got married to and had a daughter with her long term boyfriend (good), who turned out to be gay (not so good). Luckily, she got over it, and fell in love with someone else (good): Her x-husband’s brother (not so good). No wait, his identical twin brother (really not good)!* Many years have passed now, and the scandal has blown over, but Tyla sometimes still wonders what happened to that perfect life she had planned for. She feels very lucky to have two beautiful daughters, although the fact that their two dads share the same DNA is a little strange… And the fact that they’re both sisters and cousins…? (This family is weird.)


Well, at least she has a successful career. :pardon:


Age: Adult (47)

Traits: Excitable, neat, friendly, flirty, perfectionist

Job: Business: Vice President.

Zodiac: Aquarius


Father: Manuel Sibara (TS2)

Mother: Cecilia Sibara (TS2)

Siblings: Ronette, Jay (both TS2)

Children: Selma, Celia

Other family: Madeleine (niece), Ron (nephew)

Best Friends: Jane Barton

Partner: Jack (married)

Romance history:

* I did not plan for this to happen! I knew that Tyla’s x-husband was gay, but not that she would start flirting with his twin-brother. This all happen in my TS2 game with a classic example of “Let me pause the game while I go pee… oh, mom’s calling!” and then 20 minutes later, you realise you didn’t pause the game. Well, I let them have their scandal!

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