William Hayes



William is a total bookworm who loves nothing more than to sit outside and read a good book… but preferably with a drink of some kind close by :toast: ! He loves parties and going out for dinner, but mainly to show off his better half, hubby andrew, whom he simply adores! :heartpump: He enjoys the quiet moments as well, although he doesn’t seem to get to enjoy those so much at the moment… He is a high school teacher, you see!


Age: Adult (47)

Traits: Absent-minded, bookworm, party animal, dramatic, over-emotional

Job: Education: High school teacher

Zodiac: Leo


Father: Mark Hayes (TS2)

Mother: Maria Hayes (TS2)

Siblings: Samantha Hayes, Joshua Hayes, Jenna Parker, Amar Hayes, Jack Hayes (twin)

Children: Selma

Other family: A whole bunch of nieces and nephews!

Best Friends: Andrew

Partner: Andrew (married)

Romance history:

William dated Tyla all through university, and was so proud to be seen with one of the most beautiful girls in town! But in his final year, he met Andrew and immediately felt attracted to him in a way that he hadn’t felt with any girl before. He didn’t do anything about these feelings, and ended up marrying Tyla and having a daughter with her even though he, at some level, already knew he was gay. One day, he got a phone call from Andrew, and the two started spending time together. William knew he wanted to be with Andrew, so he divorced Tyla. Many years later, the family has gotten over all the drama (there was a lot), and everyone is getting along.

A few years ago, William and Andrew got married.

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