SimApril: An April Wedding (pt1)

:joy: It’s May in Bimlico, and time for a celebration: The wedding of Olivia and Ryan!

The ceremony

Finally, Olivia‘s big day had arrived. The day she had been dreaming about since she was a little girl: Her wedding!

She woke up early, and decided to make pancakes for breakfast. Ryan approved :thumbs:


Ryan got ready, and left the house so Olivia could have the house to herself: Her last hours as an unwed sim!


Olivia waited for her father to pick her up. There was someone they wanted to visit before the ceremony: Olivia‘s grandmother, Lauren, who is buried at the Bimlico graveyard.


It was pretty emotional. Olivia was very close to her grandmother (who, despite what that tombstone indicates, died of old age).

Olivia thought that this was a good time to tell her father about her pregnancy!


Seth was thrilled!

Phew, a wedding is quite the hassle. It took ages for everyone to show up, but Olivia and Seth waited patiently.


The ceremony was beautiful, and almost everyone cried!

(Ahemmm! It seems that Erica had brought Vincent, although she had been specifically told “no children allowed!”)


Especially Olivia‘s siblings were affected :giggle:




Hmm, Ryan’s brother, Robert, who was visiting Bimlico to attend the wedding, didn’t seem particularly touched by the situation :lol:

(Neither does Madeleine, Ryan’s colleague/best friend/competitor).


Congrats to the newlyweds: Mr. and Mrs. Stanton!   :confetti2:


The party

The party was to be held at the newly opened restaurant, M.

(As you may recall, Olivia‘s sister, Alice, managed the renovation of the restaurant, and for its grand opening, she asked if her sister’s wedding could be held there. A pretty nice wedding present!)


Ryan wanted to dance with his wife before all the guests arrived, but Olivia was too busy admiring her ring :chuckle:


Wow, the guests were super excited about the party!! Olivia’s aunt and uncle, Rachel and Alan, just couldn’t wait to get on the dance floor!

(Looks like Erica couldn’t either :giggle: She had dropped off Vincent at Dylan‘s.)


Soon, most guests had arrived (Shannon had to go to work :( )

Poor Erica had a few breakdowns. (Maybe she was reminded of her own wedding day… Where the groom never showed up.)


Alice must have been really hungry! She couldn’t wait to hit the buffet :chuckle:    


But it was time for the cutting of the cake first!


Sims love cake!

(The grey-haired woman is Ryan‘s mother, Elizabeth, by the way :) She chose the pumpkin pie (her favourite) instead of the wedding cake)




I think weddings make sims more romantic than usual :heartpump:

Mike threw himself in the arms of his darling Alice! And Adam… ehrm… well….


Mother of the bride, Chris, had a second peace of wedding cake :chuckle: Doesn’t Maria look lovely? :sigh:


Olivia broke out the booze and Oscar apparently needed some peace and went downstairs to read his romantic novel ( :roll: ).


Alright! Time to get this party started! Dance-friendly music was put on, and Olivia and Alice were first on the dance floor while Mike L (owner of the restaurant) served drinks behind the bar. Maria was the first one there. And Adam thought it was appropriate to bring out his hacky-sack….


Erica was definitely struggling this evening. She had a little rage fit, but Olivia was pretty cool about it, and consoled her best friend.

Seth watched the whole thing. He was very proud of how his daughter handled the situation. He couldn’t wait to see her embrace motherhood.

OR, he was just really nosy :dunno:


Olivia and Ryan had decided that they could tell people about the pregnancy, so Olivia hesitantly told Erica. She was thrilled!!


Ryan was really happy!

(Urrgh, that car in the background… I can’t remove it :mad: My game crashes if I ctrl+click and delete it)


:giggle: I couldn’t help but laugh at Erica. She stood in front of the door for a while looking like she wanted to leave. But with parties like this, I lock the door – no one is allowed to leave!!


Sorry, Erica! :toofunny:


Maria was at the bar. But do you notice someone in the background staring at her? :clap:

(Remember how Maria invited Anthony to her date at the wedding?)


Ryan came up to talk to Maria.

Ryan: Hey, M, isn’t that dude back there the guy you brought as you +1 date? Why aren’t you talking to him?

Maria: Erhmm, well….


Ryan wasn’t the only nosy sim. Olivia went to talk to Anthony :brow:

(I think she gave him a lot of good advice on how to “tackle” Maria  :chuckle:  Alan was being pretty nosy too!)


Well, let’s leave them alone for a moment, and see what some of the other guests are up to. ( :blum: )

Upstairs, a group of guests were hanging out. I love Alice’s boyfriend, Mike. He is so social, and always looks so happy!


Okay, I guess his charms didn’t work on mother-in-law, Chris :giggle:


Ryan and Madeleine just sat staring at each other. In university, they were best friends, always studied together, and debated politics. But now that they’re both going for the same jobs, things are… awkward…


:spit: I guess Poppy felt like something was missing from her ring finger??


… Or maybe she was just cranky because Adam had spent a good deal of the evening playing hacky sack? (on his own, might I add :roll: )

I think big sis Alice gave him a lecture about being a better date!


Do you want to know if Olivia‘s advice to Anthony paid off? Go to page 2!!!


9 comments on “SimApril: An April Wedding (pt1)
  1. Gerardine A. says:

    This is so great! I love the one of Poppy looking at her finger :lol:

  2. Sandy says:

    Awwwwwwww, so here we are! Here’s THE BIG DAY!!!! Boy, how long have we been waiting for this wedding? ;D

    Ooooh, geez, these pictures on Olivia’s grand-ma grave would make me all emotional too! :tearyeyes:
    For sure, announcing her pregnancy to her dad could only cheer him up! <3

    Awwwww (<– expect a lot of these on a wedding, of course! :pardon: ), the wedding! I'm so crying with everyone here! :tearyeyes: Your church is so lovely! I picture it as being typically "northern", I don't know why. It's often that I see white scandinavian churches. <3

    Awww, Olivia is too cute with her ring! (I shall begin to call her Mrs Stanton… :hmm: )
    Awww, Erica!! :hugs: She breaks my heart all the time! Poor girl!! :(
    :chuckle: I'm with Alice. I'm all in "awwww" and "ooooooh" because I'm comfortably sitten on my chair, with snack to eat by reading the story, but weddings can be so awfully long, sometimes, when you just want to eat something! ;D
    Oh dear, the tables are so lovely set!!! It's so neat to see everyone sitten around the tables!!!! (we, Sims players, have sometimes to be amazed in front of these simple life things as they're not always so simple for our Simmies! :chuckle: )

    Maria looks splendid, indeed! <3

    :facepalm: Adam and his ball… :toofunny:

    Awww, Olivia has been so lovely with Erica! :sigh: You can definitively see real friends in such situations. for sure, weddings might remind so many bad things to Erica. :hugs: (I just love how the game can make stuff that HAVE sense! <3 )

    :lol: @ Erica dreaming to leave!! I'm so with you on locked doors! ;) :hi5:

    :sigh2: for Ryan and Madeleine.

    :toofunny: @ Poppy and her missing ring! YEAH, I agree with her, MORE BIMLICO WEDDINGS!!!! :confetti:

    Alice, my girl, once again, I so agree with you! :hi5:

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: Oh, yes, we have been waiting for this FOREVER!!

      I was pretty bummed out to see that the real gravestone for Olivia’s grandma was gone when they went to visit her. I guess MC/Overview or some other mod removes ghosts because there are so many residents in the town? :dunno:

      I adore this church so much! It is very Scandinavian, indeed! And I completely stole it from Enekjaer ;)

      :clap: It is so easy to have sims sit together for a meal with that new mod at MTS!!!! It unctions like the TS2 “serve food” – have you seen it?

      Oh dear, Erica was such a disaster at this party. I even invited a single dude for her to have fun with ( :heybaby: ), but she had zero interest in him. (Well, I did make him look kind of douchey. Because he is :chuckle: ).

      More Bimlico weddings? :hi5: Certainly!!

  3. Sandy says:

    I have so little experience with tombs that I can’t help… But I think, as far as far I remember, that Morgana’s tomb had disappeared too. I have to check. :(
    Oh, geez, that “call for meal” mod, yes! <3 I'm actually advertising it in my January non-story (with the jogging mod too, two new wonders! <3)
    More weddings!!!! :party: :confetti2: YAY!!!! :popcorn:
    (I feel like it might take a couple of years for Maria to say officially YES to Anthony…. :wait: ;) )

  4. Laurabcn says:

    Wedding! Wedding! Wedding-wedding-wedding! :girldance: :joy: :cork: (I’m still excited! :pardon: )
    Awww, her dress is beautiful! :heart: (And no signs of baby bump so far! :D )
    Oh, that’s both so beautiful and so sad! :tearyeyes: But what a great idea to visit her grandmother, I would have never thought of that!
    Awww (am I “awwwwing” too much? :chuckle: ) but who would disallow little Vincent? :giggle: He’s just too cute!
    The ceremony was lovely indeed. :sigh:
    Oh my, that restaurant looks awesome! :clap:
    Poor Erica. :heartpump:
    :spit: “OR, he was just really nosy” Yeah, it could be that too. :lol:
    That’s a very weird glitch with the car… :hugs:
    :lol: Ooooh, I should learn to lock my doors too! I know Sandy does this on occasion as well, but I always forget to keep my party guests locked in. :hmm:
    :rofl: Poppy!

    Off to part two! :superman: (*That’s me flying to read the next part, alright?* :cheeky: )

    • Sara says:

      LAURA!! :hugs: hugs: Shoot, I am so sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner!
      :clap: I’m glad you were so excited about the wedding – so was I! :yahoo: (Olivia and I had been waiting for that for YEARS, literally :lol: )
      :giggle: I was actually pleasantly surprised that Erica brought Vincent. He’s precious!

      :thumbs: Locking in the party guests is a really good trick!

      :shock: Wow, Laura, you can truly fly?! Wow!! :blum:

  5. Kim(mi) says:

    Olivia’s underwear/sleepwear is so cute! And her dress still seems to fit!
    I’m sorry her grandmother couldn’t be at the wedding, but at least there’s happy news too!
    Erica… You can’t bring a toddler to a wedding, but if you MUST, at least keep him with you and don’t let him wander around… :facepalm:
    Congratulations to the happy couple! :confetti2:

    What a great idea to have the party at M! The place looks lovely!
    The bridesmaid dresses are very pretty by the way. :sigh:

    Great wedding party! LOL at dad being nosy!
    Maria really isn’t good at this dating business, is she…?

    Poppy wants a ring too!


    • Sara says:

      You know, it was weird, Olivia wasn’t showing at all, but she still had to wear a pregnancy-enabled dress :roll:

      It was fun to rearrange everything at the restaurant to make it fit for a wedding! And thank you, Olivia spent aaages trying to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses :giggle:

      Poppy definitely wants a ring too :flirty:

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