SimApril: An April Wedding (pt2)


The party, continued

What happened next was so funny! Olivia looked all innocent in the background while Anthony approached Maria…. :popcorn:


But I guess she was too eager to know what was going on between them, so she very (indiscreetly) walked riiiight past them….


Maria and Anthony found that funny too, it seems :giggle:

Maria: She’s not very subtle, is she?


Then they decided to go slow-dancing :sigh:


But they didn’t have the dance floor to themselves for long… Party time!


Look at poor Erica in the background. Ryan decided to try and talk to her…


… not a good idea! :pardon:

Shannon was off work and had joined the party… sort of :facepalm:


:facepalm: These two aren’t allowed a moment to themselves! But look!! *squeeee* Anthony offered Maria flowers :tearyeyes:


It was getting really late, so some of the guests were sent home. It seemed like the bride herself was just about ready to go home too :lol:


Although I did catch Erica talking to Robert, she didn’t seem very interested in him. Instead, she repeatedly tried telling ghost stories :roll:

(I let her do it just this one time. I love that Adam was one of the sims listening :lol: )


Oh, gosh, look at them!! :joy: There was something going on between these two, so I decided to spend the rest of the night focussing completely on them :popcorn:

(Hmm, maybe Poppy‘s angry with Adam again because he still hasn’t danced with her?)


But first, check out poor Erica’s very mixed reactions :toofunny:


Olivia was still reading her book and Anthony asked Maria to go star gazing: It was time to unlock the doors, and let the sims do whatever they wanted :nod:


:facepalm: Great spot you chose there, Anthony!! (Erica seems to agree :toofunny: )


After the star gazing, there was some flirting… and of course Maria had to do shaka-bra :roll:


(You may notice Erica in the background talking to Robert again. Nothing ever happened between them, although I had enabled Romance for both of them.)



I knew it!!!! :confetti:

OMG, Erica, not this again!!

( :thinking: Poppy should have the party animal trait)


Maria and Anthony had walked a bit away from the party to be alone, but no such luck :no: …..A deer!!


They ran after the deer to check it out!


Finally alone :flirty:

It was so great to see them interacting with each other :sigh: I was squeeing out loud the whole time :clap:


:facepalm: The deer kept photobombing their romantic moments…


The day was dawning, but Maria and Anthony didn’t feel tired at all!


Maria really wanted to serenade Anthony, and, as if by magic :heybaby: , a piano appeared at the Beer Garden’s stage…


Uhhmm… interesting place you chose to stand there, Anthony….


How you know that Anthony is a liiiitle bit drunk:


Well, just like Maria‘s awkward shaka-bras, I guess saluting is Anthony‘s thing :chuckle:

It worked…..!



Did you think they got to have this wonderful moment to themselves??



Meanwhile, the wedding party was almost over….


Maria and Anthony had gone home, and were greeted by a pretty confused Bruce….


No pets allowed in Anthony‘s apartment. Sorry, Bruce.


Birthdays this month:


Justine (2)

Moon (6)

Billy (16)

James (39)

Kasper (39)

Ben (42)

Maya (42)

7 comments on “SimApril: An April Wedding (pt2)
  1. Sandy says:

    :toofunny: I love Olivia. Such a great friend. So subtle. :chuckle:
    Aww, really, it seems to have been a nightmare for Erica! :hugs:
    :lol: @ Shannon. I’m sure she had a blast!

    OOOOOOOOH, flowers from Anthony!!!!! :heybaby: :popcorn:

    :giggle: @ Olivia’s subtle hint to say the party is over! :lol:

    Oooooh, things are getting hot between Maria and Anthony!!! That look!!!! :popcorn:
    Geez, Sara, I have to say, despite of deeply loving you as my Sim sister, you’re cruel! :lol: That poor Erika is in a complete breakdown, and you didn’t let her going back home! :lol:

    Stargazing…. :sigh: (yeah, I wonder if the code isn’t borked for that one… Sims are NEVER in the right direction, it seems! :D)

    :spilt: Great timing, the deer! :thumb:
    Awwww, that’s too cute to see them running after it!!!! Awwwwww. I’m completely melting here!
    Awww, and your town is so beautiful! Awwwwww!!! I’m SQUEEING OUT LOUD TOO!!! And I keep melting. It’s a puddle of Sandy who will comment this, I promise.

    ( :spit: I died of laughter at the deer photobombing!! :toofunny: :rofl: )

    A piano! :sigh:

    Awww!!!! I love how it’s so cool and romantic, and yet so completely crazy with that deer!!! :toofunny: <3

    Naima is THE party animal of the town! :girldance:

    Oh dear, oh dear!!! I love Bruce's look and expression!!!

    What a fantabulous update it was, love!!! Such a gorgeous wedding, and YEAH, such a lovely romance between Maria and Anthony!! (and such a funny deer! ;))
    I hope your new Year resolution is to post a new story every week! ;)


    (and happy new year again!)

    • Sara says:

      :giggle: Wasn’t Olivia great? I love how she always seems to keep an eye on her friends – and their love lives!

      :blush: I know, I felt so evil for forcing Erica to stay, but hey, it was her best friend’s wedding, she couldn’t just leave!! :mwahah:

      I was such a crazy :nerd: when I played this. I was squeeing out loud, and I was sitting on the edge of the chair with my legs tucked in under me – I was so excited to see how things would evolve between Anthony and Maria!! They did not disappoint :heybaby: And yes, the deer :lol: I thought it was so funny and so perfect in a way :sigh:

      Happy new year, my dear! :kiss: And thank you so much for your comments, you’re the best!

      As for the New Year’s resolution….. YES! I promise to post every week in 2015, so I can catch up with you :giggle:

  2. Sandy says:

    :chuckle: Catch me if you can! :blum: :run:

    (well, I posted about Sim-January, Sim-February will be posted soon, Sim-March needs to have its pictures done, and Sim-April isn’t complete yet. PLUS I’m done with my Simmings holidays, so who knows if I won’t finish Sim-April in April now? :cry: )

    BUT YEAH for more Bimlico stories! :pinkcheer: I just love your Simmies. :sigh:

  3. Laurabcn says:

    :toofunny: Olivia discreetly walking past them…
    :giggle: What a great idea to bring a book to her wedding, in case she got bored.
    Anthony and Maria are so cute. :heartpump:
    Man, poor Erica indeed! :hugs: I feel bad for laughing at her “reactions”! :rofl: (But still… They’re funny! :lol: )
    OMG!!!OMG!!! KISS-KISS-KISS-KISS! K-I-S-S! :chugga: :chugga: :chugga: :girldance:
    :rofl: But… WHAT?! :shock: A deer?! :spit: (Things like these make me regret having no deers in town… :giggle: )
    Hahaha, they should take that deer home or something. :lol:
    At last! :sigh: I was starting to think they would go home kiss-less! :clap: (And of course, silly stalkerish spotlight-stealer deer. :roll: )

    • Sara says:

      :lol: Yeah, Olivia was great! Not so discreet, but very funny! …and yes, of course she brought a book to her wedding :facepalm:

      :sigh: Gosh, I think Maria and Anthony are cute together too! But :thinking: … What do you think Erica’s verdict was? Does she approve? Does she even care? :dunno: :giggle:

      I think that deer is their guardian angel or something :lol:

      Thank you so much for commenting, Laura dear :kiss:

  4. Kim(mi) says:

    Oh, here we go… :popcorn: Aww a slow dance :sigh:
    Erica really has a temper, doesn’t she…? I mean, I know she’s heartbroken and all, but it’s Ryan’s wedding!

    Haha Shannon! I just re-read my Athletic Festival and saw that Sandy commented something along the lines of how no party is complete without someoen reading a book!
    It seems true!

    Aww Anthony is such a gentleman!
    Erica can’t watch budding love… It’s too much for her…

    Watching the stars :sigh: … A wish for a kiss :sigh:
    Will it happen tonight?

    :lol: The deer! He’s awesome though! Like a symbol for Anthony and Maria’s love :sigh:

    :spit: Anthony behind the piano!!!

    YAYY!!! A kiss!!!! Finally!!! :heart:

    Poor Bruce though… :(

    Loved this update Sara-love! I’ll continue my catching up soon!

    • Sara says:

      :chuckle: Erica is Erica, I think! I never know what to expect from her – and it’s so much fun!

      Yes, that is definitely true about the party guest reading a book… There’s always at least one!! :toofunny:

      Hahaha, yes, I think there was too much love in the air for Erica. She really didn’t know how to react! But good thing Anthony and Maria figured it out, right??! :clap:

      Thanks, I’m really glad you enjoyed the story! Lots of love and hugs to you and baby :kiss: :heartpump: :hugs:

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