August Stories (pt1)

With Benjamin

Bimlico welcomes a new resident: Benjamin Button (made by the sweetest Tito!). Together with SimTito, he bought a building in Bimlico, and they opened up Tito’s Café and Benjamin’s Tattoo studio “Cute as a Button“.


Welcome to Bimlico, Benjamin! :chuckle: They first thing he did was start tagging the walls with his art, but the police came and fined him! It was a funny policeman who apparently never looks at the sim he’s fining :dunno:

Benjamin didn’t care one bit, he was too excited about this place! :girldance:


Then both SimTito and Benjamin started working. There were already a few sims impatient to try the new café, and Benjamin got a visit from Mike L, who looked like he regretted his decision to get a tattoo already!


But he had nothing to worry about! Benjamin is a great artist, and made a really cool octopus on Mike’s back. Mike was super relieved, and the guys laughed about his previous nervousness.


Many sims in Bimlico were interested to see this new place, but not everyone got along. Carmela was shouting at Madeleine, and made weird gestures at Mike

Miles, who found the adults really uninteresting, also visited… wait, aren’t you a little too young for a tattoo?! :shock:


Miles is a good boy, and wouldn’t dream of getting a tattoo without his father’s permission. No, Miles came to see Benjamin’s art works! He’s an artist in the making himself!


But out of all his guests that day, Benjamin got on the best with Naima. Those two very quickly became friends, and they decided to go out later that evening…



At the Woods/Copur’s

Meanwhile, at the Woods/Copur Home, Eric was making veggie spaghetti for his darling Willa :heartpump:


They had a romantic candlelit dinner… there was even some for their new puppy Misha!


They used the bubble-shisha…


Willa went to clean the dishes, but she broke the sink… and was super happy about it :yahoo:


Of course Eric came to fix it for her, and even though there was water everywhere, Eric felt so proud about coming to his sweetheart’s rescue.


Willa had gotten ready for bed, but Eric asked her for a slow dance and Willa thought it was so romantic that she had to snap a picture.


:heartpump: :heartpump: :heartpump:

With Adam

Adam really found this Summer dull :sigh2: He chose to spend his evening doing laundry at the Laundry Café (even though the Student Residence has a washing room :brow: ).


SimSonia wasn’t there, so Adam thought he’d mind the register for her until she returned. How gentleman-like of him :cheeky:


It must have worked, because when she got there, Sonia found Adam most charming and even put his clothes in the dryer for him while he had a coffee.


Aaaah, the smell of freshly washed clothes :sigh:


And so, Adam called it a night! :wave3:



At the Beach Club

Benjamin and Naima are already partying hard at the Beach Club! Benjamin really knows some sweet moves :girldance:


All that dancing requires some liquids, so they ordered a round of drinks. Woaahh, Naima suddenly  noticed that Ava was hiding in the corner. She’s usually a loner, so it was surprising to see her here, but the always friendly Naima invited her to have a drink with them. :toast:


Those drinks were quickly gone, so they ordered some more. Ava approved!! :thumbs:


It has fallen really dark outside, so Benjamin decided to go check out the party laser lights!! They’re so cool!!

One day in Bimlico and already he has a great party friend and he discovered a cool club where he can rule the dance floor: Oh yeah, Benjamin already likes it in Bimlico!





10 comments on “August Stories (pt1)
  1. Sandy says:

    :confetti: Awwwww, I needed a cheer-up, and here you came with a non-story! :sigh: :kiss:
    My, oh my, how Benjamin is perfectly fitting in his new job!! Aaha, he got the best poses all the time! :girldance: And what talent! :heart:
    I love the view of Tito’s café from the window! So beautiful! :sigh:
    Awww, I’d be with Miles, all in admiration with Benjamin’s talent! :hi5: (but don’t touch my skin! :scared: )
    Sure Naima and Benjamin make a lovely pair of friends! :chuckle:
    Hey, Eric and Willa!!! :friends: How are you, my friends? Good, I see, with that bubble-shisha! :giggle:
    Awwww, PUPPY!!!!! So cuuuuuuuute! :hugs: I love their house. I’ve already said that on their house page, I know, but… I love their house. :pardon:
    I also love Tito’s café, and Benjamin’s tattoo parlor! :nod: Oh, and wait, I love too that laundry-café!!! :hmm: You know… I wonder if it wouldn’t mean I just love your style? :thinking: :chuckle:
    SO! That laundry-cafe! Awww! :heartpump: How Adam was all cute at playing with that ball while Sonia was away. I just love the place. What? You knew that already? :nah:
    That picture with BUBBLES! (oh, wait, wait, you didn’t bring that bubble smiley with you here?!)
    PARTY at the beach club!!! :girldance: With Benjamin and Naima!! :hi5: Hot stuff! He’s shaking his body like nobody else! :girldance:
    Hey, Ava lovely!!! :heart:
    Awww, that first part was a delight to read, Sara love! It’s all light and funny and lovely, and was really effective as de-stresser! :kiss:
    Let’s see how is Part 2 now… :chugga:

    • Sara says:

      Aaaw, my dear, I’m so happy I could cheer you up :hugs: I wasn’t sure how well this story became in the end, it is just compiled of small visits with different sims while testing stuff :lol:

      Hehe, Benjamin sure is a character!
      :blush: Thank you, you are too sweet! I love that you love everything :chuckle:
      Oh… I don’t have the bubble-smiley? :cool: I will have to add it… or find a not-bubblegum bubble-smiley :brow:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    *SQUEEEEE* It’s a Sara (non-)story!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    This makes me soooo happy!
    :wave: Hi Bejamin! I had already seen benjamin and his AWESOME tattoo studio (I :heart: the name!!) on tumblr of course, but how great it is to see it again!
    :lol: at the policeman not looking at Benjamin! Sims… :roll:
    Benji doesn’t seem to care though, judging by the way his shaking his bootie! ;)
    Mike’s tattoo looks so awesome! No need to worry, Mike!
    Yeah Miles, it’s all about the art!
    Oh Benjamin and Naima! Yes, this is a likely friendship!
    Eric and Willa!!! Evelyn and Zach would really love to see them again, you know. ;)
    AWWWW *dies of cuteness* Look at that puppy!!! Misha! That’s just adorable!
    :lol: at Willa being happy about her broken sink. Eric’s face is priceless, he really looks very proud indeed!
    Awww, a slow dance before bed? These two are just the cutest. :heart:
    Well, duh, of course Adam went to the laundry cafe! That place is awesome!!! I’d totally spend a lot of time there if I lived in Bimlico (oh, if only I could actually live in Bimlico… :sigh: )
    The bubble machine outside the laundry cafe still makes me laugh! It’s brilliant!
    Oooo, Benjamin’s sweet moves! I love it! (And hello beach club! :waves: )
    WOOT, look at Ava being all happy! she likes being there!
    Ohhh, awesome lights, maybe beach club’s twin will get those too!

    • Sara says:

      :kiss: for you, Kim!!

      Haha, I loved the expression of Mike’s face when he first met Benjamin, but yeah, he had nothing to worry about!

      YES, we HAVE to make our sims meet again! I’m not ure about Eric, but Willa would be THRILLED to welcome Zach and Evelyn to Bimlico! Let’s talk some more about that ;)

      :giggle: The bubble-machine by the laundry café always makes me smile! I would LOVE to hang out at a place like that, I just thought that this young student would have spent his evening being a bit less practical :chuckle:
      It was very surprising to see Ava show up at the Club! She did some clumsy dance moves, but she had a lot of fun!

  3. Lea says:

    STORYYYY!! :confetti2: :cheers: :confetti2:
    Hi Beni! :wave3: The Studio/Cafe Looks great! :giveheart: All your things you do look great… :brow:
    Good Boy,Miles! :clap: Naima and Beni are a great duo! :D
    :sigh: I told you,you’re sims are soooo romantic! :heartpump: I :heart: their house.
    :chuckle: at Willa! Holy cuteness!They are SO romantic! :heartpump: :heartpump:
    Poor Adam. :(
    Doing the laundry?!Really? :facepalm:
    That’s so nice of sim-Sonia! :wave: Hi sim-Sonia!!!BUBBLES!!! :bubbles: :bubbles: (new smilies!!! :headbang: )
    Partey! :toast: Ava,come out of the corner!Have fun! :pinkcheer: :confetti:
    Happy drinking! :cork: (when I could open this bottle…)
    The lasers are cool,indeed ;) Like the place :clap:
    I’m all excited about part two!

    (and Sara,I emailed you ;) )

  4. melika says:

    oh girl ur amazing!i do really love your stories and your sims but i have some questions that i wanted to ask i willbe glad if u answer them :giggle:
    first might be a little ridiculous,how can i have more than one sims in my pc??
    second one is that how could u use the downloaded furniture in bye mode??i can see them but when i click on them the game stops!help me!! :cry:
    third one is that how can i create a town like u and control all sims in it??
    pleasssss help me :)
    thank you :kiss2:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Melika!

      1. To control different sims, simply go to “Edit town” mode (from the bottom left corner) and click on another household.
      2. Your game shouldn’t stop by clicking on something into the Buy mode! I think you downloaded some bad custom content!
      3. You last question is very difficult to answer. I think you need to be familiar with 1 and 2 first :)

      I can recommend you to visit !

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