August Stories (pt2)

With the Parker Sisters

It was very surprising to not see the Party Sisters at the Club last night. I guess they were trying out something new: getting up at a decent time to have breakfast together?


Lucia loves the colour yellow, and she just bought a lemon tree seed that she went to plant after breakfast.


If she thought that Sophia would clean up while she was in the garden, Lucia thought wrong. Party-animal Sophia loves to dance in the morning!



With Etienne

With no plans for the day, Etienne thought he’d give Silas a call and ask to hang out, and they planned to meet down at the pet store. Etienne has a terrarium in his room, and needs to decide what to put in it!


Etienne got there first, so he took a look at the birds and met Adam, who – surprise – wanted to play kicky ball!


When Silas got there, the boys discussed what would be better: a turtle? A gecko? A snake? Haha, Etienne’s sister Camille probably wouldn’t like that :giggle:


The boys couldn’t decide what to get, so Etienne asked store owner Logan for advice. Of course he had the answer! (Which was….? I don’t remember what I ended up giving Etienne!! :sorry: )


The boys then went to the Young Canal to play some video games at Burgers ‘n Games! … which I think Etienne won! :lol:


Young teenage boys are always hungry! Off to Café Yum it is, but wait… Look who they ran into! It’s Ofelia! Etienne went and said hello, while Silas felt a little shy and stayed in the background.


Okay, the food could wait a little longer, because Ofelia was on her way to the Old Boat House for roller skating, and now Etienne wanted to join!


When they finally got to Café Yum, Etienne had to wait for Kyle (Tito’s Kyle!) to chat with Ofelia before he could have his bagel… Come on! Etienne was soooo hungry! :grump:


While the Hungry Boy found a nice seat outside on the patio, Silas finally found the courage to speak to Ofelia.


But, Ofelia being Ofelia, the conversation ended abruptly when she felt the need to show off her martial arts to Kyle…. :pardon:


Ughhh, girls suck! Silas quickly gave up on Ofi (she is a weird one!), and went to chat with Etienne instead. Yeah, boys rule!! :headbang:


Etienne said goodbye to Silas, and went back home to find that his family had already had dinner (he could have squeezed something down – it’s food!)


Camille was (of course) checking herself out in the mirror (the twins also had a birthday this month – 14 years old! – so maybe she was checking to see if she had started to look older?). Mom and James were  in the living room.


School was beginning soon, so Etienne sat down to his homework. Billy was too busy playing with Justine to do his… He always has some excuse!


Etienne went to bed that night happy about the day he’d had!



With Molly

We end this Sim-August with Molly, who decided to train jumps with Butter after she had breakfast with her family.


She of course also had time to call Camille to chat about boys!



15 comments on “August Stories (pt2)
  1. Sandy says:

    Awww, I’m falling in love with Adam and his kick-ball! It seems it can be a bit obsessive (Mo is in a kick-ball period, in my game :facepalm: )
    SILAAAAAAAAAS! (I know Kim will give a huge shout here, but that one was coming from Lison. :giverose: (and OK, a bit from me too, but I can’t say it, Kim revendicated Silas first. ;) )
    What oh what, you will leave us with that incredible suspense?! But what’s in the terrarium?!!!
    Aww, Sila staying a bit far… :heart: Yeah, I’m convinced he totally ignored Lison because of his crush on Ofelia. I love that picture of the teens skating!!! (good heaven, you sent it to us an ETERNITY ago, didn’t you? :lol: )
    :rofl: @ the short conversation between Silas and Ofelia! I love that girl. I just LOVE that girl. She rocks. :headbang:
    (I try hard here to not be boring and say again “Oh, I love your Yum cafe”, but as you can see, I’m failing… :blush: I’ll try to not say that on each picture you show us, though, but that might be hard… :heat: )
    Aww, I love that family time! ( :chuckle: @ Camille), and Etienne’s room looks so cool! It’s genius to have put the sofa in an angle, under the bed! And yes, I think I can say that because I don’t remember having said that before! :blum: )
    :heart: Molly (red hair girls, you know… :heybaby:)
    FANTABLULOUS, my sweet! Awww, I love these kinds of non-stories so much. :heart:

    • Sara says:

      Oh yes, the kicky ball is so obsessive!!
      :lol: Silas would blush he heard that huge shout from Lison!
      Haha, sorry about the terrarium :sorry: I think Etienne ended up with a gecko and gave some weird name :pardon:

      Ehh, yes, I did show some of these pictures months ago – these are all old pictures (that I forgot, but had already organised into story-parts :facepalm: ), which means… a new story is coming soon :whistle:

      Ofelia really isn’t the easiest girl to understand. I’m not sure Silas will continue that crush :dunno:

      :giggle: Red haired girls rock!! ;)

      Thank you so much for your comment, Sandy! I’m happy you enjoyed this little compilation of non-stories :hugs:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    :yahoo: THE PARTY SISTERS!!! mum, sorry, ParKER sisters. I can see where you’d have trouble, Sara-love! :giggle:
    Look at them in their GORGEOUS house!
    Awww, Lucia looks so cute in the garden. It looks like Lucia is doing a little dance herself there too, actually. ;)
    Etienne and Silas ( :heart: )! :waves: Aww, these two are such great friends. I can’t wait to see what pet Etienne eventually got!
    Etienne sure looks like he won the game! :giggle:
    OFELIA!!! My darling! Oh, I’m so glad I get to see Miss Inappropriate again! Silas still doesn’t know what happened with her and Seth at Windiwell yet, does he? Hmmm, I sure hope the truth won’t come out when Seth, Silas and Ofelia come to Honeycomb Valley in March… They’re sure to meet with people who know all about what happened…
    Aww, the old boat house for rollerskating is so cool. I love your ideas, my dear! I know I said this before, and about the boathouse even, but it really is just so cool!
    Kyle is perfect for Cafe Yum! Poor Etienne, having to wait for food!
    Yeah, Silas, that’s right, I love Ofi, but I don’t feel she thinks of you the way you think of her. I do know a certain young lady from Sandy Valley who has very fond memories of you though… ;) ;)
    Aww, Camille, she’s so pretty! Of course she likes to look at herself in the mirror! And besides, Billy is, like, right there. She needs to make sure she looks her best constantly.
    Etienne’s room is awesome! (WCIF artwork? :) )
    OHHH! Are Molly and Butter coming to participate in the equestrian part of the Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival? :flirty: I think she’ll beat Kyra and Holly easily, having her own horse and training field at her house. (Shhh, don’t tell them I said that ;) )
    LOVED seeing what your simmies are up to, my sweet! So happy to see more of them! Keep the stories coming!! :popcorn:

    • Sara says:

      Haha, maybe the party sisters didn’t party much in this story, but just wait… :heybaby: Much partyin’ on its way!

      :rofl: @ Miss Inappropriate! Silas doesn’t know yet! But he doesn’t seem to know ANYTHING! He didn’t really notice the looks from that young Sandy Valley lady, did he :sigh2: I’m sure, if asked, Ofelia would be very cool about that Summer Kiss. “I kissed Seth. Whatever.”

      Etienne’s artwork.. I’m pretty sure it’s by Shaana. All of it, actually! Perfect for geeky teenage boys!

      OF COURSE!! Molly and Butter should come to the Athletic Festival! Yes! Then she can spy on Seth, too :giggle:

      Thank you for your sweet comment, sweetie!! And more IS coming ;) ;)

      • Kim(mi) says:

        Hahaha, yes, Ofi would be totally cool about it. She was totally cool at Windiwell as well. But if Silas will take it as easily, I don’t know.
        Sandy, don’t you have any reason to send Lison in March? She could see Silas again! ;)
        Ohhh PERFECT, Molly is coming! :confetti2:

  3. I remember Benjamin *waves to him and SimTito* All that pink lol! I love it! Nice tattoo Mike :D

    Miles!! I think I like him already :) It’s nice that he came just to visit the art work!

    OMG Misha is adorable!!! She looks so suspicious of that crumb (which I always see as waffle thanks to Sonia :lol: )

    Looks like Benjamin and Naima had a great time! I love Naima’s dancing…especially in the last photo of them dancing :lol: It was nice of her to invite Ava over :)

    The Party/Parker sisters! They look like fun to play :) I love their house!!!

    Etienne :hugs: I laughed when you couldn’t remember what he got but I hope he had fun with it! What a great idea for a skatepark!!! They look like they’re having a great time with Ofelia :) I’m glad he got his bagel in the end and Silas managed to talk to Ofelia! Girls are complicated though, Silas, if they want to show you martial arts mid-conversation just let them :chuckle:

    The pictures of Molly and Butler are beautiful and a perfect way to end the story <3

    I really enjoyed catching up and have favourites already :) !!

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: I think of the crumbs as waffles too!! I hope Misha will stay cute once she grows up into a huge Newfoundland :lol:
      Benjamin and Naima dancing was so much fun to watch! They were really par-ty-ing!!

      I’m glad you like the Party Sisters – there’s much more of them to come ;)

      Your advice to Silas must the best girl advice ever! Sometimes us girls just don’t make any sense :giggle:

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really enjoyed reading it! :giverose:

  4. Lea says:

    Hey you two!Still not finished with their house… :no:
    Hello boys! :wave2: I love the boat house!How do you use this roller area?Still a riddle for me :thinking:
    Ohh Ofelia… :facepalm: …you improved us all.
    Etienne’s room is awesome!!:clap:
    Molly and Butter should be glad!They have an aweome pacour! ;)
    A great update,Sara :giverose:

    • Sara says:

      :chuckle: Thre sisters’ house is always a mess!!

      For the roller skating, I use Sandy’s “sign as roller ring” (under entertainment – sports). It is just a sign, but the whole “grid” for the roller skating is there, so you can click on the floor and have sims go roller skating :thumbs:

      Thank you so much, Lea, I always enjoy reading you lovely comments :friends:

  5. Lea says:

    Oh,handy to know! :cheeky:
    I’m happy about that! :giveheart: :friends:

  6. melika says:

    as i said i love your stories :heartpump: :giveheart: :giveheart: :sigh: :wave: :kiss:

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