SimAugust: New beginnings (pt1)

August is the last of the summer months, so the sims in Bimlico wanted to make the most of it. Selma and Amy enjoyed their new status as young adults, Celia and all the other children in Bimlico had a pool party, and Vincent and Moon had their first day at school :clap:

With Selma and Amy

Selma and Amy were meeting up at the university to check the place out, and to sign up for classes.



Selma will be studying a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Amy enrolled in the Sports Science associate degree.


The girls then met up with Ofelia and Poppy downtown to take a ballet class at the Dance Studio.


Even Jenny wanted to join them, but this class was for adults only.


They must have been difficult students, however, because Erica left looking rather frustrated (she went straight to Tito’s café for a piece of extra cheesy pizza).


At the café were also Daria and Marcie, who looked like they were really getting along.


The girls also ordered some dinner from Tito.


Poppy wanted to discuss something: Adam was moving out of the student residence to live in a small house with Milo. With Amy and Selma moving into the Student Residence soon, there would actually be a shortage of beds on the girls’ floor… should she ask to move in with Adam? That’s what she really wants, but she’s afraid it’s too fast for Adam. She really loves him, but she’s afraid to scare him off :thinking:

Selma: You should manipulate him so he thinks it’s HIS idea to move in together!

Amy: Yeah, what Selma said. Or say you’re thinking about moving back to… where are you from again?


Poppy: Uhhmmmm…. :nahh:

Poppy doesn’t know Ofelia very well yet, but looks at her nervously…

Ofelia: Don’t listen to those two over there. How well have their schemes worked for them so far? They might be older, but I’m the one with a boyfriend. Let me tell you what I think you should do.

Poppy is thrilled that someone is taking her seriously.


Ofelia: Okay, listen. You should totally just ask him to move in together, don’t overthink it! Remember to bring up all the advantages to living together all three of you: Rent will be cheaper… yeah, that’s it. That should do it.

Poppy: Wow, you’re right!! Thank you, you’re so cool!



At the student residence

Back home at the Student Residence, everyone was hanging out enjoying the last days before school starts again. (Well, of course Marly is studying).


Poppy: Adam, sweetie, sorry to take you away form the game, but can we have a word in the kitchen?


Poppy: So, I’ve been thinking. Maybe I should move in with you guys? First of all, it would free up a bed on the girls’ floor of this place, and second of all – and this is the most important – you guys would save rent.


Adam: That’s true! And with me starting my Master’s degree, I won’t have time to get a job, so yeah, it would be cool to split rent three ways. I’m in!! :chugga:


Adam didn’t waste any time, and went to ask Milo what he thinks.

Milo: Uhh, yeah, woah, cheaper rent would be awesome, bro, but living with a girl? What about DUDE PARTY? Can we just demand that she leaves for that?

Adam: What? Yeah, of course, dude!! DUDE PARTAAAY!!!


So that’s how it went; As long as Poppy isn’t home for DUDE PARTY, the guys are happy to live with her and share rent :thumbs:

Kids’ pool party

Summer was at its hottest! On one of the last days of the school holiday, the Hayes family had arranged a pool party for all Bimlico’s children.

Jack and Tyla were wise to start the day with coffee before heading to Bimlico’s (new) Water Gardens!



Many children showed up! Some brought their parents, some brought grandparents.

Remy’s grandpa Ray was having a blast :lol:


The Water Garden is a labyrinth of hedges and water fountains, and in the middle, there’s a swimming pool.

The slide is popular for children and adults alike :giggle:

Here we have Jack and Remy:


Most kids were in the water, while most mothers were sunbath… eeehhh, keeping watch :nod:


The labyrinth is the perfect place for a game of tag!


Finally, Celia’s best friend Jenny showed up :yahoo: …and a water balloon fight broke out!


Jack and Jenny vs. Celia and Maya :clap:


Jasper and Moon played tag among the fountains.


Everyone had an awesome day, and after hours of playing, the Hayes family went back home.

Celia had had such a great day! She took a nice bubble bath before dinner.


Family time in the kitchen ( :tearyeyes: It was one of the last times they were all together before Selma would move out)


Celia wished it could be summer holidays forever!! (But I suppose her mother wanted to remind her of school, since she chose to read a logic skill book to her :chuckle: )


Selma was realising she would soon be moving out of her little room…


Want to know how the first day of school went for the new elementary school students? Go to page 2!


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  1. Batsheba says:

    Lovely update! I hope Poppy made the right thing moving in with those two :hmm: I mean Dude Party, fast food and stinky clothes might not be so romantic :pardon:
    The water park looks awesome!

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