SimAugust: New beginnings (pt2)


With Erica and Vincent

Today was a big day: It was the first day of school. Erica was so proud to be sending her son to school. They grow up so fast :tearyeyes:  Vincent was so excited! He wanted to do homework before even having had his first day in school :nerd:


Erica was emotional about the whole thing! (But really, we would expect anything else from her :chuckle: )


Today was only for the new students at school. Penny will be their teacher, and wanted to give them a slow start to school life, so the kids played at the playground. One of the new students is Penny‘s own daughter, Moon.


Another new student is Sienna! She and her father, Jacob, just moved to Bimlico :wave3:

Vincent and her instantly hit it off :sigh:


Erica introduced herself to Jacob, and found out that he is a budding psychologist.


… which of course led her to tell him all about her issues with Vincent‘s father, Gabriel.

Erica: …and can you believe it, he got him a dog – A DOG – for his birthday, and just assumed I would be okay with it! What kind of Sim does that?


Luckily for Jacob (who really cannot afford to give free therapy in a school yard)Penny called them all in for orientation.


The kids were all excited to start school, and celebrated with a game of tag :lol:


With Poppy, Adam and Milo

It was time for Poppy, Adam and Milo to move out of the Student Residence.

Poppy had really liked her room, and was a little bit sad to pack everything.


Soon, they were all ready, and their stuff was put in boxes.


Luckily they didn’t have to carry them very far: Their new house is just down the street :chuckle:

(Notice the motorcycle? Gabriel was visiting Marly… again!)


Hello new house!!! :yahoo:


The guys (the duuudes!) thought that nothing was more awesome than an empty house!

Why don’t we just keep it like this?? Who needs furniture anyway?!


None of them were in a rush to unpack, so they decided to just eat right there on the floor :lol:


Sitting on the floor is only fun for a few times, and a few days later, everything was unpacked, and new stuff had been bought. Poppy was so excited to be living with her boyfriend :heartpump:


Check out the place over here!

With Amy and Selma

Sunshine had been replaced by rain showers; Summer was coming to an end.

Amy and Selma had decided to meet up at Bimlico’s new swimming pool (which is of course not supposed to be new).



All that swimming made them hungry, so they went to have lunch at the Bakery-Bar.




Later that day, it was time to say goodbye to their families, and finally leave the nest :tearyeyes:

It was more emotional for some than others….


Pretty much as soon as Amy had left the house with her few belongings, her room was reverted back to the breakfast nook it had been years and years earlier, when Amy first moved in with her aunt Jane (that was back in Sims 2).



Selma said her emotional goodbyes at home.


Her father would pick her up in a moving van; helping your daughter move to university is a father’s job :nod:


William congratulated his daughter. He was so proud of her! Together with AndrewWilliam‘s husband, they went to check out her room, and Andrew was excited to help her decorate (He had of course brought some plants from his shop).

[check out the results of their hard work here]


They celebrated with pizza for everyone!


As soon as her dad and Andrew had left, Selma grabbed Ryder to show him her room :flirty:




And Amy asked Lilian to decorate her room ;)


The tour of the Student Residence has been updated with pictures of Amy’s, Selma’s and Lilian’s rooms.

Other events this month:

Earlier this month, Jasper and Jenny made new friends at Summer Camp in Sandy Valley.

JasperSV JennySV

Maria and Eli played a disastrous gig at the Sandy Valley Rock Festival :facepalm:


Silas, Daria and Etienne also went to Sandy Valley Rock Festival, where Silas was proud to introduce his friends to all the cool bands he likes! Emily also joined to see Seb.


Read about all the adventures the Bimlico sims had in Sandy Valley!

Birthdays this month:


Remy turned 9

Jasper turned 11

Camille + Etienne turned 15

Marcie turned 15

Naima turned 23

Willa turned 25

Eric turned 30

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  1. Batsheba says:

    OMG! Poor Jacob :toofunny: that must have been quite as presentation… :chuckle:

    I’m glad dad had left before Selma decided to make her move… :giggle: dad’s don’t usually handle their daughters sex life all that well :chuckle:

    • Sara says:

      :giggle: Yes, poor Jacob. He doesn’t know how many of Bimlico’s sims need therapy… :thinking: But I guess that’s a good thing for him? IF he can make them pay :lol:

      :angel: Selma is a good girl, and of course waited until her dad left before she jumped into bed with Ryder…. :cheeky:

      Thank you for your comments, you’re such a sweetheart!

  2. Batsheba says:

    He’s gonna be a busy sim then :giggle:

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