(SimAugust): Summer trips and surprises! pt. 1

It’s the last month of summer, and the sims in Bimlico were making the most of it!

This SimAugust, we’ll send some sims travelling, we’ll spend some time at the beach with the teens, and then we’re in for a bit of a surprise :blum:

With William, Andrew and Selma

For William and Andrew it’s a tradition to travel somewhere exotic during summer when William is on vacation from his job at the high school. He had invited his daughter, Selma, over for dinner on the evening before they left for Isla Paradiso.

Selma has always found it totally unfair that she was never invited along for one of these vacations, so she was a little rude to her dad when she noticed their luggage in the hallway.

Before she became super dramatic, her dad interrupted her, and gave her a present: a ticket to come with them to Isla Paradiso!! :clap:

They were all super excited about the prospect of a whole week filled with sun, beach, yoga and coctails :party:

Early the next morning, they hopped on a taxi to the airport: Isla Paradiso, here we come!!!! :wave: :wave:

Goodbye Copurs!

Catching the same plane were Simon and Ivy Copur. They had spent a lovely holiday in Bimlico, celebrating their daughter’s wedding as well as spending time with their precious granddaughter.
But now, they had packed their tent down, and it was time to head home to Isla Paradiso, where they do yoga and mindfulness classes (for the rich tourists :cheesy: ).

Byyyeeee :wave: :wave:

… you didn’t think we’d visit Eric and Willa without having pancakes, did you?? :shock:

With Erica

Let’s go next door to Eric and Willa’s neighbours, Erica and Vincent :heart:

Dylan has been spending more and more time there, and they are so in love!! :heartpump:

Uhhm…. All that love has resulted in somewhat of a big surprise: Erica is pregnant!!

Dylan was ecstatic, and when they told Vincent, he was so excited about becoming a big brother :clap:

This really came as a surprise to me! I hadn’t planned for things to go so quickly between them, but when they went on the camping trip, I let them do risky woohoo because I thought that none of them would have thought to bring protection on that trip! I found out that I had forgotten to switch “risky” back OFF after the trip, so I’m not sure when this happened :dunno: But let’s say it was that fateful camping trip ;)
I found out about the pregnancy completely by chance, because I saw Erica wearing weird clothes, and went to find out why she was wearing that :lol:

What better way to celebrate than changing into swimwear and playing in the water??

Erica is three months along and already showing a little, so they all went to Erica’s parents’ house for a waffle breakfast to make the announcement. Everyone was very happy! :heartpump:

At the beach with the teens

Daria and Silas had gotten the great idea to invite all the teens to the beach to enjoy one of the last days before the summer holiday would end :hi5:

Seth, the beach lion :cool: , was sporting a new, fresh hairdo :heartpump:

Someone else had gotten a make-over… Molly had gotten rid of her preppy schoolgirl-look, and now looks more like a teenager, who’s turning 16 next month :pinkcheer:
I think Silas was a bit unsure about his flirt with Molly, but not so much anymore – he started complimenting her right away! :flirty:

Go check out Seth‘s and Molly’s new profile-pictures!







What’s going on between Seth and Daria has been sort of secret. They have a lot of fun together, but have not really kissed in front of other sims, but this day, Seth was apparently ready to show everyone and gave Daria a huge smooch right there in front of everyone (look how Ofelia is eyeing them :chuckle: )!

:facepalm: Ofelia is always pissing someone off :roll:

By the way, I don’t know what’s going on with my sims’ fitness levels / body shapes  :sigh2: Marcie had suddenly become super slim! And last month, Malene suddenly grew quite a bit (but her husband’s a baker, so I guess it makes sense :chuckle: )

Another :facepalm: I wish Sims wouldn’t eat ice cream like that. It’s so stupid. :roll:

But anyway, I wanted to include this picture, because Daria and Billy always end up together, somehow. It’s of course because they’re good friends, but I feel like Daria still has secret feelings for him, and it’s quite difficult for her to be around him so much :( :hugs:


I have played MANY simhours on Bimlico Beach, but for some reason, the place became buggy as hell! Sims kept getting stuck under the darn boat pier. I may have to bulldoze it :thinking:

Instead, I sent the group to party at the smaller, much simpler lot right next to it. Look at all the sims :clap: :clap:

:chuckle: This picture made me laugh!

My teens are all so grown up now, so of course they had brought beers and drinks along :cheeky: I was very surprised to see Etienne grab the first drink! Judging by his expression, I’m not sure he enjoyed it very much :chuckle:

As the sun was slowly setting, the teens had fun playing in the water, throwing water balloons, dancing on the beach :sigh:

:hmm: I let Seth try that thingy from Into the Future, because I thought it was a game he could play with someone. I guess it’s an instrument? :dunno:

Both Day twins found the courage to ask their girls to be their girlfriends (or maybe it was a dare?).

How romantic :heartpump:

There was just a serious amount of kissing going on!!

Some of the teens even spent the night sleeping in tents on the beach :sigh: (I’m not sure all parents knew, or knew who they were sleeping with :brow: )

Want to know what Selma, William and Andrew got up to in Isla Paradiso?? Read the next part!!

4 comments on “(SimAugust): Summer trips and surprises! pt. 1
  1. Charlotte says:

    :confetti2: Erica is PREGNANT!! Risky woohoo strikes again :giggle: At least you found out before she gave birth… Now that would have been an interesting surprise to walk in on :chuckle:

    Beach party :girldance: Your photos (and the beach) are seriously gorgeous. Too bad it was so buggy :(

    Soo… lemme get this straight: the Day twins are dating the Hayes sisters ? Can you say ‘double wedding’ :pinkcheer: ?! (Ok, probably getting ahead of myself there…)

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: Hahaha, yes, I would have been truly surprised to suddenly find a baby in her house!! It was a happy surprise, of course, but now I have to figure out where to put the new baby :thinking: …. Should Dylan move in? Should they move to a bigger house?

      Thank you :hugs: I love beach shots :sigh: … But I was more like :sigh2: than :sigh: when I played this :chuckle:

      :giggle: Yep! Day brothers dating Hayes twins :thumbs:
      …. Double wedding :scared: :chuckle: Actually, I don’t think Daria would want the type of wedding that Molly dreams of, so a double wedding is off the table :giggle:

      Thanks for your comment, Charlotte! :giverose:

      • Charlotte says:

        :dunno: If it were me, I’d just move them to a bigger house but it depends on the level of realism you’re going for I guess :hmm: storywise I can’t see a Sim as neurotic as Erica dealing too well w/ the stress of moving while pregnant :scared:
        Although moving w/ a newborn in tow doesn’t sound that much more relaxing now that I think about it :chuckle:

        Molly probably wouldn’t appreciate having to share her special day anyway, what with being a snob and all :nah: so it’s probably for the best :giggle:

        • Sara says:

          :toofunny: You are spot on! I don’t think Erica will be able to handle a move at all… And what about her garden that she made? And the perfect location so close to the playground? :scared: Nope, she wouldn’t want to move :no:
          Dylan and the baby will just have to fit in there :nod:

          Thank you, Charlotte! :hi5:

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