(SimAugust): Summer trips and surprises! pt. 2

In Isla Paradiso

:yahoo: Welcome to Isla Paradiso! :yahoo:

Selma, William and Andrew of course stayed in a luxurious resort, where they took yoga classes with Ivy and Simon, and just had a great time!

William and Andrew mainly relaxed by the pool or beach with cocktails and good books.

Selma also enjoyed to relax by the beach :sigh:


But she (and I) quickly became bored with doing nothing, but then she met the local girl, Hinni, and they quickly became friends.


Hinni invited Selma out to a bar by the beach one evening. She met more locals, including the dreamy Matteo :flirty: They all partied by the beach until dawn :headbang:

Even though Selma had her boyfriend, Ryder, back home, she hoped to meet Matteo again, and one day she was out snorkling, there he was!! :heartpump:
They had a very romantic day together, and Selma was completely in love :heartpump:

Back in Bimlico

Even though Andrew and William had enjoyed their luxurious vacation to the fullest, they were happy to be back home again :)

Selma was also kind of happy to be back…

She had really missed sharing all her adventures with Amy!

But seeing how happy Ryder was to see her again, made Selma feel terrible! She hadn’t expected to meet the love of her life on her vacation, and now she had to break up with Ryder :(

Ryder did not see this coming! :(

Selma dragged Amy with her to her room to tell her all about the dreamy scuba diver :heartpump: Matteo :heartpump:

After a looooong talk, Selma decided to write Matteo to let him know how much she missed him :sigh: :flirty:

… And Amy escaped to Lilian’s room! :giggle:

Birthdays this August

Eric (31)
Willa (26)
Marly (25)
Naima (24)
Marcie (17)
Camille + Etienne (16)
Jasper (12)
Remy (10)

2 comments on “(SimAugust): Summer trips and surprises! pt. 2
  1. Aw what a lovely present <3 I hope that Selma enjoys her holiday with her dad and Andrew :)

    EEEEE! A baby for Erica and Dylan!!! I hope she has triplets :P Truly wahaha! They’re so adorable together. Everyone seems to be very happy about the news (although who wouldn’t be happy with a waffle breakfast?). I hope that she gets her happy ending :)

    I can see why Silas isn’t so worried now, Molly looks beautiful with her new makeover! Seth’s new look suits him too :)

    Ah Marcie’s demented teen metabolism works for her instead of against her (colour me jealous). She’s lovely either way. I haven’t noticed this much on Enekjaer (other than when Farrah became super buff before she got pregnant), but I do remember accidentally leaving Judy Bunch in the gym and finding her skinny later on.
    Oh no Daria, be careful :( We don’t want any teenage feelings drama (yes, we do)!

    Aww your romantic sunset beach photos are lovely and the lighting is perfect :D Congrats to the twins!
    I love your Isla Paradiso photos, they look like they really had a packed holiday! Selma looks like she may have some drama on her hands (excellent ;) ).

    Poor Ryder, dumped for the exotic hair thief ;) Wahaha!

    (I like your birthday tracker idea, it may be borrowed :P )

    • Sara says:

      :wave: Alex!! So sorry I completely missed your comment – thank you for stopping by :heart:

      Yeah, wasn’t that a lovely surprise? An exotic holiday, all expenses paid :sigh: :sigh:

      :shock: OMG, triplets… That would be… a challenge…. They would definitely have to move house then :lol: Aaaw, thank you, I think Erica finally will get her happy ending :heartpump: She certainly deserves it!

      I have to admit that I changed Marcie back to her true form… She’s just not a skinny girl! :pardon:

      :mwaha: You never know about the drama in Bimlico!

      Please use the birthday tracker idea :thumbs: It helps me to remember to update everyone’s profiles with their correct ages ;)

      :giveheart: Thanks for commenting!

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