December Celebrations (pt1)

December is a month for celebrations! This month we will see what the Bimlico teens get up to at their Christmas party, we’ll go on a romantic date and celebrate Christmas with Erica and Vincent.


The high school Christmas party

To celebrate the end of the year, a formal party was thrown for all the high school teens. Amar and his brother William had volunteered for the party planning committee. Amar had rented the party room at city hall (it was as formal party) and was in charge of food, William of music and drinks. Thankfully, Amar had asked his daughters, Daria and Molly, to be in charge of the decoration, and he was so proud of their collaboration.

I was curious to see what would happen if I let my teens show me what they want and who they like, so for this party, I enabled romance for each of them using StoryProgression. It was so much fun (although I almost forgot to turn it back off again when the party ended!!) 

Amar was admiring the buffet. It should have something for everyone! He even made vegetarian spaghetti dish :nod:


Seth was one of the first teens to arrive, and he instantly regretted not having come together with his brother. Amar forgot for a moment that the adults were supposed to just hang out in the background (where was William, by the way?)


Yep, that’s as formal as Daria gets! She swears she’ll never wear a dress :no: (We’ll see…)

Seth escaped Amar to join the girls on the dance floor.

Ohh, Molly! She always has her eyes on Seth :sigh:


More teens joined the dancefloor :girldance:

Although Seth had thought his fling with Ofelia was over, he still couldn’t help looking at her with a goofy smile…

(and yep, that’s Amy joining Daria’s non-formal-formal trend :chuckle: She will definitely never wear a dress!)


The buffet was a success! Ofelia sat down with Silas and Miles, and of course started telling them about her newest martial arts move.


William had arrived, and the adults found their place: sitting quietly in the background. :thumbs: (and I was surprised to see them actually stay there for quite some time!!)


Just like his brother, Silas didn’t know how to act around Ofelia! That girl has some magic powers! When he sat down, no one spoke. When he got up, Ofelia and Miles started talking…. Urgh! Why couldn’t he just talk to her?


Meanwhile, Seth had forgotten all about Ofelia – he was dancing right next to Camille!

Amy preferred working out to dancing :facepalm:


Etienne had struck up an interesting conversation with Marcie :popcorn:


The air was a bit awkward between Ofelia and Miles. They didn’t seem to be able to look at each other….


But look at the smile on Ofelia’s face when Miles finally got up and started talking to her! He showed her a cool video that made her laugh! (although she didn’t once look at the screen – all eyes were on Miles :flirty: )


Uh-oh, what is that look on Etienne’s face? :brow:


 Seth was feeling pretty hot! But when he turned around, he noticed Ofelia and Miles moving suspiciously closer to each other….


He suddenly felt very awkward, and chose to grab one of the drinks just served.. and sit down right next to Miles and Ofelia! :facepalm:


I think it helped “break up” Ofelia and Miles, because Ofi went to goof around with Amy right after Seth sat down!


Amy noticed that Ofi seemed extraordinarily happy, and the girls giggled together (I wonder what they were giggling about? :giggle: )


On the dance floor, Billy and Camille and Etienne and Marcie had started dancing together :heybaby: Molly was dancing with her bestie Joseph.

Other teens had chosen a different kind of fun……


(I think Selma feels way too old for a party like this.)

Miles sensed Seth’s awkwardness. He asked if it had anything to do with Ofelia, but Seth denied!


Miles: Are you sure??

Seth: We kissed this summer, okay!? It was no big deal, we have barely spoken since!

Miles: Okay then. Because I think I really like her!

I don’t know what happened between the otherwise best friends here. Silas was yelling at Daria!  :shock: (My guess is it was a heated debate about which superhero is the coolest :chuckle: )


While dancing, Etienne (third part of this best friends trio) was looking at them were concerned! Come on, dude! Be nice!!

I think Etienne might be a superhero, because after his stare, Silas and Daria were back to their old selfs. (I’m guessing they came to the conclusion that Etienne’s favourite superhero is definitely the least cool! :lol: )


Seth had gone to find his brother. He kind of knew that Silas had had a crush on Ofelia too, so he hadn’t told him about kissing her, but now that he had blurted it out to Miles, he felt like he had to tell him. Silas took the news pretty well.


Silas: I used to like her too, bro! But I’m so awkward around her – it’s pretty exhausting!

Seth: I KNOW! Let’s forget about her, huh, and focus on other stuff… Do you have any ideas for how to save up for a scooter?

Ofelia had chosen to take a moment off in the corner…. eehmm, right beneath the mistletoe!! (or maybe she was wishing for something specific to happen?)


Etienne’s dance with Marcie was over, and he wasn’t sure what to do next… He headed right over toward Ofelia :shock:


… but only to show her a super gross video :chuckle:


:toofunny: Don’t you just love this game?

Across the room, Miles had noticed Ofelia

He went straight for the kiss! :clap:


Those two were so caught up in each other! They talked, flirted and also argued a little :lol:


Daria had been glancing at Billy most of the night. They hadn’t really talked much yet… She usually never found it difficult to talk to boys (all her friends are boys!), but she felt differently around Billy. (Daria got the wish to have her first kiss with him whenever I switched to her! :tearyeyes: )

She finally went up to him, and they started chatting away!


The flirty couples were slow dancing :heartpump:


Ofelia was back under the mistletoe :heybaby: She does whatever she wants, and right now, she wanted to kiss Miles! :nod:

Although Seth had just said that he didn’t care about her anymore, he was stunned to watch the first girl he ever kissed make out with someone else :(


He started yelling at Ofi, but she was pretty cool about it (she’s very “zen”, you know :chuckle: )

Ofelia: Things have been so awkward between us since this summer. Let’s go back to talking – let’s just be friends, okay? 


:chuckle: During this conversation, Miles gave them privacy… or…. :hmm:


Meanwhile, Silas was making puppy eyes at Selma :facepalm: Not going to happen, dude!


And Camille had come between Billy and Daria.


It was 1am, and the party was ending. Molly was exhausted, and said goodbye to Joseph.


Miles and Ofelia went downstairs to the lobby to take a picture, and Miles kissed her goodnight :heartpump:


And that was the end of the teen’s formal party! :heart:

Spend Christmas Eve with Erica and Vincent on page 2!


6 comments on “December Celebrations (pt1)
  1. Sandy says:

    OMG, YES! I was SO waiting for this!!! :joy:

    A teen party with Romance On, huh? :heybaby: Oh my, that promises to be CAPTIVATING!!! :popcorn:
    The decoration is perfect! Good job, Daria and Molly! :thumb:
    Daria looks great that way! (though I’m curious to see if she will wear a dress some day! :giggle: )
    Awwww, I love that Molly’s look on Seth!!!! :heart: That’s too cute!!

    Oh my, your Sims are the best creatures. I was so enjoying Molly looking at Seth so intensely, and now, it’s Seth who looks at Ofelia with that … huh… yes, a bit silly smile!! ;) TEEN DRAMA!! :popcorn:
    Aw, Amar and William are so cute on their loveseat!! :lol: They look slightly bored, but quite concentred on their mission! :nod: :D
    Awww, poor Silas!!! He’s been really out of luck with Ofi. :hugs: (I don’t want to be sadist, but I enjoy when Sims show so much persistance on a crush. :heart: )
    :chuckle: @ Seth’s look on Camille! Oh dear, sara, you caught really fantastic looks there! Your Sims eyes say it all! :lol:
    Hello lovely Camille! Hello crazy Amy!!! Ahaha, that’s so her to exercise on music, instead of dancing! :toofunny:
    Aww, Etienne! It seems to be a passionate discussion with Marcie!!! She’s purely ADORABLE!

    I so need more popcorn. THAT LOOK between Miles and Ofi!!! :popcorn: My, oh my… If someones tries to distract me from your story right now, I’ll be bad. :danboone:
    Awww!!! And now Etienne and Marcie!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This party is HOT!!!

    :chuckle: @ Seth who was pretty happy of himself before finding Ofelia and Miles!! Aaaha, I love that he sat just near them!!!! :toofunny: That’s too great!!! :rofl:
    :giggle: @ Amy. Oh, I’m so curious about what the girls could have said, indeed!!! Though, I have a slight idea about it… :whistle:
    Billy and Camille, Etienne and Marcie, aww…. :heart: :heart:

    :giggle: @ Selma! Well, ONE Sim reading at a party, it’s a real success! I’m going to set as rule that any guest at a party will have to leave their books on a table before entering! :D
    Awww, that conversation between Seth and Miles. Girl, I’ll never say it enough: I LOVE YOUR SIMS!!! :heart:
    :toofunny: @ Daria & Silas’s dispute! I love your interpretation of it, I’m sure you’re right! :nod: Their “reconcilation” made laugh!!! They’re just so cute. How can you make Sims so cute and cool? :hmm:
    Hey, yeah, Silas took the news pretty well!! I love how they focused on more important things! :chuckle:
    :spit: @ Etienne’s way to disctract Ofelia from meditation!!! It suits him so well!!! :toofunny:
    WOW, MILES!!!!!!! :joy: Go for it, guy!!!! Awww!!!! :tearyeyes: That’s too lovely! Of course, they had to argue a little… :chuckle: Ofi wouldn’t be Ofi without a bit of arguments! ;D

    Awww, Daria glancing at Billy without being able to talk to him. Let me join you in :tearyeyes: That’s soooooo cool.
    (I love your Sims.)
    YEAH for finding the courage to talk to him!! Awwww, all these flirty dancing couples are TOO precious!!!
    Oh my, Seth!!! Indeed, he doesn’t seem so “over” at all. :no:
    :chuckle: @ Miles just near them during their explanation!! That’s priceless!! :toofunny: (I love your Sims)
    :lol: @ Silas” puppy eyes! Aaahaha, you crack me up, girl!

    Awww, I was wondering what Camille would do about Daria and Billy chatting together!!! :lol: It’s too gorgeous that she simply came between them. :chuckle:
    Wow, what a hot goodbye between Miles and Ofi!!!! :heat:
    Geeez, it has been an absolute FANTASTIC PARTY!!!!!! So, so, so much fun!!!! Oh dear, all these blossoming romances everywhere!!! I SO enjoyed that first part, my sweet!!!!! :heart: :heart:
    (Also, I love your Sims.)


    • Sara says:


      Oh yeah, it was risky to turn romance on, but it was so much fun (and slightly stressful at times) to let the teens tell me who they like!
      Daria is so sweet, she’ll look great in a dress, so I’m sure she’ll wear one some day :mwaha:
      I really love it when I spot a sim looking at another sim, and it just makes sense, like with Molly’s admiring look and Seth’s smirk :)
      :lol: I rolled my eyes when Amy changed her clothes and started to work out. She got sick of dancing pretty quickly. But really, it just made so much sense! Typical Amy!
      Etienne and Marcie are so cute together, right?? I squeee-d out loud when they started interacting! :clap:

      :facepalm: Selma kept taking her book out, and I didn’t think about deleting it!! Well, maybe it made sense for her to do that (even in her nice dress) – she also spoke more with Amar than her friends, I think. And she always looked like she was complaining about her grades :lol:

      :toofunny: It was so much fun to watch Ofi and Miles interact! They went from flirting and looking all :flirty: at each other to arguing and looking angry – typical Ofi! :chuckle:

      :sigh: It was so sweet that Daria kept wanting to kiss Billy. I’m sure she will get that wish, though :( She’s too shy, where Camille is more straight-forward.

      I am so happy that you enjoyed the party – I did so too! And it ended very hot indeed ;)

      (Also, I love you). :kiss:

  2. ani_ says:

    “(My guess is it was a heated debate about which superhero is the coolest)”
    lol nerds :D

    Loved all he teen drama and shy romance hints. :)

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    Finally I have a chance to sit down and write my comments! :chugga:

    YAY for a formal party and YAY for enabling romance! :heartpump:
    The room looks great, well done Daria and Molly! I love Daria’s formal wear actually!

    I love how Molly is eyeing Seth, hehe. :chuckle:

    Well done adults, for sitting back and letting the kids do their thing!

    Fish faces! Ofelia and Miles just like enjoying music together!

    Ooooh, is our Ofi genuinely interested in Miles? :popcorn:

    Ooooh, and now Etienne!! :popcorn: :popcorn:

    LOL at Seth! :toofunny:

    Good for you Seth, it’s best to just get it all out in the open, right?

    Hahahah, the situation between Silas, Daria and Etienne is priceless! Brilliant! :superman:

    Ah Seth, you’re on roll when it comes to doing things right tonight! Good thing you’ve told your brother yourself. :thumbs:

    Ahhh, I love these brothers! Great, boys, don’t let our Ofi come between you! :friends: :heart:

    WOOOOOO!!! Go Miles!! I didn’t know you had it in you! :giveheart:

    Of course there’s no such thing as a conversation with Ofelia without a little arguing! :facepalm:

    Seth, my man, don’t lose your cool now. Come on, keep it up, you were doing so well. It was just a summer fling, remember? ;)

    Aww Daria… From the look on Camille’s face, she was planning to come between them… :whistle: (don’t you just love it when the game knows things…)

    PART 2!!!!

    • Sara says:

      I really have to thank you, Kim, for giving me the idea to allow romance for the teens! I love Windiwell and was so curious to see what would happen if I did that with the Bimlico teens ;)

      :giggle: A lot of :popcorn: , huh? That’s what happens when you let teens do as they please :lol:

      I really felt like it was time for Seth to come clean about the summer flirt with Ofelia :nod: Maybe things were weird between them because they kept it a secret? Miles certainly doesn’t try to hide his feelings, and it worked out well for him :giggle: :flirty:

      YES, it is so amazing when the game acts “physic” like this! It was so perfect with Camille sitting observing Daria and Billy and then she got up to stand RIGHT in between them :shock:


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