December Celebrations (pt2)



Adam and Poppy’s date

Over at the Student Residence, there was a heated debate going on between Adam and Poppy! :dunno:


They quickly made up though, and Adam asked Poppy to spend the day with him. On a date.


It was in the morning, and Adam wanted to take Poppy out for breakfast at the Lemon-Lite Bistro. It was the fanciest place he could afford!

But first, they visited Andrew’s Flowers. Adam was really being romantic today!


They then had a lovely breakfast (Poppy chose a slice of pizza… :brow: ) and a flirt at the Bistro next door.


Adam told Poppy about this place in Bimlico that not a lot of sims knew about. It was quite a walk there, but it was a beautiful day, and he promised it would be worth it once they got there.

It was so romantic, and they had an amazing view of the sea and the light house!


Adam was feeling a little shy. He took Poppy’s hand: I’ve really enjoyed being with you these past months, and… I’d really like it if you were my girlfriend!


Poppy of course said yes!


Christmas at Erica’s

Erica had playing with Vincent out in the snow, but it was the afternoon of Christmas Eve, and Erica had invited guests over to celebrate!

(In Denmark, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th with dinner and presents, so my Sims do the same)


While Vincent had his dinner (he couldn’t wait :chuckle: ), Erica changed into her new dress, and made sure she looked her best!


Shannon (Erica’s sister) and her girlfriend (excuse me; fiancée!), Naima, had arrived.

:hmm: Both Vincent, Erica and Shannon were surprised to see Oscar Fox arrive too, even though he wasn’t invited (he brought a nice platter of falafels, nevertheless!)… He even picked up Vincent :giggle:


Oscar: Uhm, yeah, so… My wife – Madeleine Fox-Brown, city council member – wants to make sure that everyone in Bimlico has a great Christmas. Single mothers are her top priority. She will fight for YOUR rights, and… She sends falafels! Vote for Madeleine Fox-Brown – she will never let you down!

Erica: Ohhh, wow! Thank you so much! Give your wife my best, we went to university together :clap:



When Oscar had left, Erica and Shannon had a laugh and were finally able to hug each other hello.

The guests were adding presents to the growing pile in the living room. How exciting! One guest was still missing, though!


Erica paced restlessly between one window and the other. Suddenly, the doorbell rang – OMG!! Both Erica and I were surprised to find Henry Barton and Jenny Woods outside… trick or treating :brow: (This game… :facepalm: )


(I’m pretty sure Jenny is giggling “OMG, she fell for it!!!”  :lol: )

Her much awaited guest finally arrived: Vincent’s dad, Gabriel. (I swear, Gabriel is always late!!)

Vincent had gotten an early present: a dinosaur!

Gabriel: So sorry I’m late, babe! You look great!


All the guest were now there, but the doorbell rang again. :brow:



Ofelia: Trick or treat!

Erica: Get lost!

Shannon thought she had time for a quick workout before dinner :chuckle:

Gabriel had brought lasagna :thumbs:


Vincent entertained himself. He only had eyes for the dino!


After dinner, it was time for dancing! (Shannon decided to dig into the pie :chuckle: )


They all danced and ate pie, but just before Vincent’s bedtime, Erica called everyone to open their presents! They all enjoyed their presents – Erica got the coals… but also a bike!


Then it was Vincent’s bedtime, and Erica tucked him in. While she was tidying up, Gabriel came into the room as well, and Erica’s heart skipped a beat! She was sure he had come to be alone with her for a moment, and tell her that only true love could have created that little amazing boy in the crib. Erica held her breath, and waited for him to speak, but he didn’t… He’d come to read a book :( Erica being Erica, she started tidying up a bit :pardon:


They went back to the living room, where Erica poured some drinks, and Shannon and Naima started dancing.


Erica had one extra present for Gabriel (December is also his birthday): a really nice bottle of wine that she’d bought at the fancy new Wine Bar downtown (right next to Gabriel’s house).

Gabriel is so rude! He started complaining and wasn’t very appreciative of the present, but Erica is extremely tolerant (perhaps especially when it comes to Gabriel). She just did everything she could to make him smile!


Later, they had a moment in the kitchen, where Gabriel was actually being annoying again, but Erica told him a secret: “I love you!” ( :cry:  That broke my heart!!!)


It was getting late, so they all had a last drink together before saying goodbye.


Shannon and Naima left, but Gabriel stayed behind. While he was using the bathroom, Erica had one more drink, and then went to her bedroom to wait for him.


She waited and waited… And finally fell asleep….. Just like Gabriel had.


The following morning, Erica woke up early as usual (perks of having a toddler). For a moment, she got really anxious that she’d said something wrong to Gabriel that had made him angry with her!


But seeing Vincent always makes her happy!


:clap: But yay!! Gabriel hadn’t gone home angry at her! He was sleeping on the couch. Aaaw, what a gentleman! :sigh: :heartpump:


But while Erica went to get dressed, Vincent woke up Gabriel, who got up and went straight home without saying goodbye to neither Vincent nor Erica :(


Erica panicked, and again thought she’d done something wrong: But… he wasn’t even awake! :thinking:


She was sure that Gabriel probably had somewhere to be, and was in a hurry, so that’s why he just left like that :nod:

Vincent cheered her up again :sigh:


Poor Erica will probably always be hung up on Gabriel. He is the father of her son, after all.They were engaged, by the way, he never showed up for their wedding! :(

In other news:

I saw Maria and Bruce head towards the waterfalls, and thought it was pretty cute that they walked all that way just to cuddle in the snow :lol:


After the high school dance, I also checked in on Ofelia to see if she would get wishes towards Miles. She didn’t, all this girl wants is to visit Shang Simla :rofl: But I did “walk in” on her watching some verrrrry romantic looking TV :brow:


But come on, this is Ofelia!


:chuckle: What did you expect??

Birthdays in December:


Jenny turned 7

Shannon turned 24

Gabriel turned 30

Marcel turned 43

11 comments on “December Celebrations (pt2)
  1. Sandy says:

    Uh-Oh, what’s happening there? :hmm: :popcorn: Awww, I’m relieved that it was nothing serious!
    Adam is the cutest. Offering flowers, inviting her for breakfast (:giggle: @ the pizza), taking her to a romantic place. :sigh: It might be low-budget, but it’s exactly my kind of successful date! YEAH for going steady, you too!!! :confetti:

    ChristmaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaa!!! :joy:
    Oh, I have a question for you! How “hard” is it to play Christmas in game when it’s not Chrismas in real? I’m so used to play in real time that I wondered if I’d be “inspired” to play Christmas in the summer (obviously, it’s not going to happen this year anyway… :chuckle: ).
    Aww, Erica looks all cute!!! I love that Sim for some reasons. (but…. I love your Sims. :blum: )
    OOOOOOOH MY, I’d let anyone who ring at my bell with a plate of falafels entering, for sure!! :drool: I love your explanation and Oscar’s propagande speech though!! :toofunny:

    Awww, Erica looks so panicked when the doorbell rang!! :hugs: How perfect to find Jenny! :rofl: :toofunny: (oh my, I know, I wish we could prevent this, because I’m quite fed up of these “trick or treat” happening all year long!! :rolleyes: )
    It’s awesome that Gabriel arrives late!!!! :heart: (gosh, he’s hot… :heat: )
    :chuckle: @ Ofi! How your kids don’t come with costumes for Trick or treat? I had to bare Farrah with an alien mask, and Farid with a mullet hairdo (:scared: ) all summer long… :facepalm: )
    Shannon is right! :chuckle: It’s always prudent to excercise before a Christmas dinner. :lol:

    Vincent is purely adorable, and he seems to appreciate his new toy!
    Aww, Naima looks splendid!! I love how she’s dressed!
    Oh, I see Shannon had good reasons for exercising! Extra pie without guiltyness! ;) Smart! :thumb:

    Oh, my, I had stopped breathing too when Gabriel came in Vincent’s room. :shocked: And Erica who is tidying!!! :grouphug2: (I love your Sims.)

    OH! Gabriel!!! :punish: That’s enough now!! It was already A LOT to drop your fiancee and and her baby on the wedding, it’s a lot that you arrive always late. You’re cool, you’re hot, but GEEZ, MAN, don’t argue about a gift you’re given! :mad:
    Erica… :sigh: Mmmm… She’s very tolerant when it comes to Gabriel, indeed. That’s too cute… (I love your Sims.)
    That kitchen scene… :tearyeyes: OH MY GOD.

    AAAAWWW, that look on Erica’s face the morning after!!!! I LOVE HER! :heart: :heart:
    :toofunny: at Erica’s happiness from seeing Gabriel was still there and at her panic attack right after!!! She’s priceless!
    (Oh, Gabriel, take more of this :punish: for leaving without a goodbye to Erica nor Vincent!!!!)

    Hey, Maria! :wave: What have you done of Bruce? :chuckle:

    Aaaahaha, Ofelia is so… Ofelia! :heart:

    Happy birthday, Jenny!!! :party:

    Awwww, dear, dear, dear, I’ll never say it enough: I LOVE YOUR SIMS! I had the greatest time at spenting this time with them! :friends:

    • Sara says:

      It was a very nice date, right? (And the weather Gods maaaaay have helped with that beautiful clear sky :blush: )

      I actually played this Christmas quite some time ago, and I really couldn’t be bothered with it. So all I did was put up the advent calendar in their house and say “yep, now it’s christmas” :lol:

      Erica is one of my favourites too – she’s just so sweet!
      :lol: I really don’t know why Oscar showed up with falafels?! Erica doesn’t really know him. So I came up with the other explanation, which I think makes sense. Madeleine would totally send her husband to do her “errands”!

      Maybe it was because of the season that they didn’t show up in costumes (I guess it’s easy to mistake Jenny’s clothes for a costume :giggle: )? They were all in their outerwear.

      Gabriel is a hottie, and maybe that makes it even more difficult for Erica to let him go. He’s an idiot, though!! :mad: Always late, always so rude! But Erica clearly still loves him – she deserves better!
      :lol: She cracks me up though! I think it’s her mix of traits neurotic/over-emotional.

      Ofelia! Hahaha, I thought it was so funny that I “caught” her watching romantic TV!!

      :yahoo: I am so glad you enjoyed spending some time in Bimlico :) And that you love my sims :giggle:


  2. ani_ says:

    “Erica paced restlessly between one window and the other. Suddenly, the doorbell rang – OMG!! Both Erica and I were surprised to find Henry Barton and Jenny Woods outside… trick or treating  (This game…  )” :D

    “Poor Erica will probably always be hung up on Gabriel. He is the father of her son, after all.They were engaged, by the way, he never showed up for their wedding! ” That’s horrible. Poor Erica.

    Your sims are super cute <3 Really enjoyed this update.

    • Sara says:

      Thanks, ani!

      :chuckle: The game keeps throwing weird stuff at us (trick or treating, uninvited guests…), and while it’s super annoying most of the time, it can also be pretty funny :giggle:

  3. Laurabcn says:

    :whistle: Guess who just finished catching up with MONTHS worth of updates and now can’t even be bothered to leave a proper comment? :P :pardon:

    So, anyway. Hi. Long time no see. :kiss: :kiss2: (You added new smileys! :yahoo: Cool! :headbang: )

    And let me say that I really, really love your game. :heart: It’s everything I wish mine could be. :sigh: Go Bimlico! :pinkcheer: (Turquoise and white cheer, of course! :chugga: :clap: )

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: LAURA, my sweet señorita!!! How are you??

      Wow, you caught up on all the new posts here? Then I don’t blame you for not having the energy to leave a long comment ;) :hugs:

      Thank you, you are too sweet! I wish I could edit the :pinkcheer: -smiley so it had Bimlico colours :chuckle:


      • Laurabcn says:

        Real life’s been crazy, but now that I am on vacation I just had to go back to read my favourite sim blogs! (So far I only caught up here and over at Sandy’s, but I’m nowhere near finished! :chuckle: I miss Kimmi’s and Alex’s simmies too! :grouphug2: )And yep, :nod: I read everything! I’d feel bad if I didn’t! :pardon:
        I promise next time I’ll leave a proper comment! :lol: ;) :P

        :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

  4. Kim(mi) says:

    I already told you this in person, but I love how much attention your students get. Mine are so under appreciated! I feel bad for them!

    Ah, best way out of a discussion; asking someone on a date! :clap:

    Awww Adam, you big romantic sweetheart! :giveheart:

    Yum, pizza for breakfast! :nah:

    Wow, that picture with the lighthouse in the background is STUNNING!!! :sigh: Postcard material!

    GIRLFRIEND PROPOSAL!!!! YAYYYY!!! Of course she said yes!! :heartpump:

    I love Sim Christmas parties! Possibly even more than real life Christmas parties!

    Erica’s dress looks great, I want one!

    LOL at Oscar’s reason for showing up! :nod:

    :rofl: at the Trick or Treating! This game indeed! :facepalm:

    Ah Gabriel is there at last and all charming again, I see!

    :rofl: :toofunny: :rofl: “Get lost!” :toofunny: :rofl: :toofunny: That made my day!

    I always love how these sims can fit a bike into these parcels.

    :facepalm: at Gabriel! Let it go, Erica…

    She didn’t let it go… :cry: I think she’s just a tad too desperate when it comes to Gabriel…
    Move on lovely… Easier said than done, but there’s plenty of nice sim guys out there!

    Maria and Bruce! :heart:

    Hey, Ofelia did have to practice her Martial Arts for her participation in the HV Athletic Festival, you know. ;) :nod:

    GREAT story my lovely! I enjoyed it thoroughly!! And I love your sims with a passion! :kiss:

    • Sara says:

      It’s so funny, because I didn’t think about it before you mentioned it, but I do play with the students quite a lot. Well, I only really play with Adam, but I love him, so I like to check in on him from time to time. And I really thought it was about time that he asked Poppy to be his girlfriend! :lol:

      I wish I had had the energy to really throw proper Christmas parties in my game, like you do :sigh: They’re so lovely! I actually felt really guilty for not giving Jenny a proper Christmas :lol:
      I found the gift exchange a little boring, though… It took sooo long!

      :chuckle: I laughed so much when I found Ofelia trick or treating!!! It somehow just made sense, though – she would totally think “hey, those children have it figured out, let me give it a shot too :mwaha:

      Ohh, Erica :( I don’t know if she’ll ever move on. Gabriel has magic powers when it comes to her!

      ;) Exactly! Snow doesn’t stop Ofelia Parker! She will train martial arts all year long so she can be the best at the Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival :pinkcheer:

      Thank you for your comments, sweetie! :grouphug2:

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