(SimFebruary): Cuteness overload (and a broken heart) pt1

With Sophia

Sophia and Sven have been on a few dates these past months, and it’s going really well :clap: They haven’t kissed yet, and Sophia is used to moving much faster, but she still feels confident that Sven really likes her as more than a friend.

She likes to stop by his juice stand before work.

This evening, they were meeting up at Tito’s Café for dinner.

Poor Ryder, always so angry :angry: :giggle:

I love them, they are so cute together! :heartpump: :heartpump:

After dinner, they decided to go for a walk on the beach :sigh:

And that’s when Sven finally kissed Sophia for the first time!!
…. bit of an awkward kiss, perhaps :giggle:

Here, this one’s better :kiss:

Sophia had to capture the moment in a picture!

From then on, things moved rather quickly, and before the night was over, Sophia and Sven decided to officially be in a relationship with each other :heart:

:heat: Pheeewww, that was a lot of kissing pictures!! Let’s move on :chuckle:

With Erica and Dylan

:yahoo: Erica’s baby is due!!
(I love Dylan’s expression in this picture :toofunny: )

Erica felt like the baby might make its arrival tonight, so while Dylan tucked in Vincent, she took a little power nap to be totally ready for whatever might happen  :nod:

They had invited Erica’s mom, Rachel, over so she could stay with Vincent in case they had to go the hospital.

Ohh, the waiting game :waiting:

But then Erica felt something! The baby was coming!!! :yahoo:
Erica didn’t even freak out :hi5: … The same couldn’t be aid for Rachel, though :giggle:

Erica and Dylan went off to the clinic.

Back at home, Rachel tried her best to stay calm.

:wave: Welcome home, little baby!


Erica and Dylan had a little baby boy and they named him Quentin :heart:
(Erica wanted to have girl, Dylan wanted a boy. I wanted them to have a boy so badly, so I was very happy!)


Easily impressed – Loves the outdoors

Dylan was such a proud father :sigh:

Early the next morning, the whole family got up.

It was time for Vincent to finally meet his baby brother!

Vincent thought Quentin was super cute, but he quickly lost interest and went outside to play in the snow :chuckle:

With the Woods Family

Let’s check in on the Woods family :wave3:
Their eldest, Jasper, will age to be a teen later this year :clap:

He is already showing teen behaviour :chuckle:

While Jasper was sleeping in, the rest of the family were having breakfast together downstairs wondering when he’d be down. It was a school day, after all!

Jenny was being Jenny :lol:

Ben finally thought i was about time for Jasper to wake up…

When he realised the time, he ran downstairs and grabbed breakfast!

Clara had time to read Jonas a story before they all had to leave.

….. aaaand Jasper used the toilet where Jenny had set up at trap :scared:

A typical morning in the Woods home, I assume :chuckle:

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4 comments on “(SimFebruary): Cuteness overload (and a broken heart) pt1
  1. Charlotte says:

    New story :yahoo:

    That date clearly went very well if they’re down to their undies already :giggle: Could you maybe show us a close-up of Sven next time since he doesn’t have a profile pic :angel: ?

    :yahoo: Baby time ! Can you tell I’m excited :P Aw, Erica looks really cute in her pregnancy sleepwear :heart:

    And it’s a boy :confetti2: Welcome baby Quentin!! I was sure it was gonna be a girl after I said I was hoping for a boy, glad I didn’t jinx you :)

    The Woods family is so sweet, I always enjoy watching them live their little Sim-lives :friends:

    • Sara says:

      Hi Charlotte :hugs:
      Yes, I will try and remember to include a close-up of Sven. He almost deserves his own page now that he’s not just an NPC!

      Gosh, I was so excited for baby time too :yahoo: And I was surprised that Erica didn’t even freak out :chuckle:

      I love the Woods family, they are a fun bunch! I spend way to little time with them.

  2. ana says:

    A new baby!! I love the name Quentin, it sounds so classic but modern? I’m so happy for Erica, looking back on the first stories on your site, how much happier she is now! <3

    I can't believe Jasper is nearly going to be a teen!

    • Sara says:

      Hi Ana! :kiss:
      Thank you! I like Quentin too, and I think it is exactly the kind of name Erica would choose :) Yeaaahhh, I really wanted Erica to have happiness, she so deserves it! (But don’t remind her of those early stories. Her figure has changed a lot since then!)

      I know, Jasper as a teen!!! I am very excited, this will be the first time a child ages to teen in Bimlico :confetti:

      Thanks for stopping by, Ana :giveheart:

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