(SimFebruary): Cuteness overload (and a broken heart) pt2

At Bimlico Daycare

I love the option to run a daycare!! It’s so cute!!!

Today, Marcel was taking care of Jonas, Chase and Lucas – what a breeze!

He loves the kids and the feeling is mutual :heart:

Playtime :yahoo:

The potty queue :chuckle:

Marcel is funny. He often runs off to the toilet to check himself out in the mirror :cheesy:

The teen roller party

A group of the teens had arranged a (secret) roller party at the Old Boat House.

The teens had a lot of fun dancing, roller skating and telling stories :girldance:


…and Seth ate dirt to… :thinking: impress (??) Camille? :lol:

Daria is Seth’s girlfriend, but these two never do anything romantic-related :no:
They have lots of fun together though!

It wouldn’t be a teen party without Ofelia insulting someone :pardon: This time, Seth was the victim.

And it probably wouldn’t be a teen party either without Daria sending longing looks after Billy :sigh:

My boys Seth and Silas :sigh: :heartpump:

Boyfriend/girlfriend-time :kiss:

Etienne and Marcie are the perfect nerd-couple :chuckle: They are so very cute together!

And Silas and Molly were very cute too :sigh:

Ofelia and Miles, however…. :(
Miles was very upset that Ofelia would be leaving for Shang Simla for an indefinite time instead of starting university with him this autumn. What about their relationship? Ofelia was blunt (of course) and said that she didn’t want to go on the adventure of her lifetime while being tied down to a boyfriend at home.
She broke up with Miles!! :cry:

Poor Miles was devastated, but quickly found his sister’s should to cry on :hugs:

But let’s not end on this sad note! :( Let’s go back to Silas and Molly. I haven’t really been rooting for them as a couple, but they were being quite cute, so when the party ended, Silas walked Molly home.

With Olivia

One day, Olivia and her family went to have dinner at Erica and Dylan’s and to meet little Quentin.

Olivia immediately fell in love with Quentin!

But, well, she had her reasons… She told Erica that she is pregnant again!! Olivia and Ryan‘s baby (or babies  :shock: ) is due in October.

Imagine if Olivia and Ryan have a boy as well – all the boys there will be!!!

(No one mention the option to have twins!!  :shout: )

Vincent was so cute :sigh:

Back at home, Olivia and Ryan tucked Chase and Carl in :hugs:

Birthdays this February

Melanie turned 45
Erica turned 31
Alicia turned 30
Adam turned 25
Daria turned 18
Seth + Silas turned 17
Sienna turned 8
Pongo turned 3

6 comments on “(SimFebruary): Cuteness overload (and a broken heart) pt2
  1. Charlotte says:

    Your daycare is so lovely :sigh: Did Olivia and Ryan only send one twin to daycare :brow: ? I mean, that’s one way to save money :P

    :facepalm: Daria’s still pining over Billy ? That can’t be good :no: Especially since her and Seth seem more like best friends than anything :brow:

    Oh no :rubeyes: I can’t believe Ofelia and Miles broke up :cry: I thought they worked well together but I understand her reasoning, I mean I wouldn’t have phrased it exactly like that :giggle: but we know Ofelia is brutally honest. Maybe when she gets back from her trip, they can give it another try. In the meantime here have a :hugs: Miles.

    Olivia is pregnant?!! :rubeyes: Aren’t her twins only one year old ? Guess she and Ryan can say goodbye to the little sleep they were having :chuckle: I’m not even gonna say anything about tw… er, the t word but I’m still thinking it :P

    • Sara says:

      :lol: Yes, they only sent one twin to daycare!!! I was waiting for Carl to turn up, but he never did :dunno: And the “level” that Marcel is at with his daycare is like 4-5 toddlers + children, so this day was easy. He had so much time to go check himself out in the mirror :chuckle:

      Daria… :sigh: She secretly loves Billy, right?? She doesn’t give Seth the same looks at all :no:

      :( Ofelia and Miles.. I know!! I really liked them as a couple, but I think this makes sense for Ofelia. She wants to be completely “free” to live out her dream.

      Oh yeah, Olivia and Ryan will have their hands full! The new baby will arrive the same month as the twins turn two :scared: But I think it makes sense for them (read: Olivia) to want another child already :nod: (I have a 1,5 yo, and I am not ready for another one :scared: )
      …. Olivia has the “fertility treatment”, but I am a little scared, because it seems to almost guarantee twins.. or… triplets?! :rubeyes: I’m not sure what to do :thinking:

      Thank you for your comment, Charlotte! :friends: :kiss:

      • Charlotte says:

        You can take the fertility treatment away with the MasterController but I’m not sure if it’ll change anything since she’s already pregnant :hmm:

        • Sara says:

          I also have pregnancy controller mod, where I can just check (and even choose) the number and gender of the baby.. But where’s the fun in that?? :cheesy:

  2. Sandy says:

    Aww, Marcel is the cutest daycare owner EVER! :sigh:

    Ooooh, teen pary!!! :dance: Awww, it makes me so happy to see them again!!! Seth!!! Camille!! :grouphug2: I was afraid they would have all aged up to youg adults already!! Awww, Daria!!! I don’t remember she was daring with Seth, but I don’t know if it’s because it hadnt happened yet or if it’s because I just have an awful memory. But she’s still attracted by Billy? Oh. Possible dramas again, here!
    :chuckle: Ofelia! You go, girl! (though, don’t bother too much Seth, huh!!)
    She’s dating with Miles!!! I think she had an affair with an older guy last time I saw her. Ooops. She *was* dating with Miles. Awww, poor guy!!! And she’s leaving to Shang Simla? Awww… :cry:

    Awww, Seth and Silas!!!!! :heart:
    (I’m quite sure Lison would be dead jealous to know they both have girlfriends, even she has a boyfriend too now!)

    Olivia is pregnant again? Wow, this woman will repopulate your town for the years to come! Above all with multiple births, as it can happen… :cheesy:

    Aww, it’s been a blast to read again from your Simmies! :kiss:
    Next time: back to January!

    • Sara says:

      :chuckle: My univeristy sims used to be the party animals, do you remember? The teens have taken over completely!!! :headbang: They have so much fun at parties :clap:
      :toofunny: Nope, still no one aged to young adult without you. But soon, Ofelia and Miles will!! Not together, though, as Miles was dreaming of :cry:

      Haha, I am pretty sure both Seth and Silas would be jealous of Lison’s boyfriend ;)

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