February Stories (pt1)

With Erica

Erica was up early one Saturday morning. She was teaching a ballet class at the Dance Studio.

(In Sims 2, Erica was going to be a ballet dancer. She was really good at it, but she decided to get a “real” job to support herself and Vincent. Now, she teaches ballet to Bimlico residents instead :) )


It was still early. None of her pupils had showed up yet.

(Unless Milo was there for a lesson… Or maybe he had been to the yoga studio upstairs?)


Erica started warming up, and slowly the pupils started to arrive…

And no, Ben wasn’t one of them :lol: He waved goodbye to his daughter, Jenny.


… Here’s Jenny’s bike. It’s looking pretty cool next to Erica’s plain old one :chuckle:


Next, Remy arrived (see Jenny in the mirror already doing ballet? :clap: ).

She didn’t look too happy about being there, though! (Perhaps her mother had made her go?)


Erica looked out the window for her last pupil, but what she saw was very… unexpected! :rubeyes:


Dylan must have joined Shannon’s ice swimmer club :dunno:

Erica seemed to forget about her class when Dylan walked past the window :giggle:  (Doesn’t it look like she’s pretending to do ballet only so she can look out at Dylan??)


:wave: Here’s Park, the last ballerina! (And Alice joined as well).


The girls all had a great class! Even Remy looked like she was having fun :)


Uhhmm…. for most of the class, anyway! :pardon:


Erica got a call: The babysitter had an emergency, and had to go, so Vincent would have to be dropped off at the Dance Studio!

(Of course the truth is that some glitch reset both Erica and Vincent, so I teleported them both back to the Dance Studio)

It was fine though, because the Dance Studio luckily had a toddler swing so Vincent could entertain himself…. :whistle:  Story10-11

He wasn’t alone for long. Ben had come back to pick up Jenny (isn’t he the cutest?), and he spent the waiting time playing with Vincent.

(Don’t get any good ideas now, Ben!)


Erica ended the class and complimented all the girls for doing so incredibly well. They were all ballerinas to her!


Ben really didn’t seem like he was ready to let Vincent go :lol: And Vincent clearly wasn’t done playing with Ben.


But Erica’s day was nowhere near over yet. Actually, today was her 29th birthday!! :confetti:

Her best friends Olivia and Maria had arranged a party at the Bakery-Bar. All Erica had to do was find a babysitter for Vincent, and who better than Vincent’s dad? Erica had asked Gabriel to meet her at Tito’s café next to the Dance Studio so they could celebrate her birthday, and so he could easily take Vincent with him after. They had a lovely meal together!


But once they finished eating, it got a little awkward. No one said anything….


Erica: So… I better get home and get ready for my awesome party tonight! 

Gabriel: GREAT! :clap: I mean… You have fun, see you tomorrow, I’ll drop Vince by around noon. Bye!!


And with that, Erica went home. Gabriel went upstairs…..


With Gabriel and Marly

These two! Their chemistry is so strange, but it seems to work for them :dunno:


Gabriel ended up inviting Marly back home for a drink…


He had kind of forgotten that Vincent was there too, and he was complaining quite a bit… Gabriel had a cure for that.


( :chuckle: did you think Marly was going to pick up Vince? No-uh, she was headed straight for the computer! :lol: )

He has it pretty easy being a babysitter, right??


When he came back downstairs, they had a drink. Gabriel put some music on so the awkward silences wouldn’t be too obvious…

(I hope he can hear it if Vincent calls!)


They danced a little, which seemed to definitely lighten the mood!


Well, with these two, you never know :roll:


More flirting, laughing, and arguing followed, but generally, it was going pretty well!


…. really well!



6 comments on “February Stories (pt1)
  1. Sandy says:

    Finaaaaaaaaally, here am I to read about your Simmies! :grouphug2: I missed them! :heart:

    Doooh, Bimlico is so pretty under the snow!! (I was pretty sure you had a smiley with snowball fight… You haven’t? I’ll play with bubbles, instead! :bubbles: As I have a cold, I shouldn’t be playing in snow anyway.)

    Ahaha, Remy didn’t seem very happy to do ballet indeed! But she had quite some fun after all! :)
    Awwwww, Vincent and Ben are too cute!! :heartpump: I love how it’s hard for them both to go! :lol:

    Marly and Gabriel are an entertaining couple! :popcorn: :lol: Arguing, flirting, goofying… Looks like a successful recipe! :thumbs:
    (I thought she was going to take Vincent, indeed! :chuckle: )

    I’m getting ready for Olivia’s birthday! :girldance:

    • Sara says:

      Sandy, my dear :grouphug2:
      Huhh, i don’t have snowball-smiley?! I have to fix that! (Ohh no to your cold – get better soon!)

      :giggle: Remy is such a character, I love her ever-changing mood.

      Marly and Gabriel… :facepalm: They’re fun to watch!

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    *Sits down with tea while baby sleeps* Today, I’m catching up!!
    :sigh: Your town is so beautiful covered in snow lovely! It’s beautiful without snow too, but you know what I mean!
    I love the balletstudio/yoga studio! :clap: (I guess I missed some lottours as well, huh?)
    Aww the girls are adorable and LOL at Dylan! :toofunny:
    I didn’t even know they could fall over doing ballet! Haha, that’s so funny!
    Vincent is a cutie as per usual. :heartpump:
    Happy birthday Erica!! :confetti:
    Gabriel did NOT go upstairs! Is he flirting while he should be watching his son? Dads…
    Oh, he did go upstairs eventually I see…
    Vince is such a good toddler, going to sleep the moment he’s in bed!
    It IS going well for Gabriel and Marly indeed… :heart:

    • Sara says:

      :chugga: Kimmi!! :grouphug2:

      Aww, last I played, it started to snow, and now I’m really looking forward to it again!!

      Dylan is a brave dude, huh? Casually walking around the snow-covered town wearing tiny swim-boxers :chuckle:

      Haha, I guess Sim-toddlers are smart like that; if they’re tired, just put them to bed, and they’ll go straight to sleep :thumbs: Are you wishing real life was like that? :giggle:
      But Gabriel… :facepalm: Not the world’s most attentive father!!

      • Kim(mi) says:

        DEFINITELY wishing real life was like that! Now Rowan is only a baby still and actually a pretty good sleeper, but tonight it took half an hour of swaying and lullaby-ing before he fell asleep. :shout:
        (Off topic though :giggle: )

        • Sara says:

          Love off topic!! But hey, you never know, when he is a toddler, he might turn out to be just like a sim-toddler, and fall asleep right away!!! Or, is that wishful thinking? :thinking:

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