February Stories (pt2)



Erica’s party

Meanwhile, Erica was having a great time at her party!


Shannon: Now let me count… How old are you again, sis?

Erica: Hey! Be nice and give me a hug!


Naima changed into her dress :lol: …and Dylan went to congratulate Erica and ask her to dance.


I love how Olivia looks like she’s following what’s going on between Erica and Dylan behind her :giggle:  


Erica ordered a round of drinks from Malene at the bar. Of course Emily was there too!


Uh-oh!! I guess Olivia forgot for a moment that she’s not supposed to drink!!


The party was a lot of fun! Everyone danced and tried different cocktails, but in the end, only the real party-animals were left (almost) standing:


Maria goes to Sandy Valley

Despite having such a late night, Maria was up early the next morning. (Or maybe she hadn’t even gone to bed?)


She was taking the bus all the way to Sandy Valley to see her friends there, and to pick up her new puppy!

The guy at the bus station seemed really surprised that Maria didn’t rush to the bus… It was leaving in a minute!! But Maria always has time to pet Bruce :nod:


Off to Sandy Valley they went :wave3:


Read about their adventures here.

With Fox/Marlin family

I love this family! I don’t visit them too often, but when I see them out and about, they’re always so sweet to each other :sigh:

Maya had just returned home and was snuggling Portia.


Pongo is a very popular member of the family, especially with the children :sigh:


Maya also snuggled Fred :chuckle:


(I look at this picture and all I see is their matching trousers!)

Maya started on dinner, and Porter returned home from scout club.


Everyone got ready for a nice family dinner.


But Portia was being a real troublemaker :lol: Twice, she threw her food on floor!

(Of course I found out that she did this because she wasn’t hungry, but hey, Fred didn’t know this!)


Fred quickly looked the other way and pretended he hadn’t noticed. (Doesn’t it look like Portia is looking at him to get his attention? :giggle: )


Fred: Honey, please take over! She’s doing this to provoke me!!


The family finished their meals, and Maya took care of Portia.

Fred ended up cleaning :lol: (Porter’s such a good boy :kiss: )


Fred lighted a fire. His best friend, Marcel, would be stopping by with his wife, Penny.


Soon, the house was bustling, so no one noticed that Pongo was having a birthday!!


Although Pongo’s no longer a puppy, but he’s still the same cuddly dog :sigh:


Then it was Portia’s bedtime.


And Porter finally finished his homework, so he could hug and play with Pongo!


And so the rest of the evening was spent…


… Until bedtime.


And that was it for SimFebruary in Bimlico :)

Birthdays in February


Melanie turned 46

Erica turned 29

Alicia 28

Adam turned 23

Daria turned 16

Seth & Silas turned 15

Pongo turned 1!

8 comments on “February Stories (pt2)
  1. Batsheba says:

    Hello :grouphug2: Bimlico! Nice update, love the first pic… it really feels like one of those early winter mornings with new snow super quiet :sigh: I almost miss them :lol: The ballet class looked super, someday my sims will get that opportunity too :roll: one can dream :giggle:

    The link to Maria and Bruce’s trip to Sandy Valley doesn’t work btw, just so you know, I found it anyway and rerad it to see thee cute puppies again!

    Take care sweetie :kiss:

    • Sara says:

      Bats! :friends: Thank you, sweetie, I like the first picture too (although I don’t miss the snow quite like you do :giggle: )
      The ballet class was very cheaty :roll: You can totally have that too, you just need the ballet barre from the store ;)

      :thumbs: Thanks for letting me know about the links *goes to fix it*

      You take care too, my dear! Stay warm!! :hugs:

  2. Lilidebergerac says:

    I love Bimlico and your stories so much! Everything looks so pretty and smooth and relaxing to me…
    Great update as ever! :)
    And, as always, I notice I never actually play with this game since I discover a lot of the interactions reading other’s people gameplay stories :chuckle:
    Like, I never even know that toddlers could throw their food on the floor! I was like: whaaaat? :shock:

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see more! :kiss:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you so much, Lili, you are too kind :kiss2:
      Ohh, I am still so new to this game! I constantly learn new things or discover new interactions – it’s fantastic! And it’s what makes the game so great :nod:

  3. Sandy says:

    Happy Birthday, Olivia! :confetti: What a nice party!
    :wave: Hello Maria! Ahaha, it’s fun to see she’s leaving to Sandy Valley now. :giggle: You make me feel I play fast. :chuckle: ;)

    Aww, so much love and cool daily cuteness with the Fox/Marlin! :sigh:
    I love indeed these kind of families, where there’s nothing special to say about. They’re always so relaxing to play, and to read about. :heart:
    Portia is such a cutie pie!!! Happy birthday to Pongo too!!! Awwww, what an adorable dog!

    Such a great non-story, Sara!!! I’m sorry it took me so long to finally read it, but to me, it was wort the wait! ;)


    • Sara says:

      ( :giggle: Like you wrote in another comment, yeah, it’s Erica’s birthday ;) )

      Gosh, I am trying to speed up my game so I can catch up with you and Kim :chugga: (It’s hard!)

      Ooh yes, me too! I love the “daily life” stuff so much :sigh:

      Aaaw, Sandy, no need to apologise! I’m glad you enjoyed the story :kiss:

  4. Kim(mi) says:

    Yay party! :confetti2:
    LOL at Naima in her turtleneck! :giggle: It’s just good sense though, to change at the party! Did you see all the snow out there? :thumbs:
    I wonder if Dylan knows Erica saw him earlier!
    Great party! :clap:

    Maria and Bruce are off to Sandy Valley!! :confetti:

    Aww Portia and Pongo! How cute are they!? :heartpump:
    Oh Portia is a real toddler! Is she in her terrible twos already? Or was she just not liking the food? And on the rug as well! :shock:
    Pongo is still cute as a big dog! :heart:
    They’re a lovely family! It was so nice to spent this regular evening with them! :giveheart:

    *Baby still asleep, onto March!*

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: You are so right!! Naima was only being clever about the weather and THAT’s why she was in her turtleneck to begin with :thumbs: :hi5:

      This is reminding me to visit Portia and Pongo and the rest of the family again soon :) Portia will age up next Sim-year (who am I kidding, next real year too :chuckle: ), so I need to enjoy her terrible toddlerhood while it lasts :giggle:

      Thank you for reading, you’re a sweetheart :giveheart:

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