(SimJanuary): Moving in and moving on

With Erica, Dylan and Vincent

Erica and Dylan’s baby is due next month :yahoo: So it was finally time for Dylan to say goodbye to his beloved beach home, and move into Erica’s little orange house :)

Vincent loves Dylan, who’s been around Vincent’s entire life, even more than his own dad has…

Erica woke up from a nap and suddenly had a craving for pumpkin pie :chuckle:


Vincent had invited his best friend, Moon, over to play – and eat :chuckle: (don’t know why he chose to sit in the sofa :roll: )

He’s going to be the best brother, he cannot wait to meet this baby :heartpump:
(Yeaahhhh, don’t ask what happened to his hand  :facepalm: )


Vincent and Moon played all day long :sigh:


Erica’s parents came for dinner to celebrate Dylan moving in!

Alan thought that Dylan moving in was the perfect occasion for him to wear his tux!!   :toast:

Grandma Rachel tidied up Vincent’s room :giggle:

And Erica took a looooong, nice bubble bath.

Moon was going to stay the night, which the friends celebrated with a pillow fight…

I think Moon won :chuckle:

Night night :wave3:


Dylan didn’t bring that many things with him from his beach house, and the plan isn’t to sell it! Ocean front?? That’s the perfect place to build a new home together for when the couple has enough money for that :)
But how about Dylan’s parrot, Nemo? What happened to him? There was no room in the new house, unfortunately…

New best friend for Alan :lol:

With Oscar and Lucas

Saturday morning, aahhh… Oscar prepared a lovely breakfast.

And then he took Lucas and Maisy to the pet store.

They ran in to Grandma Samantha there :hugs:

(and were photo bombed by the pet store parrot :giggle: )

They went there to give Maisy a good wash and trim :D


Oscar still isn’t doing very well after the divorce from Madeleine, an he feels like he might be headed for an early midlife crisis (he is also turning 40 this year)  :shout: :(

So, he decided that he needed help to figure out how to move on, and so he he called Bimlico’s psychologist, Jacob.

Jacob was available, and would come right over!

Oscar decided to do some writing, but of course the computer broke down :( These things always happen to me! :cry: :cry:

So he wasn’t in the best of moods when Jacob arrived! :scared:


Lucas went to play in his room, while Oscar and Jacob had a talk in the living room.

Oscar found the talk super effective! If Oscar wants to make a change to his life, he should focus on what makes him happy! :nod: He had not been happy with his job as a private investigator for a very long time, so he decided to quit the job right there and then :hi5:
Ohh, what a relief!!

What he needed to quit next, was the pain surrounding his failed marriage.

Jacob would be there to support and help him :nod: :hugs:

Oscar now works as a freelance journalist.

With Nate

I realised that in the last update, I told about how Nate had aged up to elder, and then I showed a picture of him still as an adult :facepalm: :lol:

He is in his new stage of life :)

Birthdays this January

Ray turned 74
Matthew turned 68
Seth R turned 62
Mary turned 51
Tyla turned 47
Evan turned 47
Fred turned 45
Mia turned 44
Emily turned 34
Magnus turned 10
Misha turned 3

8 comments on “(SimJanuary): Moving in and moving on
  1. Charlotte says:

    :yahoo: only one sim-month to go before the new baby ! Should we take bets as to whether it’s gonna be a boy or a girl ? Twins again, maybe :giggle: ?

    Aw, poor Oscar :cry: A divorce is hard, I’m glad he’s getting help :friends:

  2. ana says:

    aww vincent is going to be the best big brother! that property in front of the beach is perfect for a wonderful family home! maybe to make some money faster dylan could rent out his old house?

    poor oscar, he really isn’t taking it well. i’m happy that he sought help though! and getting a new job will certainly help.

    as always i love your world! so beautiful <3

  3. Sandy says:

    OK, not sleeping, so why not reading another chapter right now? :cheesy:
    Ahaha, I see how Erica gained few kilos! Pumpkin pie! :D
    Wow, Dylan didn’t live with Erica already? Aww, he let her eating pumpkin pies all nights long?
    Awww, Vincent and Moon are too cute! I was about to say “cutie pies” but it made too many “pies” in few lines. :chuckle:

    Aww, Oscar and Madeleine divorced!!! :grouphug2:
    Hello there, Jacob!!! :flirty:

    Nate aged up!!!! :sigh:

    It was good to see Maisy back too!!


    • Sara says:

      :heybaby: Ohhh yes Erica loves her pumpkin pie. And any kind of pie/cake, really :pardon: I always find her with some of your cookies in her inventory :chuckle: She does live right across from a bakery :thinking: :giggle:
      No, Dylan didn’t live with them until now! I was so unsure of what to do – should they stay in Erica’s house, should they find a new house :thinking:


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