January Stories (pt1)

With the Reed/Morin/Morgan family

I checked in on the Reed/Morin family to see what was going on between Camille and Billy.

I found them both at the Cookie Jar!


But they weren’t alone! Poppy was there and she having an awesome time studying ( :thinking: Or could she be playing a video game?)


Billy and Camille were too cute, all shy and stealing glances at each other.

I have to say, though, that meeting at the Cookie Jar probably isn’t the brightest idea… It’s right across the street from their home :facepalm:

(The yellow one you can kind of see through the window)


I also checked in on the other family members, and found James in the pet store playing with Winston (maybe James really wants a pet?)


Camille and Billy were back at the house (because of a stupid glitch!), and Camille was (of course) dancing in the living room :girldance:


Etienne was being so cute! He was cooking dinner for everyone.


Oooh, Billy came into the living room, maybe to dance with Camille?? :popcorn:

Nope, he just wanted to pick up little Justine, so he could put her to bed. (Aaaw, he is always so nice with Justine!!)


James came home just in time to try Etienne’s mac ’n cheese :lol:


Vincent’s day in daycare

Erica’s mood is always changing. She usually wakes up feeling pretty emotional, poor thing!

(Although I didn’t snap a picture of it, making the bed usually cheers her right up! :chuckle: I love neat sims :lol: )


Erica got ready for work, and then this crazy thing happened where Vincent suddenly teleported himself to daycare :clap: :shock:

(I completely forgot having set up a working daycare! I am not sure which mod enables this (maybe it’s StoryProgression?), but it was amazing!)


Marcel Laurent runs a daycare in an annex to his home in the Countryside.

Vincent was the first child to arrive, other than Marcel’s own daughter, Moon.

They both had breakfast to prepare for a day filled with fun!!


Vincent didn’t feel like he was getting enough attention. But dang, Marcel was busy!!

More and more kids arrived (well, more like “suddenly teleported to daycare” :chuckle: )

Here’s Jonas :wave:


Jonas went straight for the toys :lol:

Lucas also arrived at daycare!


I guess Marcel needed a break from all the kids, because he went and talked to the Laurent’s horse, Lottie, for a bit :giggle:


Vincent had (finally) been changed out of his pyjamas :chuckle: and they boys were having a blast!


Busy – and too adorable – daycare!

(I must have snapped a million pictures) 


Justine arrived, and Moon wasn’t the only girl anymore :clap:  (the two girls are cousins, by the way!)


Marcel was doing a fantastic job! (He seemed to agree :giggle: )

Everyone was having fun.


Moon and Jonas had eyes for each other :lol:


But Moon seemed more successful in playing with blocks with Justine.


:wave: Portia arrived! …and in style too! :lol:


Marcel changed her out of her outerwear and gave her a good tickle! Then, Portia headed straight for the toys!


Once in a while, Marcel ran to the bathroom to check himself out. I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the many toddlers! And possibly scared that the job would give him lots of wrinkles :giggle:


But, really, he was great with the kids. They all adored him!


Around that time, Erica returned from work, which meant that Vincent’s amazing day in daycare had to end.

Back home

Erica had invited some friends over for dinner that evening.

Dylan arrived first. Even though he’s Gabriel’s best friend, him and Erica are really close, and Dylan loves Vincent!


Olivia arrived as well.

I think she’s questioning the friendship between Erica and Dylan. She was constantly throwing him weird glances :brow:


When they went inside, Olivia could barely get a word in!


I love Olivia’s pondering looks :lol:


Erica received a call from Gabriel asking if he could come over (it was around dinner time :roll: ).

Olivia did not seem to approve when Erica answered “Yes, of course!! See you soon!”


Gabriel seemed to be in a really good mood!


I really don’t think Olivia likes Gabriel (well why should she?). Maybe she’s afraid he will break Erica’s heart all over again?

When he hugged Erica hello, Olivia had to look away: “Ughh, I can’t watch!”


It was almost dinnertime, so Erica asked Gabriel to feed Vincent while she prepared dinner.


He obliged, but didn’t really seem happy about it :brow:


They all had a lovely carbonara dinner together!

Olivia: Wait, how many carbs??” :shock:  


Olivia loves children, and is actually expecting herself! (She hasn’t told anyone yet, shhh!)


:shock: What was going on with Gabriel?? He was… cleaning?? :brow:


He also read a book to Vincent (I had to make him. He never autonomously interacts with his son :( )


But while Erica tucked Vincent in, Gabriel just left :roll:

(Olivia left as well, but I suspect she did it to follow Gabriel and see what where he was going  :chuckle: )

Even though he left without saying goodbye, Erica was so happy that he’d come over!

She talked excitedly to Dylan about how nice Gabriel had been tonight.

Erica: “What do you think it means? Did you see? He did the dishes!!”

Dylan: “Try not to get your hopes u-“

Erica: “… Aawww, and how CUTE was it when he read to Vincent?? OMG, I think he’s really changing! We were so young back then, too…”


Poor Erica :( I’m not sure she’s right about Gabriel.


7 comments on “January Stories (pt1)
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    SARA STORY!!! :dance: Oh happy day!
    I do think Poppy is playing a videogame actually, but more importantly: IS CAMILLE MAKING A MOVE?!

    Oh no, wait, she was just being a shy cookie. A shy cookie at the Cookie Jar :giggle:. (Oh my, I make the lamest puns, really…)
    To be honest, if a place as awesome as The Cookie Jar was across my house, I’d be there all the time too!

    Aww James and Winston! Give the guy a dog Sara, come on, the house isn’t too full yet ;)

    Camille looks so cool dancing in the livingroom, and look at cheeky Justine hiding in the toychest *giggle*

    Etienne is the perfect son! :nods: And it seems Billy is the perfect “big brother”!

    Mac ‘n Cheese (and cereal, apparently), such a great meal!

    Poor emotional Erica :( (And I love how it’s still dark out when she gets up, so very wintery)

    Vincent teleported to DAYCARE? :rubeyes: I have a working daycare, but the toddlers I play NEVER go there, they’re only there when I actually play the daycare… And they are usually brought in by silly looking babysitters, never their actual parents. I guess my daycare is glitchy.
    I love Marcel’s daycare though! It looks so very homey. I bet the toddlers love it there!

    Marcel! You don’t leave 4 toddlers alone!
    Thankfully he went back soon. He’s too cute with the kids. I can imagine you wanting to take lots of pictures!
    Wow, Marcel truly had a busy day! 6 toddlers all by himself!

    Yay for a dinnerparty! Maybe Erica won’t be as sad anymore after some friendly company!

    I sort of get how Olivia feels though, I too begin to get a sense of “is there something going on here?” Well seeing how hung up Erica still is on Vincent, probably not.

    Oh dear, here comes Gabriel again… I like the guy, really, I do, but he just keeps confusing Erica…

    Aww poor Vincent, being unloved by his dad. :(

    :rofl: at Olivia’s face! That’s the PERFECT line to accompany that picture!

    OLIVIA BABY!!! HOORAY! I can’t wait! Oh shhh, I haven’t said anything, I really haven’t.

    Oh Erica, Erica… You keep setting yourself up for heartbreak, lovely…

    LOVED this first part, my darling! Onto part 2!

    • Sara says:

      :hi5: for lame puns! Things are going really slow between Camille and Billy (even though he’s flirty!), they still haven’t kissed!!
      :scared: Gosh no, I can’t fit a dog in that household with two adults, three teens and a toddler!! And Julia might want to have another toddler at some point…. ;)

      This daycare thing was amazing, Kim!! Vincent just teleported there when Erica went to work, and then toddlers kept teleporting in whenever their parents went off to work or somewhere else. I have been keeping an eye on Marcel’s daycare since, and yes, even when there’s no toddlers in the active household, the place seems to be running! There are toddlers there often :nod: I will have to look into what mod enables this, because I don’t think it’s what you’re using since your toddlers are brought there by another sim.

      :giggle: Marcel really shouldn’t leave the kids alone, but… it’s the Sims! :pardon: And he was just SO anxious to see if he’d gotten a new wrinkle (he’s very vain, really)!

      :sigh: You are right about Gabriel: He just confuses Erica :( Which is unfair, because she could be happy with someone else!

      Hehehe, a dish called “goopy carbonara” just cannot be healthy, right?! :chuckle:

      I am SO excited for Olivia to have her baby :tearyeyes: But wedding first!! ;)

      Thanks, Kim! :kiss2:

  2. Laurabcn says:

    :rubeyes: I can’t believe it! Does this mind I am on time? I am on time for an update, for once? Can’t be true! :no: (Nevermind the fact that I have been horribly late for the last one and I haven’t commented on those wonderful lot tours and updated bios… :whistle: But rest assured, I’m reading, even if I feel too lazy to comment! :hugs: ;) :chuckle: )
    :toofunny: Poppy goes from the focused, studying look to the playing videogames one!
    :lol: at making the bed being such an antidepressant for Erica!
    So you can teleport kids to daycare with StoryProgression?!:shock: I’ll have to check that out, I had no idea it could be done!
    I understand you took so many pictures of the kids in the daycare, it’s just ADORABLE!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: All those kids are SO lovely! :sigh: I need MOAR toddlers in my town! (Which reminds me, I think I might have found a girl for your Bertram… But of course, your triplets spell holds me back! :whistle: )
    :chuckle: Marcel checking himself out! He couldn’t get too tense from caring of those little angels, now could him? :angel:
    Olivia has reasons not to like Gabriel! Poor, poor Erica, always getting her heart broken. :(
    OLIVIA! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :girldance: *Whispers* Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone ;).
    :rofl: Olivia following Gabriel! It would make sense for her to do that, actually!

    • Sara says:

      :friends: You are awesome, Laura!

      Hehe, yes, Poppy had me fooled there too!

      I am still not sure what enabled the Daycare. I thought for a while that it was GoHere, but I’m not sure… :pardon: I have to look further into it, but I cannot stress how much FUN it was!!

      :clap: Triplets for Betram?!? That would be fantastic!! ( :blum: )

      Ohh, but… triplets for Olivia… :thinking: Might not be such a bad idea!! :giggle:

  3. Sandy says:

    I’d bet on a video game for Poppy! :D
    Yeah for Etienne preparing dinner!!! <3
    Awww, Billy is so adorable!
    Awww, big hugs for Erica! :hugs: Poor little over-emotional creature!!
    I think it's the "Go Here" mod that makes your kids teleporting to the daycare. :nod:
    Anyway, that's just too cute! Ahaha, Marcel taking a break with Lottie! Well, I guess kids can be exhausting! :chuckle: Awww, it's so cute to see the toddlers all together!!! How can the Sims 4 skip this cuteness overload?! :nah:
    :giggle: at Marcel getting worried about wrinkles! I feel for you, guy! :lol:
    :rolleyes: @ Gabriel! Hey, the less you can do, guy, is to take care of your son! :p I agree with Olivia, Erica is way too indulgent with him!
    Aww, Olivia is pregnant!!!!! :confetti: Great news!!
    Oh, Erica, Erica, Erica… :facepalm: But it's because she keeps seeing Gabriel changing while everybody sees him staying the same that we love her, right?

    • Sara says:

      I think you’re right: It’s the Go Here that enables the awesome daycare. Does it work like that in your game too? I was searching for Go Here settings that would enable this, but couldn’t find any :dunno:

      Ohh yes, kids can be exhausting!! He was very busy taking care of all them, but they all seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously :) (and yes, major :facepalm: for Sim 4 skipping toddlers)

      Erica is definitely too indulgent!! Aaaw, yes, you’re right: It’s because of her Erica-ways that we love her :friends:

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