January Stories (pt2)


With Willa, Eric and Misha

Willa and Eric were having a romantic morning!

(Although I suspect all their mornings are romantic :sigh: )


Eric went to work on his inventions for a bit, while Willa played with Misha. (It was her last day as a puppy!)


After a while, Willa asked Eric to go to the park with her, so they went there with Misha.


Here, they went skating, while Misha looked like she was drowning in the snow…


The skating ended abruptly.

(Perhaps because the skating rink should have been changed into an ice skating rink it being winter and all? :roll: :thinking: :facepalm:  )


After the park, they went to their new favourite place: Chocolate Bear.


Oohh! Alice went into Restaurant M – maybe to check out her interior design one more time?


:nah: Whaaat? The love machine didn’t give Willa and Eric a very good score. It must not be working!


Yeeaahh, Eric! :clap: Prove the machine wrong!! :hi5:


:chuckle: I love SimTedhi (I love RealTedhi too :kiss2: )


Eric and Willa decided to try out the baked goods.


… and so did Misha :lol:


Next stop was the Pet Store! Misha was so adorable, running right behind Eric the whole way there :heart:


Eric had so much fun at the Pet Store :lol:


Willa bought a wash for Misha (Carmela seemed annoyed that she couldn’t run the register :giggle: …but Carmela, it’s not your store!)


Carmela cheered up when she saw the lizard!


Later, at home, the moment had arrived :confetti:

Willa and Eric were super excited about Misha growing up into an adult dog! :tearyeyes:


And so she did! A BIG dog!


Aaaw, Willa was the first to receive a huge hug! :hugs:


Eric was a little surprised that their little puppy had grown into such a big dog! (But she’s a  Newfoundland, Eric!!)


… But of course he was quickly won over! ;)


And everything went back to being exactly like it’d always been!

Misha played with her favourite toy…


Eric and Willa blew bubbles…


One thing had changed, however:

Misha was way too big for her old pet bed, and they couldn’t fit a bigger one in anywhere :pardon:

Misha had a really good solution for that :clap:


Out of context

I was watching Eric do laundry, and I thought his expressions were funny!

As he walked past the picture of Sandy Valley in the hallway, he turned his head to watch, and his next expression was all “I have to go back there this summer, don’t I?” 

:nod: Yes, you have to, Eric.

(You can skip ahead in time (WOW!!) and read a bit about their second trip to the Sandy Valley Dance Festival here)


But January wasn’t over yet! See how Maria spent her January here!

Birthdays in January:


Ray turned 72

Matthew turned 66

Mary turned 49

Tyla turned 45

Fred turned 43

Mia turned 42

Magnus turned 8

Misha turned 1!

8 comments on “January Stories (pt2)
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Willa and Eric!! (I so love their home)

    Poor Misha, drowning in snow!
    :giggle: at the skating rink which should’ve been changed.

    Ah yes, I bet Alice wanted to check something out at M again. (I still think it’s genius, that M)

    I love Willa’s face at the love machine!

    Yummy, the chocolaty baked goods look so delicious! seeing how I’m very hungry at the moment, I wouldn’t say no to one of those!

    Tedhi is so sweet to feed Misha, but I hope that particular piece of cake did not contain any chocolate! :scared:

    :lol: at Eric’s face whilst watching the guinea pig!

    Haha, only Carmela can think a lizard is cute!

    Doggy birthday!! :confetti: Aww Misha is gorgeous! She’s also smart to find herself a new place to sleep!

    Great story lovely! and there’s MORE!!! YAY! :chugga:

    • Sara says:

      :facepalm: I of course only realised after their trip to the park that it made absolutely no sense to go roller skating in the middle of winter. That wooden rink would have been so slippery!! :lol:

      :hugs: I hope you aren’t hungry anymore! I just finished dinner as well ;) Nooo, Tedhi would never feed chocolate treat to visiting dogs! :no:

      I love Misha as a big dog! I think she owns that couch now :lol:

      Thank you for your comments, my sweet! :giveheart:

  2. Laurabcn says:

    OMG, is SimTedhi doing kissing motions with her hands?! :rofl: :toofunny:
    Eric and Willa are such a lovely couple! :sigh: :heart: :nod: (Silly machine for not being able to tell! :punish: )
    Aww, glad Misha got some baked goods for her birthday! And they went to the pet store to get her a birthday present and everything! :tearyeyes:
    :spit: Carmela being upset at not running the register and then loving the lizard! :lol:
    WOW, MISHA IS BIG! :rubeyes: Still lovely, of course! :kiss2: :giveheart:
    GOOD GIRL, MISHA! :D Take over the couch… And then the world! :mwaha: :P

    • Sara says:

      :facepalm: Why didn’t I make that connection?! SimTedhi is TOTALLY mimicking Willa and Eric with her hands :rofl:

      The machine really must be broken! Eric and Willa’s love is on fiyaaah!!

      Misha is their little (now big) baby, so she deserved a good birthday :nod: I think the best present she got was.. the couch. The whole couch!! :chuckle:

      Thank you for your lovely comments, my dear! Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Sandy says:

    Awww, these two ones are always so in love. They’re too cute! :sigh:
    And so is Misha, of course!
    What?! Oh, I understand Willa’s reaction, they didn’t get a good score at the Love machine?!!! How can it be?!
    Aha, Tedhi in the background is priceless! :toofunny:
    Hi there, Carmela! :wave:
    Awww, Misha looks ADORABLE! :hugs: Yeah for the sofa! ;)
    Ahaha, poor Eric! :toofunny: :hugs: I know, my friend, Sandy Valley isn’t your cup of tea!!!
    It was lovely to spend snowy times with your Simmies! (I’ll pay a visit to Maria later, I have to dress up for her party first! ;))

    • Sara says:

      That love machine is surely broken!! :angry: Eric and Willa’s love is undeniable :nod:

      :lol: Tedhi was being so cute and funny in the background :hugs:

      :giggle: I so thought of you when I snapped those pictures of Eric. He’s such a strange sim! But somehow, it suits him. In Danish we have a version of the saying “home is where the heart is”, it’s something like “away is good, but home is best”. That must be Eric’s “theme” :lol:

      Thank you for your comments, my dear! :giveheart:

  4. Aw Billy and Camille aren’t exactly being subtle are they :D ? Maybe they want to be caught lol? There may be a slim possibility that Poppy is playing a video game…slim but highly possible!! Okay i love Winston!! He looks very much like our dog Sandy <3 Aaaw Camille's expression when Billy picks up Justine!

    Marcel Laurent's day care is lovely :) I imagine your game has a huge requirement for one given all the babies :D Haha I love your photos of the little ones. They seem to have their own personalities already :)

    I'm 100% behind the idea of Erica and Dylan, even if Olivia isn't sure :D Look at them together <3 Ugh Gabriel needs to smile and agree when he's getting a free dinner and all he has to do is feed the baby :( Congratulations Olivia :D I'll stay quiet!! Ah Gabriel is cleaning up, that's better. Wow Dylan must like her…he's putting up with Gabriel-talk!

    Aw happy birthday Misha!! I love that photo of her in the snow :D The skating disasters never get boring :P Skating in winter without ice? Confusing for poor Willa and Eric :( Aaw I love how in love these two are! Oh wow, Misha grew up amazingly haha! she *is* a big dog!! Dog hugs <3

    • Sara says:

      :thinking: Maybe you’re right: they do want to get caught!
      Hehehe, Poppy really is fooling no one :lol:
      Oh yeah, Winston looks like your Sandy! :D

      :toofunny: Yeah, Marcel’s daycare isn’t going out of business any time soon :mwaha: :mwaha: :mwaha:
      You totally hit the nail on the head: The toddlers have personalities already, and that’s exactly why I can’t get enough of them! MOAR BABIES!!!!!

      (Shhhh…. I think Erica and Dylan would be cute together too! But it’s complicated with both their relationships with Gabriel… We’ll see, they might not agree with us :pardon: )
      :hi5: Exactly! Gabriel should stop complaining and be thankful that Erica’s being so nice to him!

      :giggle: Sims don’t know you can’t roller skate during winter :dunno:

      Dog hugs for you (and your Sandy!) :hugs:

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