Maria’s January (pt1)

Maria’s Party

In order to celebrate that a new year had begun, Maria was having a party on a Friday night.

She had rearranged the furniture, and dragged the bar, which she normally keeps in a storage room out in the hall, into her big living space.

Ready to party!!

Together with band mate, Eli, she kicked off the party with a gig :headbang:


:chuckle: Party animal Sophia was more into the drinks than the music.


Amy came to the party with her aunt Jane to see uncle Eli play, and she brought along Ofelia.

(She didn’t stay very long. I don’t think this is her kind of party. Yet. Poor Selma wasn’t allowed to go. She would have loved a party like this!)

More sims were arriving.

Gabriel and Marly found themselves hanging out again… :brow:


It’s a good thing Maria’s so awesome on her own, because Eli was too lazy, and couldn’t be bothered to play for very long  :roll:


Maria had invited Emily to come as well. They’d become good friends lately.

(Emily needs a winter wardrobe!!)

But Emily must have had a long day at the Ping-Pong Café, because she went straight outside to nap on the lounger :chuckle:

Dylan thought she was super cool!!


There definitely is some weird chemistry between Gabriel and Marly. Even when they weren’t chatting, they were close to each other…


Dylan was really into Maria and Eli’s music (Eli had returned to the drum set, but didn’t look too happy about it)


Erica had arrived too, but she seemed a bit shy, and just stood by the wall for most of the night :hugs:


Anthony came home from work to a bustling apartment building!

He didn’t know Maria was throwing a party, but…. why not join?


(… Actually, the first thing he did was to clean out Maria’s fridge :lol: )

Amy and Lilian glanced at each other…


Apparently, the kitchen had the best dance floor :girldance:


Out on the terrace, Dylan decided to be as bold as Emily :lol:


Lilian, who usually prefers not to be around so many sims, found Alice’s excitement a bit overwhelming!


So she decided to go speak to a bit more familiar face :)

(Hehe, I love how Eric seems to notice everything going on between Amy and Lilian. He was smiling at Amy before when she was looking at Lilian, and here he is smiling at Lilian)


Something was happening between Gabriel and Marly  :shock:

(Poor Erica was standing behind them, pretending like she didn’t notice them. Despite their loud giggles.)


Anthony clearly wanted to talk to Eric, but he couldn’t stop looking at Amy and Lilian and giggle! :giggle:


Emily got tired of waiting for Dylan to vacate the lounger, so she napped on the couch instead (with extremely loud music playing :nod: )


Gabriel and Marly had started dancing, but Erica still looked away (completely in denial, this girl :sigh2: )


Milo was still on fire in the kitchen :girldance:


Gabriel and Marly were now in deep conversation, and that’s when it finally became too much for Erica!


Maria stopped playing, and went to hug Erica, who decided to go home :cry:


Eli was happy to finally stop playing…


… And other sims probably should have gone home earlier :brow:


In the kitchen, Milo had finally stopped dancing. He was hitting it off with Anthony (they probably bonded over having the same haircut)

Although… Anthony seemed a bit drunk!


Nick had woken up from his nap, but seemed like he was still only half-awake  :chuckle:


People were leaving the party now, and Maria finally saw an opportunity to go talk with Anthony

(although it left Milo feeling a bit like a third wheel).


It was really late, so the party ended there.

When he went downstairs, Anthony suddenly remember that he had work early the next morning :(

But then he ran into Sophia (she had actually left the party much earlier, but now was suddenly back?) and she told him a funny story!


Maria had some yoghurt and then went straight to bed!

Bruce, who had slept during the entire party, just woke up!



6 comments on “Maria’s January (pt1)
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    A party at Maria’s :headbang: Gotta be awesome!

    Ummm, isn’t Ofelia a bit young for a party at Maria’s?

    Ah, see, I thought she’d leave :nods:

    Emily is truly a cool chick, wearing shorts in winter! And then napping on the balcony! Polar bear club anyone? ;)

    Look at Dylan rocking to the music! He sure felt right at home there!

    Oh dear, Erica arrived… What will she think of Gabriel and Marly being so close all night…

    The glances between Amy and Lillian are quite cute. Is there loooooove in the air? :heart:

    :lol: I love how Dylan copies Emily!

    Ooooh, see, I knew there was something going on between Amy and Lillian! :popcorn:

    A flirty pillowfight for Gabriel and Marly? Poor Erica… :cry:

    This party looks so amazing! Everyone is dancing and having fun!

    Oh Erica… There’s truly no point in torturing yourself any longer. Just go home…

    I love how everyone just finds a random place to sleep. :giggle:

    :rofl: at Anthony! He does seem a bit drunk indeed!

    Hahaha, of course Sophia came back! She wouldn’t leave a party for too long, would she? :cheers:

    BRUCE! :heart: Ah, that’s so very Bruce to start being all noisy once Maria is finally getting some sleep.

    • Sara says:

      Yeah, Ofi is too young for a party like that, but she came with Amy and her family to see Eli. And Ofi and Maria are cousins! (Yes… Maria has way too many relatives!!)

      :lol: Emily cracked me up! I am really happy that I finally gave her a home – and a new wardrobe!

      I think there could be something going on between Amy and Lilian :flirty:

      The party went really well! I think Maria is the best party host in Bimlico!

      Oh, but Erica… I’m sure she’ll have some great explanation for Gabriel’s behaviour and for completely ignoring her!

      :chuckle: Anthony was so funny, doing all these random things!

      It’s good that Bruce can keep himself entertained after Maria has partied all night :lol: Soon, he’ll have another dog there to play with :clap:

  2. Laurabcn says:

    PAR-TAY!!! Woo! :party: :girldance:
    :lol: at Eli being to lazy too play for too much! Maria doesn’t seem too care too much though, she’s great rocking by herself! Rock on! :headbang:
    :rofl: EMILY! Sleeping outside, while it’s snowing, while wearing a tee-shirt and short skirt! How did she manage to fall asleep there in the first place! This girl is THOUGH! :chuckle:
    ERICA! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: She’s just soooo cute! :heart:
    :spit: Oh, wait, so Dylan sleeps in the balcony too? It’s becoming a trend!
    :lol: I love Lillian’s face being overwhelmed by enthusiasm!
    Emily again! She must be the HEAVIEST SLEEPER EVAH!!! :D
    Gosh, Erica! Poor girl! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heartpump: :heartpump: (EA can’t dare tell us sims don’t have emotions now! Sometimes their acts make A LOT of sense).
    :toofunny: Bonding over the same haircut!
    :giggle: Lovely Bruce has no idea what he missed! :kiss2:

    • Sara says:

      :hugs: Laura!
      Yeah, I guess Maria’s used to Eli’s laziness, but it won’t get them anywhere when he doesn’t want to play very long :roll:
      :lol: Yeah, Emily was so hilarious!! I have given her a winter-appropriate wardrobe since this ;)

      :hi5: I KNOW!! Sims 3 simmies really DO have emotions! :nod:

      Haha, poor Bruce missed the whole party!! :chuckle:

  3. Sandy says:

    Wow, wow, wow, it grooves big time at Maria’s! :girldance:
    And Eli was in mood to perform!! :cheers:
    :rofl: I have written this too fast! I see he felt tired already! :lol:
    Seriously, I have a lot of Sims who play music. I have some lazy Sims. But a Sim who stops playing like Eli, I have never seen in my game (well, yes, I have, but it was Eli! :p) :lol: He cracks me up. He’s for sure one of these Sims with a personality and ideas on life, and you can’t do nothing about it! :lol:
    :wave: Emily! :chucle: @ napping outside
    Awwww, ANTHONY. (<– See. I improved myself) Cleaning the fridge. :thumbs: Useful man! ;)
    I love Lilian! Her reaction to Alice's enthusiasm is priceless! :lol:
    Poor Emily who is sooooo exhausted!! :grouphug2: Working in Bimlico is a hard job! :lol:
    Awwww, Erica! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
    I love the whole scene with Anthony and Milo, becoming the best buddies for sharing a good haircut, Anthony being drunk, and then, Milo "holding the candle", as we say in french, for Anthony and Anthony! That's too funny!! :toofunny:
    Bruce has no idea about what he missed!

    • Sara says:

      :spit: Yes, you were too fast about Eli! He is one big :facepalm: + :roll: I can’t wait to kick him out of the band, but that has to be after their performance at your Rock Festival :chuckle: …but then, what will he do? What if he has to get an actual… j… j-j… job?! :scared:

      :lol: Anthony is so good for Maria! I don’t know why he always cleans her apartment, though, because he’s not “neat” :dunno: ( :heybaby: Maybe it’s because he wants to be close to Maria?)
      Watching Anthony and Milo was so funny! Anthony was being so goofy :lol:

      :pardon: I guess Bruce isn’t a party dog after all?

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