Maria’s January (pt2)


Maria and Anthony’s day

I was checking the students to see if Lilian would roll some wishes towards Amy (she didn’t) when I spotted Maria headed towards the Book Barge.

And Maria wasn’t alone! She was going there with Anthony :shock:


Needless to say, I ditched the students to see what would happen! :popcorn:

And who did they meet inside the Book Barge? Maria’s mom! ( :facepalm: )


Anthony and Maria both grabbed a coffee… But Maria must have felt very awkward, because she chose the weirdest way to sit down! ( :facepalm: )


Anthony scooted a bit closer… Just as Mary sat down as well! … Awkward!


I stepped in to undo that sitting-disaster, but things didn’t get much less awkward :pardon:


Maria gave her mom a look, and Mary finally got up and left them alone!


They seemed to relax a bit more after that, but their conversation ended abruptly when they both noticed Maria’s cousin walk in… :facepalm:


:facepalm: What was Sophia doing at the Book Barge?


Anthony quickly suggested that they go to the Ping-Pong Café, and Maria thought it was an excellent idea!

(She wasn’t really sure why they’d gone to a book store in the first place?)


Over at the café, Seth was, despite still wearing his heavy outerwear, beating Carmela at Ping-pong! :lol:


.. but Vengeance is sweet! :lol:

(And yes, Carmela decided to change into her athletic wear :dunno:   )


Maria and Anthony also had a match, but what happened after was much more interesting!


Finally, there seemed to be something happening… right??

(If you haven’t already figured it out, I am rooting for them so much!!)


If there was ever the teeniest bit of romance in the air, Carmela is sure to destroy it :chuckle:


All that coffee had given Anthony a headache!


Maria suggested they go outside for some fresh air.


Then they went to buy some cookies from Claude Lyrisme (made by amazing Tito!).


And while they were having a nice time together on that little romantic bench, Maria got the sense that something was bothering Anthony (maybe he still had a headache?).

He suddenly got up to rush off to work, leaving Maria by the canals :dunno:


Ughh!!! Maria really couldn’t figure out this Anthony! What had this day been?? A date? Just a friendly outing??

Maybe she was just imagining things, and they would never be more than friends! Oh no, it was that Shaka-bra, wasn’t it? :facepalm:

She was usually never this insecure around guys :hmm:

So that’s when Maria decided that she needed a change of scenery! She would travel to Sandy Valley! Adélè had called Maria and told her that her dog, Bruce, had had an affair at the Rock Festival and was now a father! :lol: Maria had called the Desfranges and asked them to send pictures. She was super excited to go and pick up a little puppy and bring it back home!

You can read how it all went right here  :)

8 comments on “Maria’s January (pt2)
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohhh Maria and Anthony are out together? :popcorn: Is this a date? :popcorn: Or just a coincidence? :popcorn:

    It actually looks like Maria is sitting there with her legs pulled up. Very relaxed!

    Mum… Do you mind…? Shouldn’t you be training for the Honeycomb Athletic Festival or something? ;)

    Bahahahaha! :rofl: Maria just has too much family in Bimlico!

    Oh I know why they went to the bookstore! It must have GREAT coffee!

    You go Seth! Win that pong! :lol: at Carmela’s payback though!

    Ohhh, look at that, some actual conversation! :popcorn: And a hug! :popcorn: :popcorn:

    Nevermind that Carmela, a snowball fight is where it’s at!

    I bet there was a fire, and Anthony just had a page to come in :nods: That must’ve been it!

    Ah yes, we’re at the end of January so obviously Maria now went to Sandy Valley. I love how everything ties together. :) (Except you and Sandy are both in 09 and I’m in 05, maybe I should adapt my years… :dunno: )

    Either way, I loved Maria’s January! It was a blast!

    • Sara says:

      I was SO excited to see them together!! They definitely went there together, but it was sooo definitely not a date. YET!! I still have hope for them!

      :chuckle: Wasn’t it just typical that Maria’s MOM was there? :roll:

      Things were happening at the Ping-Pong Café! …but only “half-ly” so :mad:

      Yeah, I like how everything ended up really well tied together! I was reading Sandy’s story again, and she wrote that Maria wasn’t sure at first if she’d join the dating bal – that makes total sense when there’s someone back home she’d much rather date ;)

      Ohh, I only call my years like Sandy’s so I can keep track :chuckle: I think of my years more like “year 1”. We’re now in Year 2 :thankyou:

      I’m so happy you enjoyed Maria’s January “adventures”! :friends:

  2. Laurabcn says:

    :spit: Maria! She must have been so stressed to find her mother there just when she was with Anthony that she can’t even sit properly anymore! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
    Mary should take the hint and move along… :whistle: Oh well, at least she is reading a book instead of openly staring at them? “No, don’t mind me, I’m just reading, see, I’m not here, I’m not here at all. Continue with whatever you were doing”.
    :toofunny: Luckily for them, Maria’s glare-of-death worked!
    :facepalm: …Or not since Sophia walked right in. :pardon: Maybe they didn’t choose the best place to meet to begin with, this has become a family reunion! :chuckle:
    Awww, it seems like neither one will ever make a move on the other! Well, at least there was a hug? :dunno:
    ANTHONY! :punish: BAD SIMMIE! So unpolite of him to leave her there! :no: Without even a goodbye kiss! ( :whistle: )

    • Sara says:

      I was pulling out my hair trying to get Maria to sit properly, and then she lost the coffee cup and… aargh!!! But then, it was pretty funny too :chuckle:

      Yeah, the Book Barge clearly isn’t the best place for a not-quite-sure-if-this-is-a-date-or-not type of outing :lol:

      YES!!! Anthony should have given her a goodbye kiss :hi5: “Hey, Bimlico is burning down somewhere, gotta go” then :kiss: then :ninja:


  3. Maria’s party looks awesome :headbang: Sophia’s idea of a party seems just as valid though :D

    Aaah look out Marly!! Stay away from Gabriel if you don’t want to be cooking lots of thankless dinners :(

    Hahaha Emily!! I love that she’s so hardcore she can sleep in shorts and a t-shirt in the snow!!

    Aaaw Erica <3 Don't look….oh you looked. Well maybe it's a good thing. Poor thing :( At least Maria checked on her.

    Your book barge is beautiful! Strangely enough a book bus drove past us today! What a lovely idea :)

    Maria and Anthony need to happen!! also sending a triplet curse their way in revenge for all the triplets you've wished upon my game :P

    Hmm it seems like they haven't made their minds up yet :(

    Great update <3 I really enjoyed reading about new year with Maria!

    • Sara says:

      Maria throws the best parties :cheers:

      :lol: I’m not sure Marly is looking for someone to cook dinner for :heybaby:

      Book busses used to be common in Denmark! I think they are more like libraries, though… They go to smaller towns that don’t have a library! :D

      I agree: Maria and Anthony need to happen. But they don’t have the most compatible traits :( He’s shy – she’s a party animal.
      :shock: Triplets?! Maria would die if she knew you were sending a curse like that her way!! She “dislikes children” :lol:

      Thank you for your comments, sweetie :kiss:

  4. Sandy says:

    The Book Barge is such a cool place! :heart: I’d love it in real! It looks so cozy! :heart:
    Ahaha @ Maria’s mum being there too. If they wanted to be alone, bad move. :chuckle:
    :rofl: @ the sitting disaster and Mary being stuck there at spying them! :lol:
    It’s good she finally understood! :giggle:
    :spit: @ Carmela as serial “scarer” with her cat videos, with her crazy static smile! That’s hilarious! :rofl:
    I’m totally rooting for Anthony and Maria too! :pinkcheer:
    Oh, Claude! :wave:
    It was a hilarious and very eventful non-story, my love! I can’t believe I read it now. And I thought I was late to comment your last-month story today. :chuckle:


    • Sara says:

      I would love a Book Barge IRL too! :thinking: Although I suspect all the rocking from the boat would make me sleepy (=not good for reading) :chuckle:

      :lol: When I saw your new Cat Café set, I instantly thought of Carmela :rofl: She would be perfect for a place like that too!

      :chugga: Go Anthony & Maria!

      Better late than never, right? ;) Your comments are always greatly appreciated, my dear :smooch: (<-- I need that!) You'll get this nstead: :kiss:

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