SimJuly: Summer stories (pt1)

Although SimJuly is the vacation month, lots of things went on in Bimlico! You are invited to a wedding, a fun day at Cherryview playground, and a beach bonfire party with the university students (both old and new!).

With Maria

Okay, so summer means vacation for most sims, but not for Maria. Summer is her busiest time as she tours all the sim towns performing with Eli at music festivals.

She invited Anthony up for a last plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiched (their favourite) before she and Bruce would leave for a few months.


Maria really likes Anthony – and not only because he always cleans for her.


Anthony is a great guy, and he’s so nice to everyone. And as Maria recently noticed, he’s great with kids. Even though they only recently started dating, and haven’t even had “the relationship talk” yet, Maria felt that she had to tell Anthony how she feels about kids: She really dislikes them, and she will never have any!

Anthony was pretty confused! How could she not like children?!


Since they would be apart for the next few months, Maria suggested that Anthony take that time to think about how they should proceed after Maria‘s tour was over. And maybe they shouldn’t talk during this time either.


Anthony was so sad! He really likes Maria, but at the same time, he always thought he’d be a dad some day… It was so confusing to have to make such a decision so early in their relationship! And now she was leaving Bimlico, and he wouldn’t see her for months!


On a happier note: Bruce and Boulette were being super cute!


Anthony followed Maria out, and gave a goodbye hug to Bruce. But when he tried to hug Maria, she rejected him :(


What a disaster! They said goodbye, and Maria walked away, leaving a miserable Anthony behind.


Maria felt confused too: Maybe she made a huge mistake rejecting Anthony like that? But on the other hand, she was afraid of getting hurt if he realised down the line that he couldn’t come to terms with her not wanting to have children.

Good thing she was heading to her parents’ house, where she would drop of Boulette (she is too young to come touring).

Bruce seemed unaffected by the mood, and excitedly ran towards the house where he was greeted by Joshua.


He then ran straight for the pool to greet Mary :superman:


Maria prepared for Boulette’s stay, and hoped to have a word with her parents. But she couldn’t drag them out of that darn pool! :dunno:


She went next door to pick up EliMaria rarely visiting the Barton house. For reasons. Maria is no saint, but these sims are slobs!


Eli said goodbye to his family.


And off they went on their tour :wave3:


See you in SimSeptember, guys!

Wedding time!

Where some sims are struggling with love, other sims are celebrating it! It was time for Julia’s and James’ wedding!! :confetti:

They invited their families to join them for an informal wedding party at Bimlico Central Park :yahoo:

Julia: Yeaaah, we’re getting married!!!

James: You’re awesome!


James has a small family; only his sister Penny. But Julia is of the Hayes-clan; by far, the biggest family in Bimlico!

Camille was excited to see her grandmother, Samantha.


Etienne was entertaining his little sister (isn’t he the cutest?!).


The ceremony started when all the guests arrived.


The big kids sat down together on the front row :sigh:

Samantha wasn’t going to miss one second of her daughter’s wedding, and chose to stand right in front of the wedding arch :lol:


The ceremony began, and most sims burst into tears (check out Etienne :giggle: ) – it was beautiful!


Congratulations to the newlyweds!! :confetti2:

Camille didn’t seem too affected by the situation :brow:


Look at these weirdos, who chose to watch the ceremony from the other end of the park :facepalm:

Nate – father of the bride, is one of them!




After the ceremony, it was time to party! The bride and groom were congratulated by their families :sigh:


Just like her sister at Vincent’s birthday party last month, Moon couldn’t wait to get some food! It’s like these girls seize any opportunity to have meat (their mother is vegetarian)  :toofunny:


It was a very relaxed party. Sims could grab food and drink whenever they wanted, and the music invited sims to dance.


James danced with his sister Penny, and Julia danced with her brother Oscar.


Nick found a like-minded sim in Moon  :lol:


I don’t think Ava is always happy with Nick‘s behaviour. She thinks he’s too childish (and sister Julia seems to agree), but Nick isn’t affected by that – he just laughs!


… because Nick might be childish, but he’s also very charming :heybaby:

And it doesn’t matter if the sister disapproves – the only one you need to convince is your girlfriend’s mother ;)


Billy and Camille were doing quite badly at hiding their romance :giggle:


:sigh: Aaaw, mother and father of the bride :heart:


It was a great party with lots of dancing that went on for the rest of the evening. James and Julia were thrilled: It had been the perfect wedding for them :heartpump:

Cherryview Playground

I was surprised to find several of the university students hanging out at Cherryview playground one afternoon.


Soon, however, the kids of Bimlico arrived, and showed the students who rules on the playground!! :giggle:


The students ran home when it started to rain – Jenny was pretty sure it because they saw her arriving. :cool:


A little rain wasn’t enough to ruin this gang’s fun! They played in the treehouse for hours :)


Want to meet Selma and Amy as young adults? :clap: Read part 2 of SimJuly here.


5 comments on “SimJuly: Summer stories (pt1)
  1. Batsheba says:

    :facepalm: Maria, Maria….. *feeling like the nuns in Sound of Music* … she has such a nice guy there…. oh, what to do with the trouble named Maria :scratch:

    Super cute wedding :sigh:

  2. Batsheba says:

    She sure is :nod:

  3. Sandy says:

    Aahha, I’m already laughing at picturing Eli’s enthusiasm about that time of the year! :D
    Dawwww, Anthony is such a precious boyfriend!! I understand Maria’s point of view on kids can break his heart, though… He should adopt a baby! ;D
    Awwww, Bruce and Boulette!!!!!!! <3 When you are aging her up? (well, I'm so behind your stories that you might have already! :p)
    Oh, dear, not even a goodbye!!! That's serious!! :(
    Ahaha, Bruce!!!! :hug: We can always relie on you to have a good laugh or cuteness overload, buddy!!! :friends:
    :wave: Bye, Eli! DON'T COME BACK NEXT WEEK! :mad:

    Oh, wedding!!!! :girldance:
    Aww, what a lovely setting!!! :tearyeyes: I'm with Etienne on that one!
    Ahaha, your starving kids crack me up! :toofunny: Don't make us believe that vegetarian don't eat enough or not tasty enough! :blum:
    I love Camille. I LOVE CAMILLE. :sigh:

    Aww, the playground pictures are so cute!!!!!!! :heart:

    Yiiiiiiiiiiii!!! :confettis:
    I'll read more later tonight (while my game saves! ;) ), unless those thunderstorms we have now get more serious and that I have to not use any computer at all! :cry:
    (I'm getting crisps and beers for your teens birthday! ;))

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Sandy! Sorry for the late reply ;)

      :heyhey: Boulette aged up while Maria was away! She is very cute, and has a new best friend :brow: …. :blum:
      Eli… Eli… :sigh2: :facepalm:

      I love having weddings in Sims! I have already planned the next one :facepalm: …but it’s so much fun! :lol:

      Gosh, I could just watch the kids play for hours, they’re so cute and funny! :heartpump:

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