SimJuly: Summer stories (pt2)



At Bimlico University

This summer, two sims graduated from university! Sophia only needed her very final exam, and would then finish her education within drama. Ryder had already completed his Bachelor’s degree in Technology, which earned him the right to start his Master’s in SimSeptember!

Lucia and Sophia went to the Student Residence to hang out with some of the other students.


….Sophia apparently only wanted to hang out with one particular sim, Milo, and went straight for a juiced make out session :lol:


A little while later it was time for Sophia‘s last exam, so the two sisters went to the university, where they ran into Ryder.


Sophia‘s exam went well. Everyone was very impressed by her mad ‘fake passing out’-skills.

She was surprised to see that her older sister, Clara, had shown up to congratulate her!


Lucia also wanted to congratulate her sister, but she also wanted to freak her out a little :mwaha:

Lucia: Wow, sis, now that you’ve graduated, what’s next? How will you pay rent? You have been relying on your scholarship so far, but I guess you’ll need a job now? Is it easy finding a acting job here in Bimlico? I mean, we don’t even have a theatre! Maybe you’ll have to move back in with mom, dad and Ofelia, and leave the house to me?

Sophia: Uhmm…


Sophia went straight for the nearest computer to start looking for a job. No way was Lucia going to get their awesome house to herself!!


Selma and Amy’s last day as teens

:tearyeyes: The moment had come: Selma and Amy had graduated high school, and would soon be starting the next chapter in their lives at Bimlico University.

To celebrate their last day as teens, they met up with Ofelia downtown at the Metro bar to grab dinner.


:rubeyes: Moon, AGAIN with the hamburgers?!!? :rofl:


Selma ordered some fries from the lovely Bilge at the Metro bar, and the girls ate their dinner while the summer sun was setting.


They grouped up with Selma’s flirt, Ryder, who suggested they all head to the beach for a bonfire party :clap:


Amy of course went straight into the water!


Selma met the always friendly Poppy, while Lucia apparently had a serious talk with Milo!


Party time :girldance:


Selma and Amy both felt very very excited about going to university with all these cool sims!

The time had come for them to take the last step, and grow up into young adults :confetti:

First up was Selma:


Look at Malcolm behind her. I think he might be regretting rejecting Selma!

And then Amy  :yahoo:


If you want to get a better look at the two girls as YAs, go to their profiles: Selma + Amy. Selma gained the trait Neat. Amy got Frugal.

Ofelia apparently found the whole scene very funny :lol:


What’s the first thing to do when you’re a YA?




Amy played in the water with LilianMaybe their romance isn’t over after all :heybaby:


Amy of course also had to be welcomed into young adulthood with a keg stand :lol:


:nod: Yep, things were definitely going better between these two than a few months ago!


A few sims decided to get the fire pit started and roast marshmallows.

(Doesn’t Ofelia look completely smitten with Miles?)


Selma and Nick did one too many keg stands that night!


The party lasted all night, and as the day started to dawn, some sims headed home.


Still going strong was Poppy, and she and Selma really hit it off!


As did Amy and Adam :lol: (She can beat his behind any time!)


Selma was happy and proud that Ryder had stayed all night and was the last sim to leave :heartpump:


The three besties were the only sims left on the beach. They had all had a great day – even Ofelia, who hadn’t felt left out being the youngest one there.


The girls had all brought sleeping bags, and soon Amy and Selma were sleeping.


Suddenly, Ofelia realised what had really happened last night; her friends were moving on, leaving her stuck in high school for two more years. She would no longer get to see them every day :(


Ofelia crawled into her sleeping bag, and thought about how their trio had been inseparable since they were kids. Nothing was going to change that!! …right?


Other events:

Silas and Molly were the lucky teens who got to go to Camp Windiwell this year! Head over to Kimmi’s Simmies to read all about it!

At summer camp, each teen were asked to write on a picture what they expected from Camp Windiwell, what they hoped and wished for this summer or why they came here. Here’s Molly‘s and Silas‘ pictures:

Here’s a few snaps of what they got up to :heybaby:

Silas had his first kiss with the lovely Kyra!

Birthdays this month:


Miles turned 17

Nick turned 25

Maria turned 30

Penny turned 38

Jack & William turned 46

Eli turned 50

Hannah turned 68

5 comments on “SimJuly: Summer stories (pt2)
  1. Batsheba says:

    :headbang: Party on dudes and dudetts! :chugga:

    • Sara says:

      :girldance: Yeeeah, paaar-taaaay!! I wish I had a beach so nearby so I could party like that (no keg stands for me, though!!).

      Thank you for your comments, Bats! You’re the best :giveheart:

  2. Sandy says:

    Congratulations to Sophia!!!
    Awww, finally!!!! :tearyeyes: TEENS BIRTHDAY!!!
    ( :facepalm: @ Moon!!! :toofunny: )
    YEAH! Bonfire party!!! :headbang:
    Oh my, here we go!!!! Awwww!!!!! Aren’t they lovely!!! :tearyeyes:
    :toofunny: Aahah, Ofelia! You’ll see when it’s your turn! :p
    Aww, romance is high that night!!! Selma, Amy… :sigh:
    Adam and his ball! :facepalm: I’m sure he would leave your game if you tried to remove it from him! :lol: And such an obsession with that ball to be so under Amy…. :rolleyes:
    Oh my, Ofelia has two more years of highschool!!!! :hugs:
    Ooooooooh… that was THAT summer, of course!!! Where Silas got his first kiss from Kyla!!! ( )
    Awww, that was a fabulous birthday, girls!!! :cheers:
    I can’t wait to see what university life will bring you! ;)

    • Sara says:

      :giggle: Congrats to Sophia graduating, but… can you believe that Sophia still hasn’t got a job? It’s Spring in my game now, and she just works as receptionist at the Day Spa. It’s too difficult to find acting jobs in Bimlico, when there’s no theatre :dunno: :thinking:

      It was pretty emotional to see my teens grow up :tearyeyes: But they really didn’t change that much in their looks, so it was okay :lol:

      :toofunny: Adam and his ball! Whether it’s the hacky sack or the football – any occasion is ball occasion! :nod:

      I know, TWO years of high school for Ofelia!! I feel so sad for her :( Her friends have already had many adventures in university life (not so much studying :thinking: ) without her… But she has Miles :)

      Thanks for your comments, sweetie :kiss:

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