(SimJuly): Birthdays and drama!

Welcome back to Bimlico, where the Summer holidays are truly kicking in… but in very different ways!

For some sims, July is a very relaxed month. It’s the Summer holidays, it’s time to just kick back and relax :sigh:

For other sims, July is the end of another semester at university :scared:

We’ll see a bit of both this month :mwaha:

With the Laurent family

It was an early morning. School was over for Park and Moon, and the girls had a quiet morning.

Their mum, Penny, was in a brilliant mood when she cycled to work that morning (maybe because it was the LAST day of work? :giggle: )

Soon, Marcel’s daycare opened, and parents started to drop off their toddler.
There were some new faces  :wave2:  Chase and Carl!

Marcel went straight to work, potty training Chase (I’m not sure what he thinks of having an audience like that?! Or maybe Portia and Lucas are just queuing for the potty? :chuckle: )

Moon spent some time tending the garden :sigh: (Isn’t the “children can…”-mod just THE BEST?! :clap: )
Park took care of Lottie.

The weather was perfect, so all the toddlers (and the adult :giggle: ) played outside in the daycare garden.

Park and Moon had invited their friends over, so the place was soon bustling with kids everywhere!

When Penny came home, she enjoyed a coffee with Marcel, before the last toddlers were picked up.

However, today was a special day! Marcel even baked his famous key lime pie…

Two toddlers, Portia and Gustav, were leaving daycare with Marcel this Summer, and starting elementary school with Penny in the Autumn! Marcel and Penny had decided to invite them and their families over for a birthday party :yahoo:

All tables and chairs had been set up outside, and veggie burgers were grilled for everyone!

….Followed by BIRTHDAY CAKE!! :confetti:
(Maybe you remember that I was having issues with aging up sims using the birthday cake. It turned out to be a MasterController setting that I had to remove :thumbs: )

:confetti: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PORTIA!!! :confetti:

:confetti: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUSTAV!!! :confetti:

Uh-oh, someone may already have a crush! (He’s much too young for you, Park :no: )

The birthday kids were enjoying their cake :heart:

As were everyone! There was a lot of cake :lol:

Portia and Gustav’s bios have been updated with new pictures! They’re both super excited about starting school when Summer ends :clap:

Portia rolled the trait ‘inappropriate’ (…her traits are becoming rather interesting :hmm: )

Gustav rolled the trait ‘bot fan’ (no idea :dunno: )

At Bimlico University

I’m not sure I have ever showed you before, but the sims at the student residence actually DO study sometimes :lol:
… especially right before final exams :chuckle:

Over at Adam, Poppy and Milo’s place, there was a very high level of concentration as well :thinking:

The next morning, everyone was up early….

It was a very big day for Adam and Milo, since they were both graduating from Uni!!
After the summer holidays, Adam will start working as a medical intern at Bimlico’s Clinic :clap: (I love him :heart: Isn’t he cute?)

The guys did some last minute studying, while Poppy cleaned up after breakfast (she’s too good to them :roll: )

Both Adam and Milo were feeling pretty confident :cool: They even had time for a coffee!

Finally they got dressed, and headed for the University

Adam went inside the science building, where his final exam was taking place. Dr. Hannah was his supervisor… and test subject :pardon:

Poppy was waiting outside with Adam’s dad, Seth, who couldn’t be more proud to see his son follow in his footsteps, and now being one step closer to becoming a world renowned surgeon, like himself :clap: :chuckle:

Over at the Business and Communications building, Milo’s final exam had finished…
He didn’t seem all that pleased, but it helped that Sophia had shown up to support him.

These two are only ‘romantic interests’ and not a couple, but Sophia asked Milo to move in with her :shock:
(WHAT?! Why have my sims started doing that?!?)

When Milo declined (because that was a CRAZY offer!!), Sophia did not react very well :no: (maybe she didn’t know that she wasn’t his girlfriend? :dunno: )

Yikes! I thought it appropriate that Milo asked her to be “just friends” after that incident :(

(That’s really too bad. I liked these as a couple.)

Pheww, well, it went much better over at Adam’s exam :clap: :pinkcheer:

Other graduates:

Marly: She has graduated her Master’s degree in Communications, and is now working at the Book Barge :clap:

Ava: She is now a Master graduate in Political Science, and is working at City Hall (Another dad must be very proud).

Adam had invited all the university students for a celebration party over at the Uni Radio Station

His dad was sponsoring all the drinks :cheeky:

Milo was in a mood…

Seth found his formal outfit a bit TOO formal, so he had switched back to his casual outfit :lol: Much better fit for the Uni Radio Station :thumbs: Although he made sure there was champagne :toast:
… and LOTS of beer :clap:

(I absolutely L-O-V-E the custom drinks, Sandy!! … and so does my sims!)

Oh-uhhh! Milo seemed veeery interested in Ava (Adam noticed this too :brow: )

NickAva’s BOYFRIEND – arrived :scared:

But, just like always, he didn’t mind what was going on between Ava and Milo.
(Seriously, Ava and Nick are the least jealous sims ever! Last New Year, Marly flirted with Nick, but Ava didn’t care at all :brow: Now, when Milo was flirting with Ava, Nick didn’t react!)

Poor Sophia was so sad! She was confused about Milo’s rejection – she thought things were going so well between them :cry: (so did I, Sophia! :hugs: )

The party was ending, but Milo’s interest in Ava was on fire!!! :shock: :kaboom:
(Adam did NOT approve!! Nick is, after all, Adam’s best friend.)

THIS called for a reaction from Nick!

They broke up! :cry:

Sorry about all the drama! I had only anticipated another great party with the university students, but they wanted drama! :dunno:

Birthdays this July:


Hannah turned 69
Eli turned 51
Jack + William turned 47
Penny turned 39
Maria turned 31
Nick turned 26
Poppy turned 22
Miles turned 18

8 comments on “(SimJuly): Birthdays and drama!
  1. Tedhi says:

    LOl poor Chase, potty training under such scrutiny ^^ Ah I like how the difference of floor tiles makes it look like Portia is sitting on a step (while checking out what Chase is ‘producing) :lol:
    The little ones are all so adorable and :clap: Happy Growing-Day Portia and Gustav !

    Aww Park looking all shy at Gustav. If she is interested in him :heart: she is the sweetest cutie-cougar-in-the-making ever :heart:

    Hehe did Poppy almost fall when she cleaned up the breakfast table? Her face there, is priceless! And for a moment I got confused of whose hand and arm (hers or Adam’s) were there.

    Awww your indoors pictures are all so pretty :heart: with all the details in the background of the sims and your outdoors ones are beautiful! :sigh: . I love the ones with the gorgeous and lush yard at the Laurent’s, love the pic Milo and Adam’s selfie next to the fountain and absolutely love the ones outside the Uni Station Radio (which is a an awesome place to begin with) ! :heartpump: :heartpump: :heartpump:

    Oh DRAMAAAAA! :popcorn: :popcorn: I swear those are actually chocolate cookies ….or perhaps she’d rather have some marshmallow&chocolate bears? => :hugs: :hugs:

    • Tedhi says:

      GAaaaah ! Internet cut me off (scandalous I know :punish: :chuckle: ) It’s actually my 3rd time posting…well trying to… but I need to finish or else end of previous comment won’t make much sense.
      So I was saying: :scared: DRAMAAAAA!!!! :scared:
      Then stuffing face with :popcorn: :popcorn: I swear those are actually chocolate cookies ….or perhaps she’d rather have some marshmallow&chocolate bears? => :hugs: :hugs:

      Here all done, :chugga: third time posting is a charm, hopefully ! :pinkcheer: (gosh those smilies are addictive :headbang: )

  2. Tedhi says:

    Ok got cut off again, apparently Internet doesn’t want me to talk about Sophia and her cousin’s similar taste in men :dunno:
    I’ll leave before I make more of a mess (just noticed a couple of other smilies I haven’t used yeeet, MUST RESIST) :heyhey:

    • Sara says:

      :rofl: Ohhh, poor Tedhi! You really struggled with your internet that evening, huh? :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

      Hehe, and poor, poor Chase, having such an audience at his potty training session :giggle:

      :thumbs: Poppy is clumsy, so she falls over a lot!

      :blush: Aaaawww, thank you, sweetie, for the nice words about my pictures! I actually pretty often look at the pictures I shot, and think: :hmm: :thinking: “Why did I take that weird picture?”

      Oh gosh, all the drama! And you’re totally right!!! Sophia once AGAIN has a man “taken” by her cousin Ava :mad:

      Thank you so much for your crazy comments! :grouphug2: :giveheart:

  3. Charlotte says:

    :wave: Long time reader here, first time commenter, and let me just say that daycare is absolutely drool-worthy :drool: It looks so lived-in and so pretty at the same time, I can’t stop staring at it

    Portia is eccentric and Gustav is a bot fan :hmm: They so need to be BFFs!! She’ll build Simbots, he’ll build Plumbots, they’ll be an unstoppable team :hi5:

    • Sara says:

      Hi Charlotte!! :wave:

      Thank you so much! The daycare was one of the funniest things for me build. Just imagining the place full of toddlers :sigh: … and then imagining the place full of screaming toddlers: :scared:

      OMG, you are SO right!! Portia and Gustav are meant to be BFFs with those traits! I’ve never explored the plumbots/simbots (there are two different kinds?! :hmm: ), so I don’t know much about them. But now, maybe I should!

      Thank you for commenting, Charlotte! I hope it won’t be the last time :giveheart:

  4. Sandy says:

    FINALLY!! Like Tedhi, I’ve been struggling with internet lately (no connection at all for days, then disconnected every 5 minutes or less…)
    It’s now fixed (I’ve just entered in the 21th century!), with a faster and more reliable connection, meaning: I CAN LOAD YOUR PAGES AND COMMENT! :chugga:

    So, as told previously, I couldn’t resist to a “Birtdays and drama” title!
    I’ll catch up with previous chapters later, but birthdays and drama!!! :superman: Here I come.

    Dawww, the daycare is soooooo adorable!!! :heartpump: Did you fix the problem you had with disappearing toddlers?
    Ooooh, hello Carl and Ryan!!!! :wave:

    Marcel is the best! He seems to enjoy all the daycare fun more than anyone! :rofl:
    That summer sunny evening light is so dreamy!!! It must have been a fabulous party! Portia and Gustav are adorable!!
    I have a little one in Rocheplate who is a simbot fan too; they can play at being a robot. I take this trait as “geek”.

    Awww, Sofia!!!! :hmm: Isn’t there a mod making the “move in” interaction being friendly instead of romantic? Doh, I end up by not remembering how this game is supposed to work, with all the mods I have in. :hmm:

    Aww, your radio station is sooo cool!!! Paige is green of envy on that one!! She dreams to work in a radio station, and there’s nothing in Pontaboeuf yet!
    I’m happy to see your students make the best use of my drinks! :cheers:
    Awww, poor Sophia!!! :hugs:

    Oh my goodness, Milo seems to have been boosted by the adrenaline of the exams! Poor Nick!!! :hugs:
    Dawww, I wonder if Milo and Ava will stay together now? :hmm:

    (I love drama. I’m sorry, Sims!!! ;))
    (but I love your Sims even more!)


    • Sara says:

      Congratulations for Internet!!! :chuckle:

      :grouphug2: for you! It’s great to see you back here ;)

      Nooo, I still have the issue with toddlers (and babies!!) disappearing :( I’m not sure what’s causing it :thinking: My sims are getting fat as well :rofl:

      :chuckle: Marcel is awesome! He LOVES to play with the kids.

      I like your understanding of the ‘simbot’ trait :thumbs: I think for Gustav it might mean that he’s a tech geek :thinking:

      :sigh2: That poor Sophia. She really should get the ‘unlucky’ trait. I was so confused when she asked Milo to move in – she was inactive! I don’t want that to be an inactive, autonomous activity :no:

      Thank you! The radio station is so tiny, just a little shack, really. Come on, you have room for one for Paige :blum:

      Wasn’t that a lot of drama!? I cannot promise that it ends here!! :blum: :blum:

      Thank you for stopping by, sweetie :kiss:
      (My sims love you too.. and not just because you are “beer lady” :chuckle: )

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