SimJune: Summer is here (pt1)

Aaahhhh, summer time! June is a great month for all of Bimlico’s children and teens – the summer holiday begins midway through this month!

This SimJune was all about enjoying the weather and relaxing. It was also time for a couple of Bimlico’s toddlers to grow up… and that calls for a party!!  :confetti2:

With Ava

Ava was studying, but was interrupted by a visit from her boyfriend, Nick. She didn’t seem to happy about it :brow:


Actually, I have been neglecting their relationship, but it seems so have they! Their relationship points were extremely low!! I wonder what this means for their relationship…

These two couldn’t be more different. Ava is very studious, and has great ambitions for her future, where Nick is really just one big goofball!


At least he gets along with Gumbo :pardon:


With Mike and Alice

It was Mike’s day off, so he had planned a date with Alice (and Nero, of course!).


They went to Tito’s Café, but not to have lunch…. Alice wanted a tattoo, and Benjamin of course obliged :thankyou:


To celebrate, they enjoyed a drink downstairs!


At Tito’s Café, they ran into their best friends, Eric and Willa, and invited them over for dinner later.

Mike prepared veggie burgers – it was time for the first bbq of the summer!


Meanwhile, Alice welcomed their guests. And Nero met Misha :)


Dinnertime! (Mike’s) veggie burgers are Alice’s favourite :clap:


After dinner, they decided to take a walk down to Bimlico Beach (The newly built beach, might I add :heybaby: ).

Maybe veggie burgers make sims fart, because they walked with a lot of space between them :giggle:


Although it was a bit foggy that evening, the weather was warm and lovely.


Alright, guys, time to test out this new beach :chugga:


Willa decided to go for a short swim before joining Alice on the beach chairs.


They ended the evening with a water balloon fight!


With Olivia and Ryan

Olivia’s baby bump was still growing, and Ryan became more and more proud!


The couple decided that they wanted to know the baby’s gender, so they booked an appointment with Dr. Hannah Brown at the clinic.


They waited patiently for Dr. Hannah to show up, but she took her sweet time. When she finally showed up, Ryan was so late to work that he had to run to work

( :pardon: Ryan is a very ambitious young politician. He does not miss work. Not even for a baby appointment.)

Olivia was very understanding. She and Dr. Hannah shared a smile.


As we all know, very skilled sims doctors can tell the gender of a baby by just looking at the bump, and that’s what Hannah did :nod: (no need to leave the waiting room either :no: Dr. Hannah is a busy lady!)

Olivia and Ryan are having…. Do you want to know? :nah: I won’t tell you yet! :blum:


With Erica and Vincent

I’m not putting a link to Vincent’s bio here, because he will grow up later in this story.

It was an emotional time for Erica (but okay, when isn’t it?!). June means it’s Vincent’s birthday, and this year, he would turn 6! He would be a big boy so soon! :tearyeyes:

Those last days of toddlerhood were to be enjoyed as best as possible, so Erica rang her sister and some friends, and asked for al of them to hang out at the beach.


Erica put Vincent in his stroller, and they made their way down to the beach.


Everyone else was already there ( :hmm:  Erica and Vince must have taken a long time to get there).


:sigh: Dylan is so great with Vincent! These two are such great friends.


It didn’t take Erica long to wreck the mood :roll:


Olivia and Dylan decided to escape the wrath of Erica, and Shannon quickly jumped in a boat :lol:


A little while later, Erica was good again. She lied down in the sun to read, while Dylan took care of Vincent.

Isn’t Dylan the sweetest? :sigh: He got the wish to kiss Erica, and I squee’d so loudly! I knew it! He’s in love with her!!! :giggle: She didn’t get that wish, but maybe she will one day?


:wave: Hi, Clara! It seems like she was enjoying a day without the children :giggle:


Naima arrived as well, and immediately took a nap in the sun.


D’aaaw, Vincent’s so cute! :tearyeyes:  (Erica wasn’t the only one who was a bit emotional about his last days as a toodler)


As the sun was slowly setting, the group enjoyed some food from the little snack and ice cream hut.


Erica started to feel emotional again, but luckily, this was an ice cream hut :thumbs:


:hmm: Maybe Ben had been babysitting Vincent while the adults ate? :giggle: (Like he did during Erica’s ballet lesson in this story)

Anyway, it was getting late, so Erica said goodbye to Dylan and left for home.


She tucked in Vince, and had a little snack before she went to bed herself.


Can’t wait for Vincent’s birthday party either? Go to part 2!!


4 comments on “SimJune: Summer is here (pt1)
  1. Batsheba says:

    If Erica doesn’t take Dylan up on his kiss I’m willing ;) she really should open up her eyes and see him…..

  2. sandy says:

    Me again! :wave:
    Mmmm… Indeed, we would say “there’s water in the gaz” in french (haven’t you missed my silly translations of french locutions? ;) ), to describe Ava and Nick’s relationship… :hmm:
    Tattoooooooooo time!!! :girldance:
    :lol: @ your explanation about the distance between your Simmies while they’re walking to the beach!
    Beach seems to be pretty fun at night as well!
    Awwww, Ryan and Olivia! :heart: Can’t wait to meet their baby!
    VINCENT’S BIRTHDAY!!!!! :confetti: Awwww!!!! :hugs:
    Dylan is adorable. :sigh: Erica’s personality cracks me up! This girl is a “ball of nerves”! :chuckle:
    AWWWWWWWW, Dylan wants to kiss Erica?!!!! That would be so perfect!!! Erica, open your eyes, girl! The love you’ll look for in right under your nose!!!!!!! :wave:

    • Sara says:

      You again? YAY! :hugs:

      Yeahh…. Ava and Nick…. :nah:

      I really wish sims could “walk and talk” – wouldn’t that be amazing? “Go here together”, and then they would go somewhere *together* instead of saying “Alright, I’ll meet you there, let’s take separate taxis there!” :facepalm:

      Erica’s outbursts happen at the weirdest times :chuckle: I was so surprised to see her yelling at poor Olivia like that. But then again, this si Erica ;)
      YES, Erica and Dylan would be so perfect together!! I have plans to spend more time with them to see if I can’t make her develop romantic wishes towards him :cheeky: :mwaha:

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