SimJune: Summer is here (pt2)


Vincent’s birthday

Early the next morning

Although it seemed like a typical morning for Erica, it really wasn’t. Today was Vincent’s birthday and his last day in daycare. Erica started her morning – just like every other – with a little cry:


Vincent was in an unusually bad mood!


Some food and fresh clothes seemed to do the trick, however!


Erica tried to hide her tears from her son, and escaped to her bedroom to make her bed. Which was super emotional :cry:


Then it was time for work and daycare.

Vincent loves daycare :sigh: Because the weather was so nice, the toddlers were let outside in the little toddler garden.


Lottie the horse was running around in her pen behind the playing toddlers.


Later, they all went back inside to play with toys (and Marcel had to clean up :chuckle: ). Vincent’s best friend in daycare is Moon. They will both be going to school together after the summer holiday.


That afternoon

Erica had picked up Vincent, and hugged him tightly. The guests were about to arrive for his birthday party!


Erica had arranged a garden bbq party, and invited family and friends, as well as Moon and her family.


For once, Gabriel actually showed up on time, but Erica did her best to ignore him.


Park couldn’t wait to have a hot dog :nod: (I guess she’s used to tofu dogs at home)


Speaking of tofu dogs, Erica thought it wise to cook some for those vegetarian guests!

Gabriel finally found someone who wanted to talk to him: his buddy Dylan! (Although having RachelErica‘s mom, breathe down his neck constantly couldn’t have been very comfortable)


:rubeyes: Don’t they feed this girl at home?!


The party was going pretty great! Everyone was dancing, chatting, or eating.


Maria had of course brought her guitar and played the birthday boy a little tune.


I had planned to use birthday cakes to age up Moon and Vincent, but it wouldn’t work :mad:  Does anyone know why? I had Moon age up via Nraas, but to my dread no one noticed :sigh2:

Most sims stood with their backs turned away from Moon when she aged up, but it seemed only two sims noticed… and only one actually cared :chuckle:


What can I say, Moon’s parents were busy :pardon:


Aaaw, but here she is, their now big girl :confetti:


I don’t know what it is about Anthony that attracts kids! :lol:


I wish I could say that Vincent’s age transition went much better… :facepalm:

But at least Moon was happy to see her friend age up :clap:


Moon got the trait rebellious

Vincent got the trait clumsy

Of course Erica was happy! She couldn’t wait to give Vincent his present (it was a bike, of course  ;)  )


Dylan got him his own fishing kit, and promised to teach him to use it!! Vincent’s was thrilled! :joy:


Grandma and grandpa gave him a desk for his room – school boys need that :nod:

And check out Anthony in the background :toofunny:  Moon couldn’t leave him alone!!


It was growing dark outside, but that didn’t mean the party had to end :no: (Only that you, dear reader, get crappy pictures from now on :pardon: )

It was great to see Gabriel show some interest in his son!

Vincent: So, dad, what’s my present? Is it HUGE?!

Gabriel: :giggle: Heehee, you’ll never guess what it is!

…. Check it out!!!!!!


Gabriel: IT’S A DOG!!!!!!! :clap:


Erica: STOOOOP!!!!


Needless to say, Erica did not approve of this gift. Although she knew that now was not the time to yell, she was just so angry at Gabriel. Where did he expect for the dog to live? Not at her house that’s for sure! This wasn’t really what Gabriel had expected (he’s an idiot), but alright then, he would bring the dog – she has a name, you know!! – back home with him.


Meanwhile, other catastrophes were happening…

Maria: Uhhm, help? It’s trying to talk to me!

Maria didn’t get any help, and this Moon is a persistent one!


Erica asked Gabriel to leave the party, but first, she had to explain to Vincent that the dog couldn’t live them. Vincent understood why, and took the news alright: I’ll spend more time at dad’s then, to help him with Stella.


:giggle: Check out grandpa Alan playing in the sprinklers!

Vincent really enjoyed his awesome birthday party. He ate one last hot dog, and then he and Moon played in the sprinklers while the adults cleaned up.



He hugged the last guest – Dylan, of course – goodbye, and got ready for bed.


He thanked his mum for his awesome birthday party, and then collapsed in his (big boy) bed :sigh:

Goodnight, Vincent! :kiss:


Birthdays this month


Jonas turned 3

Gustav turned 5

Vincent turned 6

Park turned 8

Celia turned 10

Julia and Oscar turned 38

5 comments on “SimJune: Summer is here (pt2)
  1. Batsheba says:

    Fabulous Party! :confetti:

    About the birthday cakes, are you sure you waited long enough? Last time I used one it took forever for something to happen I thought it didn’t work at first but eventually it did…. :dunno:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, sweetie!
      The weird thing is that the options for the cake never even showed up. I mean, I could click the cake, but there were no options… Wait wait wait, I think I have now realised that I am an idiot :nod: They were both toddlers. Probably I should have had an adult click the cake instead of the toddlers themselves :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: DAMNIT!!!!!! :rofl:

  2. Batsheba says:

    Well….. :roll: that would probably help… :giggle:

  3. sandy says:

    :chuckle: I wonder if Erica would stop crying if she was happy with Dylan… :hmm:
    Probably not! :pardon: That’s all her beauty! ;)
    AWWWWWWWW, Erica!!!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: (I’ll swear I’m running short of these with

    Erica! :lol: )
    Awww, that’s so cute that Vincent is going to age with his daycare buddy! Moon is such a

    cutie pie! <3
    What a lovely cozy party!! :sigh:
    :toofunny: @ "starving" Park.
    Awww, Moon looks like an adorable little girl!!! <3
    Anthony seems made for kids… :nod: which might not be the case of his girlfriend… :hmm:

    :party: Vincent!!! Awwww, he looks too cute! And so much like his mother! <3 The clumsy

    trait suits him! He'll be a hoot to play! :D
    :rofl: @ Erica's reaction to the cute doggie gift! :toofunny:
    Maria! :chuckle: :friends:
    Awwww, such a lovely party!! :tearyeyes:

    (it would have helped to have an adult clicking on the cake, indeed. I once failed on a

    birthday party because I had left "age off".

    • Sara says:

      I agree with you on Erica… I hope she would be happier if she was with Dylan, but I’m not sure she would cry less :lol:

      I think Park is tired of all the vegetarian food her parents serve her. I swear, I see her around town eating burgers and hotdogs all the time :toofunny:

      :tearyeyes: Vincent is so cute, I love him so much!!

      Maria was not very comfortable at this party with all the kids running around (..and stealing her boyfriend from her :brow: ) :scared:

      I cannot believe how stupid I was to never try having Erica click on the cake! I got angrier and angrier at the game :mad::facepalm: :pardon:

      Thank you for your comments, Sandy! They’re very appreciated :friends:

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