SimJune: A day at the beach

I had so much fun creating and decorating Bimlico’s Beach, and as soon as the lot “opened” up to visitors, the Bimlicoians flocked to the place! I enjoyed watching what they got up to, so I decided to dedicate a small story to the place :)

It was such a calm Summer day in Bimlico!

James was enjoying an ice-cream from the little ice cream/snack food hut, while Nick was sunbathing.


The neighbouring beach lot is much simpler, but I found often there sims as well. Here, it’s Camille enjoying the sun and the beautiful view.


Magnus doesn’t really strike me as the action-loving type, but he went straight for the scooter! (He didn’t get very far, though).


Eli was enjoying a cheesesteak, but it didn’t seem like he enjoyed the fact that more and more teens arrived at the beach :dunno:


Amy was there as well, and she was testing out the water. She went swimming, and tried out windsurfing!

(She’s going to be YA next month! :tearyeyes: )


Whether young or old, sims seem to love playing in the sand :lol:


Selma went all in and ate a full tub of ice-cream, while Fred chose a more moderate portion :lol:


Alice and James were sunbathing. Although James didn’t really look like he particularly enjoying it :giggle:


There was really quite a few sims there that day!


I don’t know what happened here. Maybe it was because Alice was sunbathing so close to Seth, and he and Silas were making dirty jokes, but he suddenly felt the need for a quick shower. In all his clothes. :brow:


Then he changed into his swimwear and ran towards the ocean!


…and was joined by Alice! :shock:



James and Billy were having problems controlling those paddleboats :giggle:

Alan chose to completely steer clear of all the hustle and bustle of the busy beach, and has taken his private boat out on the water.


:flirty: Hello there, Anthony!


Silas was taking a more relaxed approach to the beach than Seth, who was still splashing water at Alice.


:facepalm: Ron, you have once again proved that you are not the brightest bulb.  Do you really think Selma’s writing an assignment? She writing down that gossip you just told!!!

(Well, yeah, let’s just pretend that’s how it is :roll: )


:superman: Here comes Mike!!


Yeah, man, that’s how it’s done! :clap: You show ‘em who’s her man!


That’s it for the beach for now :)


8 comments on “SimJune: A day at the beach
  1. Batsheba says:

    Lovely, lovely beach :clap:

  2. Batsheba says:

    Do you use that Fun in the sun mod?

    • Sara says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I was going to answer “No, haven’t heard of it”, but then I checked my Mods-folder, and YES, I do indeed have that mod installed :toofunny: Well, it’s great!

  3. Batsheba says:

    Well, if you’re anything like me it’s hard to remember everything you DL :P :lol:

  4. sandy says:

    Aww, I love the pastel colors of your beach!!! <3
    Everyone seems to have a nice time. :sigh:
    :giggle: @ Magnus ignoring the swan for something more… noisy. :lol:
    Awww, Amy is going to age!!! (TOMORROW for me! ;))
    It seems some other will never! ;)
    :toofunny: @ James and Billy!!! Those paddleboats are quite buggy, we have to admit…
    :wave: Anthony!
    :spit: Ahaha! I laughed out loud at Mike! Kissing his girl like this to show Seth she's not "available", and then, leaving her all breathless! :toofunny:
    That's too cute!! :heart:
    (and so tomorrow, some of your teens will age? :tearyeyes: I shall prepare of box of Kleenex!)

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Sandy! I had a blast creating the beach, but it was even better to see how much all my sims enjoyed it :heart:

      Ughh, the paddleboats are so annoying (and cute, I’ll admit!), but sims LOVE them!!

      :giggle: Wasn’t Mike cool?? He just came running to the beach only to smooch his girlfriend in front of everyone :clap:

      Yeah, teens will age :pinkcheer: I will re-experience it with you ;) :tearyeyes:

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